42 comments on “TDADP chapter 110

  1. yu maou route ?
    i think the story would skip a couple of years.
    joseph lead yu’s party to travel around the world to find him then on their way they heard some rumors about threat of new maou. turn out yu is already a maou.

  2. C’mon, Nina, Lena! Stop relying on Yu and try to become independent!
    Look at Mari-chan, she’s trying her best to become stronger, for the sake of her master loved one companions.

    ….though it’s only one week so I guess they’re still moping about it.

    • Hmm lets see…

      Yuu decides where to stay, which dungeon to explore, each person role, …
      He cooks, makes clothes, enchant equipment, creates items, …

      I think there is more? hugging pillow and for sniffing? whatever.
      Well they did act alone when they shouldn’t though.

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  5. thanks.

    After that Marifa showed a slight smile and returned to her usual expressionless expression.
    –> xD

    a few typos 2 chap ago, but I was only on mobile :/ sorry.

    typos :
    Marifa i\was able to replied
    –> Marifa was able to reply

  6. They rely on Yu too much, that’s also a reason why I believe Yu leaving was a wise decision. These clingy immature girls need to stop clinging and moping and start acting independent so they can stand beside Yu as his companions. The last battle clearly showed they’re not ready to handle being with him since strong enemies are coming and they should start training.

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