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  1. Haha the notice at the end and Dryad getting mobbed by the fairies . Wonder how yu is doing or rather when will he appear before the girls again and what woods is going to make out of those materials for the girls. Guessing Nina will get better knowing yu is safe when woods stops by to deliver the items. Thanks for the chapter again.

    • I hope some strong magic hits Yu and that fairy hiding in his hat dies. That would tech them not to in trude in other peoples clothes and privacy.

    • I hope some strong magic hits Yu and that fairy hiding in his hat dies. That would teach them not to in trude in other peoples clothes and privacy.

  2. What!? What!? hahaha
    I see that everyone is trying to get stronger. it seems the shock from Yu leaving them temporary is making them realized that they are weak and relying too much on Yu. but, where is nina!?!?
    Anyway, Thank you for the Chapter!

    • i know it blows but as much i love yu. we know he going to kill a bunch of monsters and get ton lot ass of skills. i kinda glad we get to see the delevopment of the seito yu harem and other characters.i kinda felt they were overshadow by yu. now this is the time for them to shine.

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  5. thanks !


    “Eh? Is that so? Oh, Yu-san… hehehehe.” (drayd)

    In front of the gate, a little thinned and lean Coro coeld be seen.
    –> could be seen

    “Ah, couldn’t I just shove away the pollen using my ax? Hahaha.”
    –> axe

  6. Ugh I was hoping the tragic event was away to finally split off from the dead weights.
    We already have Stella who had previous shady job, knew he was anomaly but came to feel he needed an F’n break in life (not love but how close can you get in a few months?) and tried to get her not so close distant kin look for him on her demise (erm once he hit D rank how hard could it be enchanter? You arrived at worst possible time, sheez, even an evil pope two countries away knew who he was and general location first)
    I have not liked Lena from intro on roadside but thought she was annoying colorful character to add drama until she went trotting off to school and would only return on occasion. He is not family guy or ecci guy but a dysfunctional preteen mature through hardship only. So harem in his case is more creepy than funny. Surely Nina in her 20s can get the hint since he doesnt turn away blushing from his own thought or wake up with a salute after having girls rub on him all night, instead is angry at lack of sleep. For it to be less creepy if he was old man inside like trope, but he is not reincarnate and was a KID when transferred (gee thanks unknown lady/goddess summoner, my life is only 10% better but at least I wreak havoc on this world later with my cheat skill). And now suddenly the one that couldnt pull her weight and was only powerful from his instruction and buffs is “uber witch” that can defeat monsters that OP MC found hard in previous chapter? Please make her go to school or go home. I thought a premise that made him special is his skill stealing, he stole special functions that normally can only be seen in other races… that people his age cant handle deep magic because limits on the what the physical body can handle when human?????? So how Lena anything other than just a well trained preteen suddenly? Dungeons alone? THUNDERWITCH? WTF author! I think one crazily OP in the MC is enough and if another is needed let them be naturally that way and met later on. In the world introduced she would be least likely of his companions to develop that way without him constantly feeding her buffs and trinkets.. which even then she is always going Poof with mana consumption! She has “died” how many times without his total OP resto magic? The kind rarely spent easily on a lesser party member? was enough that they could be support cast. weeks previous he always had to have someone watching her to avoid battle interrupts to save her. Her careless mana use had put her into the wicked Church guys and now suddenly she can use twice that power weeks later in the same fashion> WTF? My Disbelief Suspenders just got snapped! She is not even a proper Loli position since unlike manga art, she is described with melons already at 14.

    Nina the shota-con was already enough as far as super strong tsun tendencies. But it worked to keep him from being all alone and she was already someone that could take care of herself earlier (I suspect she was working for someone back then though, the sudden helpless act with the 3 weak losers causing event to allow her close… is suspicious) I am not a guy , but I would not find such a harem fun at all. (When he is pushed into becoming the 6th Demon Lord later, hopefully he can keep them away from his stronghold.) Id want my harem to be either truly equal partners, or if helpless then at least be out from underfoot, cook and be sweetnfluffy! He may think of them as family alrady since he has had to be responsible for their idiot safety for months on end, one was berefet of all like him, Nina has had a major loss recently that caused her to be only survivor of her last group so she might like company…. but Lena had a regular upbringing and has been a clingy mooch from start and her selfish action have often been the reason of his troubles since they settled. A truly rescued person of his same tender age, Marfi’s reactions are the only ones that are natural to situation as well as her development… actually is stunted since unlike the other two bozos she is from a race that is affiliated to magics. In reality even Nina has been with him for less than a year when the super event with Wolf Guy (obion was it?) was fought through…. Please replace Lena with a better Loli if one is an absolute requirement! At least please stop pushing her to be the secondary main! Use a Half dwarf or sthn! *soapbox stored away-rant done*

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