47 comments on “Tdadp chapter 113

    • How nice i just got fired from nice job sadly, and wn manga and anime din’t heal all my heart pain, now im woried how to may internet quota for now on. . .

  1. “he has regained his sanity too fast” He’s talking to his fairy friend while they murder countless hordes of monsters at the bottom of a labyrinth. If anything, I think he’s gone off the deep end.

  2. Wtheck. if momo is the one killing monsters at 46th floor…then wtf is Yu’s Lvl now? I bet nobody can even do shit to him anymore.. Well, only Nina is left. Welp, the legend is in the making~~

    Thanks for the chapter snow~~ GLuck~~

  3. Nice. Thanks for the Chapter.. Mansion of Yu is like a Demon Lord Stronghold the deeper you explore the harder the challenge. Hahaha

  4. this ln looked promising but the classic “ima protect my friends by abandoning them” is really stupid. and somehow the fairy can stay with him? what is the difference? i just hope the author doesn’t go full retard and keeps draging this for too long

    • Nah, this is more like a classic MMORPG, if ur leveling a low level party u cannot level up yourself, so u are forced to leave the low level party in order to make some exp grind, so.. more than “to protect” is because the “old party” become an annoyance… and when u level up you can return to the low level party as a Mighty God or something.

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  7. Well, least he has company. Though “sanity” He has neither lost nor gained any, unless you consider the human action of kissing a cute girly little entity on cheek for apology. He is so powerful in dungeon he has no fear, his biggest fear is seeing someone he has connection to be taken from him (die-abducted). Since he doesnt have retarded Lena along, he can relax on that, The fairies already mentioned when he met them that some are quite powerful and they dont seem prone to doing impulsively dangerous things which is why she is on his shoulder or under hat unless she feels she can defeat it in honesty. Pretty sure the mtn of dead is by his hand and Momo is just hanging out.
    I am annoyed they kept the haunted mansion causing him to have to check back and make more and more outlandish barriers (which will eventually attract adventurers after monster kill levels) from the outside to protect the idiot girls (because Oh No, selling it off and relocating as he asked was TOOO much. How frikkin attached can you possible be to a house you only lived less than 6 months in. He has not even had birthday in this world yet! It was problematic only for the Dryad.) It would have made Josephs job easier, been safer. Harems can be annoying at times but this group of frikin self centered wanna be princesses is annoying. If they had ANY consideration for his well being and happiness they would have taken the load off him at least in making sure they were harder to target. Please author-san… kill them off. He is is already twisted, he has Momo. Let him be Demon Lord with at least that much reward.

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