Tdadp Chapter 116: Dragon race (ends)

(Edited by ganjz)

Killing a dragon. It is a dream for everyone. Mercenaries, adventures, knights, every child have ever being told about a story of a hero slaying a dragon. It turned out that the children portrayed themselves as the hero killing the dragon. Imagine themselves as the hero killing the dragon while running from the hills brandishing their sword made from tree branches. The men that were led by Peter are no exception.

Everyone chest became scorched and burned as the fierce battle against dragon that they always dreamed of was unfolding in front of their eyes. They unconsciously clenched their fist and nobody could be calm. They kept on staring at the figure of a hero that was fighting a 「black dragon」in a fierce battle. Moreover the figure of the hero was only a boy.

“The purifying flame! Die you insect!”

The black dragon in anger was going to unleashed fourth rank【black magic】《Lava》. It is a magic that summons lava and it usually can only spreads around several meters. However there was no comparing the amount of MP of a dragon and human. The 《Lava》 that the black dragon unleashed spread several hundred meters around the black dragon. It kept on devouring everything in it’s path while proceeding towards Yu.

The rock and the grass around were swallowed by the 《Lava》, Yu countered by stamping his feet several times on the ground. The first time, a rotten ‘puff’ sound could be heard as a faint light could be seen. The second time, the ground was turning white as ice frost formed gradually in the ground with a cracking sound. The third time, the ice started to spread on the ground and heading towards the 《Lava》.

When the lava and ice collided, as if the scorching black lava heat deprived from it, it meet with the ice and turned into a lump. After that, the lava kept on hitting the ice and formed an earthen wall.

“I couldn’t believe this… he could freeze the black dragon 《Lava》 and in such magnitude.”
“Look, the boy is attacking!”

Yu ran on top of the ice path that he made and jumped over the wall that was formed by the hot lava when it met the ice. The black dragon that saw Yu was coming and was going to unleashed a 《Breath attack》. Yu saw the approaching dragon’s breath, he quickly use 【Magic equip】 on his sword. The lightning imbued sword was held using both of his hand and he tried to cut split the breath.

The technique was successful as he also used 《vertical slash》. The momentum of the sword didn’t stopped after splitting the breath attack and the thunder covered sword was directed at the black dragon.

The black dragon finally saw Yu’s sword aimed at him after it split his breath attack. He saw the sword coming at the corner of his eyes. The next moment, the sword and the black dragon crashed one into another and there was a loud metal clanking sound.

In his mind, the black dragon was already laughing, confident of his victory. He moved his fang towards Yu direction and tried to eat him. The black dragon moved his mouth as he was chewing but there was nothing there. No feelings of meat, bones or anything.

Once again, the figure of Yu appeared in the black dragon sight as he jumped off to the air. In his hands, he was carrying the steel dragon hammer that Goria used. Yu body begun to rotate vertically and as he rotated, the speed continue to rise. This was Yu’s starting motion to unleashed 【hammer skill】, 《Earth’s shaker》. He was aiming the destructive skill at the black dragon’s head. The black dragon executed 【Body enhance】 and 【Barrier】 to protect its head. However the steel dragon hammer crushed the black dragon’s head easily. Crushing it into smithereens.

The soldiers that watched it, as if they’re going mad, cheered in unison. Yu who has landed looked at the crowd and muttered on word.

Connie and Moruderon were now in a troubled state. They were looking at the fairy in front of them. They were not sure whether it was an enemy or not.

“dear fairy, listen to me first… here, Connie has a really good ring. Do you want it?”

Connie heard that and he understand. This fairy in front of him was not something that he should fight. They are a dangerous monster that could use illusion, 【black magic】 and 【spirit magic】.

“Do you understand our words? We’re not here to do anything hostile to you. We don’t even know this guy and was only trying to find out what happened.”

at that moment, Goria was still ranting about killing everyone which was a good thing. Moruderon right now don’t want the fairy to mistaken them as her enemy. What’s more important, Yu to not mistaken them as enemy. Even the black dragon could be defeated by him so their survival rate against him will be in danger.

Momo kept on continuing to look at the bag, Goria and Connie. It’s only floating there expressionlessly as Connie ears were ringing a warning bell. Connie now understood that the lifeline that was separating him from death lays on Goria. Should he kill Goria with the dagger in his hand that was growing heavier as each moment passed by?

“Boy, thank you for the help. My name is-”

“Shiro. Come out, there’s food.”
Peter comes forward and wanted to say anything but Yu interrupted him as he looked towards the ground.

After Yu said that, as the earth was waiting for his command, it was split by two and a huge crevices were created on the ground. From the middle of the crack, a white huge object comes out.

“Is that 「Carrion worm」? What’s with the size, I never see it this big before.”

Peter was surprised as the huge carrion worm was coming out from the ground. The soldiers were also clamoring in the same way as Peter. Some even walked beside him and have their sword ready in hand, they believed that they can win the monster.

Peter himself believed that this carrion caterpillar wasn’t an enemy. After all he heard what Yu just said. If they hurt the carrion caterpillars it is the same as making Yu as his enemy and Peter was not that stupid.

“Normally, a carrion caterpillar is only 10 meters in length… however this guy has exceeded 20 meters.”

“Not only that. Look at the color, it’s white… it must be a variant carrion caterpillar. But why did this guy come out after the black dragon defeated?”

meanwhile the soldiers were making a fuss, the carrion caterpillar figure was stretched. It wrapped around its body around the black dragon corpse and his big figure hid the black dragon thoroughly. The carrion caterpillar’s round mouth then begun to enlarge too as it was starting to swallow the black dragon corpse. Slowly but sure the black dragon figure was gone. After taking in the black dragon corpse, the carrion caterpillar had a bulge formed on its belly as it lying on the ground looked satisfied.

Some of the soldier was dumbfounded seeing that.
“Are my eyes deceiving me?”

After regaining his senses after being amazed, Peter stood up in a hurry.

“M-my name is Peter, someone with a noble rank from the Houdon kingdom. My soldiers were able to escape annihilation thanks to your help.”

Right now, Peter showed a very grateful attitude that he didn’t show earlier. Maybe with a little bit of luck, he might be able to negotiate some parts of the black dragon. That was his plan in the beginning but it was all destroyed when the carrion caterpillar come up.

“I am not here to help you so there is no need to thank. So what’s your business?”

“ah, this is nothing but are you serving someone here? If not, I can introduce you to Ivory-sama, the minister of finance. This is a good opportunity that is very rare yo come by. How about it?”

“Ivory-sama the finance minister? Who is he?”

“you don’t know him? Ivory-sama is one of the biggest figure in Houdon Kingdom. He is one of the most influential person in the kingdom.”

to not knowing the name of Ivory-sama the finance minister of the kingdom, Peter was worried about Yu real identity.

“Momo, come here.”

when Momo heard that, as if she was forgetting about Connie, she flew with a fast speed. Peter’s eyes were enchanted seeing the beauty and loveliness of the fairy in front of him. Yu whispered something to Momo ears and she nodded many times.

“That fairy is so pretty. Does she belongs to you? Would you like to…”
Momo was flying around Peter with a smile, not long after, Peter’s cheeks were dyed red as he kept on chasing Momo’s figure that was flying around. Not long after, Peter eyes lose color as if paralyzed.

“Now, tell me more about it.”
Yu passed a communication magic tool that he found from the dungeon to Peter. Peter nodded as his empty eyes only focused on Yu and he returned to the soldiers that were waiting on his left and right. Under Momo’s powerful illusion magic, Peter had been put under a strong charm. Peter in the future will act as Yu’s spy and will give him information about the minister of finance to Yu.

Momo then wiped her forehead proudly as she finished her job and shoved Yu’s cheek. Yu then looked at Peter’s figure with a disgusting look.

“Yeah, well done. Sorry to have asked you to do it every time. Are you tired?”

Momo then looked at Yu with a protesting eye. She knew that Yu knows what she wanted. Yu at first gave Momo a kiss on the cheek to make her cheer up. However right now every time Momo always requested it as a reward. Yu tried not to do it but Momo doesn’t allow him. She was slapping Yu cheek softly. If it doesn’t work then she (will start) stomping on top of his head. After it failed, her last trick was looking at him with watery eyes. Of course she wasn’t really angry at him, she just wanted to see Yu’s reaction.

Yu sighed as he gave a light kiss on Momo’s cheek. As soon as he done that, Momo mood brightened up as she flew around Yu.

Yu looked at the Peter with a skeptical gazes as under his order, Peter brought the soldiers back to withdraw. After the soldier went away, the only one left behind were Yu and Connie party.

“Do you remember us?”

“Who are you?”

“We met at the entrance of the dungeon one month ago.”

“I don’t remember.”
Connie could only give a wry smile after hearing Yu replies.

“And here is Moruderon. He is in my party, we’re both B rank adventurer.”

“You guys are B rank adventurer? That’s a surprise I’m a B rank adventurer too.”

Yu eyes were looking at them carefully as if that was true, their ability should not be weaker than Joseph.

“What do you mean?”
“Ah Connie, is that what you should say? We should be grateful to him since if he isn’t here we might not be able to make it back alive. If you need some help, you can ask for us and our guild the ‘kotozuke’ in the capital adventurers guild.”

Yu didn’t seemed to be interested in Moruderon words as he looked towards his carrion caterpillar. After that, Connie and Moruderon walked away while muttering “such a ridiculous brat.”

“Shiro, do you eat all of it or you leave something behind?”

Yu then hit Shiro’s head which was lying down on the ground. Not long after, some tentacles formed around Shiro’s mouth and it enveloped Yu hand.

“Shiro, I’m not playing with you right now.”

although Yu was stroking its head, it was contrary to his words. Momo then stomped on Shiro’s tentacles with inflatable cheek. Shiro misunderstands it too as Shiro extends its tentacles towards Momo. Not long after, Momo had to surrender as Shiro’s tentacle were all over her body.
(Tl note: oh no… fairies on tentacles…)

After a while, Shiro spit out some portion of the black dragon that he swallowed earlier. Fangs, claws, horn, bone and skin that is not rotten yet, also some scales. After that, Yu stroked him again while praising Shiro for his effor and he showed it by wriggling his body.
「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon was poisonous at day , however when the night comes, the temperature itself falls into -10 degree Celcius. Body movements will be limited as the coldness even froze people’s breath. While covered in darkness, there was a place that emits a little light.

The soft light isn’t big but it was enough to radiates warmth. The identity of that small light was Yu’s bonfire. He sat in front of it as he threw another firewood into it. The heat of the flames warmed up his body. Then Yu lifted up a pot on top of it and pour down milk into it. After it was hot, he put it into a cup and took out a spoon an a bottle of honey and mixed it with the milk. The steam rising from the warmed milk, the sweet aroma from the honey tickles the nostrils. Of course Momo was already there waiting on top of Yu lap’s. Yu took a small spoonful of the milk and blew on it several times before serving it to Momo. Momo drank it and the cold breath she let out gradually turned warmer. She gulped on it hungrily and it cause some of the milk to remained on top of her nose. Yu with a smile looked at her and drink his own portion to moisten his cold and dry throat.

It’s been more than 30 days since Yu first entered the dungeon. Right now he has reached the 54th layer. Several times already Yu delivered some of the materials to Woods. It was surprising at when Yu was back to Woods, he already have the requested equipment ready. As Yu lost in thoughts, his stomach began to warm up and Momo was getting sleepy too.
“Here, come and sleep.”
after Yu said that, Momo nodded and crawl inside Yu’s flight cap. Silence wrapped around that area as if it wasn’t an area inside a B rank dungeon. Under the ground, Shiro was waiting and taking guards so there are no monsters that came close to the camp. Yu not long after that, closed his eyes and taking a slight rest.


In the alley of Comer city, there was a blacksmith shop that has been closed for the past 21 days. In the back of the store, there was a grand workshop that no one could imagine if looking at the store front appearance. For hours, Wood has been sitting in the chair in the middle of the workshop and staring at the thing in front of him intensely. Under his eyes, everybody can see that he hasn’t sleep for the past few days. He was immersed in blacksmithing that he forgetten about the bed and sleeping. There were a lot of weapons and armor arranged around him. It was the result of his hard work at day and night after receiving materials from Yu.

There was also a broken sword and a jet black colored sword in front of him. There was even a dragon fang, dragon skin, dragon horn and scales piled up around. Seeing the broken sword, Wood already knew more than enough about the fight that Yu had to face since he forged the sword himself. For the sword he forges to be in such condition, it was as if it has been used for many years.

Inside 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon, Woods wanted to make a magic sword for Yu using the black dragon material but Yu refused it. Wood was confused whether he had a reason not to want a stronger sword. Yu replied simply: “because the first sword I received from you, old man was specially forged for me.”

Those words were what had been burning Wood’s spirit day and night. The black dragon material itself was something Wood never even forged and he knows how valuable it was. The only thing that drove his motivation was the trust that Yu had put in him. Many blacksmiths around Comer city always hoping to have Yu chosing them as their blacksmith and Wood knew it well as he set a blaze the fire in the furnace.


Status Window
Name: Yu Sato Race Human
Job: Magic Swordsman, Enchanter LVL: 44
HP: 2027 MP: 2852
Strength: 473 Agility: 428
Vitality: 539 Intelligence: 563
Magic: 602 Luck: 1
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Swordsmanship 7 Axe Mastery 5
Dagger Mastery 4 Spear Mastery 2
Strong Body 4 Spear Technique 6
Hammer Mastery 8(↑4) Shield Mastery 7(↑2)
Throwing 5(↑1) Brute Arm 4(↑1)
Physical Ability Up 7 Agility Up 4(↑1)
Awareness 6 Leadership 5
Intimidation 3(↑1) Night Eyes 4(↑1)
Fire Resistance 4 HP Recovery Rate Up 4
MP Recovery Rate Up 5 Darkness Resistance 2
Search Trap 4 Silent Step 3
Abnormal State Resistance 5(↑1) Stripping 4(↑1)
Casting Speed Up 3 Skinning 3
Magic Eyes 2 Duel 3
Gourmet 2 Thunder Resistance 4
Magic Resistance 4(↑2) Light Armour(Agility Up) 3
Heavy Armour(Defence Up) 1 Dodge 5(↑2)
No Chanting 5(↑3) Magic Strengthening 5(↑2)
MP Consumption Reduction 3(↑evolve MP consumption halved) Staff Mastery 6(↑4)
Heavy Armour(Strength Up) 5(!N) Riding 4(!N)
Torture 7(!N)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Sword Strike 6(↑1) Body Enhance 5
Dagger Strike 4 Magic Equip 4
Spear Strike 5(↑4) Martial Arts 5
Body Strike 4 Spear Technique 5
Shield Skills 6(↑1) Ax Skills 5
Hammer Technique 7(↑3) White Magic 6
Black Magic 7(↑1) Specter Magic 6(↑4)
Enchant Magic 5(↑1) Spirit Magic 5(↑1)
Space-Time Magic 4(↑1) Magic Sword 5(↑2)
Blacksmith 2 Alchemy 5
Steal 4 Stealth 4
Appraisal 4 Warcry 5
Unlock 5 Release Trap 5
Barrier 7(↑3) Magic Awakening 6(↑3)
Breath Attack 3 Poison Attack 3
Charge 3 Analysis 3
Install Trap 3 Close Combat 4
Paralysis Attack 4 Combat Maneuver 3
Staff Skill 5(!N) Dark Magic 4(!N)
Summoning Magic 7(!N) Party Strengthening 7(!N)
Party Enhancement 6(!N) Abnormal State Attack 5(!N)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Eye of Another World 3 Depriver 3
Pack Leader  3 Beast Killer
Improved Hearing Rebirth
Herculean Strength Spirit Whisper
Gate Open (!N) Parallel Thoughts (!N)
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Spirit Sword 4 Increased Damage
Armour Flight Cap 5 None
Armour Damascus Armour 4 Confusion Resistance Up, Sleep Resistance Up
Armour Damascus Gauntlet 4 Instant Death Resistance Up, Charm Resistance Up
Armour Damascus Boots 4 Magic Resistance Up, Abnormal State Resistance Up
Armour Magic Shield 4 Magic Resistance Up, Abnormal State Resistance Up
Accessory Mirage Ring 3 Displays Falsely Against Analysis



Status Window
Name: Momo Race: Fairy
Rank: 6 LVL: 28
HP: 238 MP: 1471
Strength: 12 Agility: 438
Vitality: 87 Intelligence: 477
Magic: 679 Luck: 26
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Black Magic 5 Spirit Magic 5
Fairy Magic 6
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Accessory Charm Ring 4 Charm Up, Charm Resistance Up




Status Window
Name: Kuro Race: Black Goblin(zombie)
Rank: 5 LVL: 23
HP: 2713 MP: 432
Strength: 632 Agility: 406
Vitality: Intelligence: 143
Magic: 305 Luck: 1
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Swordsmanship 3 Axe Mastery 5(↑1)
Physical Ability Up 5(↑3) Intimidation 3(↑1)
Darkness Resistance 4(↑2) Hammer Mastery 3(!N)
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Sword Strike 2 Ax Skills 4(↑1)
Body Enhance 3 Hammer Technique 2
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Earth War Ax 4 Earth Element, Weight Reduction
Weapon Demon Large Hammer 4 Critical Up, Cursed(Severe Pain)
Armour Beast Helmet 4 Confusion Resistance Up
Armour Specter Armour 4 Darkness, Water and Earth Element Resistance, Cursed(Mental Attack)
Armour Ghost Gauntlet 4 Spirit Magic Resistance Up, Cursed(Burns)
Armour Noroitamashi Boots 4 Damage to Strength Conversion, Cursed(Magic Unusable)
Accessory Killer Collar 4 Darkness Resistance Up, Bloodlust Enhancement, Cursed(Physical Strength Reduced)
Accessory Monk’s Rosary 5 Physical Ability Up, Recovery Effect Up
Accessory Power Ring 6 Strength Up


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  1. “Connie now understood that the lifeline that was separating him from death lays on Goria.”
    Wtf this bullshit?! Why is his life in danger? Is Momo some crazy maniac killing people indiscriminately?

    • Not exactly. However, you should remember that fairies are pretty powerful in this world and Momo is obviously with Yu, who just killed a powerful dragon, even by other dragons’ standards. Put yourself in the character’s shoes and you’ll realize just how much you don’t want to irritate either of them.

      • “fairies are pretty powerful” That’s just fake informed ability. They were nearly wiped out by some 3rd rate nobodies. Yu one shot those nobodies even before going to power level alone. He wasn’t half as strong as he is now. This novel is full of poor writing.
        Like when fairies are overwhelmed one moment, and holding their ground just fine right after with their advanced long range magic. I hope they all just die and stop polluting this story.

        • you realize that this is a Web novel right? meaning it’s a solo effort this might as well be a rough draft or a fan fiction level work.

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  2. “Woods wanted to make a magic sword for Yu using the black dragon material but Yu refused it. Wood was confused whether he had a reason not to want a stronger sword” Yu is contradicting himself. He wants to be stronger to protect his friends, yet he refuses a stronger sword made from materials he was strong enough to procure himself.

  3. thanks

    (Tl note: oh no… fairies on tentacles…)
    –> ahahaha wink wink ….

    After a while, Shiro spit out some portion of the black dragon that he swallowed earlier. Fangs, claws, horn, bone and skin that is not rotten yet, also some scales.
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