43 comments on “TDADP chapter 111

  1. Mmm then yo don’t simply leave the town he can comeback using gate, it’s good these girls are really attached if he go for long they could die

  2. yu isn’t dying. my guess is he is getting affected by a bad effect of some skill or he steal some double edged skill accidentally that probably causes some harms to either his mental or body.

  3. like i thought he grinding his lvl and grind unique and rare skill from upper layer monster, and maybe hell monster too!!

    hope he can go back to his companion, and masacre all people who targeting him!

    thx for chapter bro!

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  6. While a nice image, and certainly somehting he ‘would’ do… ‘could’ he even have that appearance?

    Just saying- he took that dragon peron’s regen ability. His stuff could be in tatters, but could he get wounds and still have them by the time he got to the smiths?

  7. Poor Yu, even now is being deprived. SLEEP DEPRIVED

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