40 comments on “Tdadp chapter 114

  1. Good bye dragon. It’s nice knowing your name. I bet you will be Yu’s familiar and get renamed…or you’ll be stripped of your materials~~ xD

    Thanks for the chapter snow~~

      • But hey, having a dragon man, a DRAGON as familiar is not bad. Moreover, it’s color is black~~ Fits Yu’s attire and his other familiar, the Goblin King~~

          • You forgot he can fixed them like nothing like he fixed that Deborane King~~ Well, rotten smell is nothing for him I guess since he can stand most rotten humans nature?

        • For a long time the black dragon were persecuted by their own kind and driven away from their home finally found home in dungeon. But perhaps their fate really are against them that even after trying to live their live peacefully they keep being chased by the greedy humans. On a certain day he meet with a man who have enslaved black goblin. Filling his body with rage he try to bring this man who enslaved black goblin down. For a marking of the start of his journey to freedom and equality and speech he will bring down this particular man who have enslaved a black goblin !

          Damn… im kinda racist today… im sorry.

  2. I actually had ad-blocker off until the videos in the middle of the chapters got to be too annoying and I turned it on. If you got rid of those I’d happily turn it back off.

  3. Yu is going to enslave the dragon after killing it, isn’t he? Sentient Monster with Black color. I would be surprised if he doesn’t turn it into a servant.

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  6. I wish i could turn of adblock to support you wonderful people T_T

    but if i do, i get ads that cant be called anything other than obtrusive, constantly opening tabs or blocking the text

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