54 comments on “Tdadp chapter 115

  1. Thanks for the chapter..
    Looks like you also have same predicament as me..
    Just good fired this morning too..TT

  2. Thanks for the chapter!!
    Lol, fairy is more powerful than rank B adventurers. If u stay along Yuu, u become OP, this is the rule haha

  3. Thanks for the translation snow and team. Damn read too fast. And what the hell is the guy thinking of destroying yu’s bag when he knows theres a dangerous guy whose limbs been chop and still does it anyway.

    • I think its just a title showing he is part of the Immortal Legion. Goria is kept alive by Yu. Even that human spy-leader is still alive.

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  5. Like the fact that this is been translated, but here are some tips

    Translation correction, the labyrinth “kusakai no Enrio” is translates as “Enrio’s Rotting World”, I would add a lot more corrections, but there’s too many.

    in previous and probably future chapters, you refer to someone as Him first, and later on the sentence you say Her, be careful, for a long while I had difficulty figuring out what was what.

    The author likes to change POV often, but on the Raw he add a suitable line space to show it, that it’s not reflected here, try to keep it or add your own, no one will complain if you add a line of
    ************************** ——————— +++++++++++++++++
    to mark the changes.

    Dialog formatting, when someone talks either use the same brackets from the original, use [ ], or at least be careful when using “”, because of the font in the blog, you can tell the difference between the starting ” and the ending “, and sometime a dialog is envoloped in both endings.

    I have more, but this ones are the more pressing that cause a lot of confusion.

    recommendation, you do not need to translate just as is on the novel, for example, you do not need to say “he beheaded his head” that’s just weird.

    Hope this helps, I already got addicted to this novel so I will be reading ahead from now on.

  6. This is my first time commenting here
    just caught up with TDAPD …i’ve loved the story till and the TL Notes where funny to read with
    Thank You Very Much For Translating till now and hope you continue next year as well
    by the way Merry X-mas

  7. Thanks for the chapter, just recently reading it.
    Keep working hard!

    Also, if anyone is interested a story of a witch reincarnated in a sci fi era, go to witchlifenovel.blogspot.com
    Thnx 🙂

  8. Just caught up with the last translated chapter. THANKS a lot!!
    I could understand almost everything so I’m okay with it.
    May I ask why did you stop translating it?
    These chapters are really short so I was quite disappointed. (The fu**ing status page took half of every already-short-chapter and made it even shorter.)

  9. First time commenting here. Thanks for translating this webnovel and for putting the illustrations of the light novel. It really helps. The WN is really good too.
    Momo is sooo cute~! I hope Yu will soon go back to the others. I like Joseph more than I thought I will. He’s like a father for Yu (at least he wants to be one for him).

    BTW, why did the translation stop? I thought it was ~3 chapters per week. Just started to read, so I don’t know if the translator has some problems.
    Well once again, arigato~~!

    PS: Fu** the status page, they take more than half of the already-super-short chapter. Once in a while (like every 10 chapters), it’s good. Well, now I’m curious to see what’s his status. 😀

  10. I’m curious of how this will end especially because yu has some sort of taming skill… Will he make that black dragon his personal ride and slave?

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