33 comments on “Tdadp chapter 109

    • ansgar should be the enchanter who was outside the dungeon giving yu enchants and the one who fought with joseph against the church guy if i got my names straight

  1. Thanks for the Chapter…
    An OP MC, is the reason why different factions want to destroy each other…

  2. mmm…? I’m not sure I know but who is Ansgar? Somehow this character suddenly showed on the battle. I don’t remember I’ve read anything about Ansgar introduction?

  3. waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt when she said that she used her skill on yu she meant some kind of passive charm skill? and she passed that to yu? thats why he was able to get a haren so quickly?

  4. Stella in Yu and Nina?
    Maybe Stella in Nina and Nina is a mystery one from beginning. Hope Nina tells the truth soon.

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