50 comments on “Tdadp chapter 108

  1. parenting 101.. dont learn from yuu’s parent.. instead, beat them to death with a sack full thumbtacks and needles.. then, take a selfie with them, and shove that phone in their mouths and let them choke..and let the dogs piss on them…

  2. Thanks for the Chapter
    *has Dark thoughts about Yuu’s Parents*
    *Torture them with Meltingneedels, pierce them in their eyes and then in their Body all over let them slowly Bath in Lava*!!!!

  3. few people that grow on that kind of family can grow into decent person. i had a classmate in highschool that a real prick ******* that turnout his dad is a real scum of earth. his favorite lines to him was “if im not going to jail for poisoning you you’d be dead by now”.
    most people that hate that kind parents to the point of wanting to exact revenge that could be in form of murder is the one that most likely turn into a good strong character
    while the one that cowered too much most likely become smiliar to them.
    if anyone spot someone that have smiliar experience please reach out to them. they may be offended by your pity but do it anyways. while it could be seen as you yourself seeking comfort by fullfilling your own value you should also believe the thing you did is the right thing.

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