legged mimic chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Cleaning

The three people who came in started working as soon as they entered.

The gargoyle picked up the dead body of the Kobold and adventurers and put them in a jar. The jar itself wasn’t that big so it seems it was similar to the thief’s pouch.

The water girl is washing away the blood and gore by blowing large amounts of water out of nowhere and the pale faced girl mopped the floor.

In no time, the room was sparkling clean.Then the gargoyle walks out. Indeed, they are good. They looked like a really skilled team.

“Well, what should I do?”

Because I was brought here, I was wondering if this is my domain? I wonder if I left here, does it count as me abandoning my work?

Since the room is clean now, should I continue guard it?

But, if I stay here, more adventurers will eventually come. If they see monsters, they will be attacking me at the first sight, and if I keep pretending to be a treasure box, they will eventually come closer in order to open me.
After all it is better to go outside.

I am able to move freely. There is also a higher chance to flee rather than staying here.
I opened the door carefully and went outside.
I was wondering if it was something I couldn’t do but I do not feel any restrictions on going out.

When I came out, I’m in a corridor.
Seems like it was underground and the surroundings are dimly lit. It was a straight line passage, there are doors in some places and there is also a crossroad. It seems to be made in precision.

“Yeah, I completely have no idea.”
Which way I should go?
The only goal given to me is to survive for five days. I wonder how I should judge the number of days. There is nothing here which I can use to see the passage of time.

Well, it can’t be helped that I do not know the time, and I have to continue running away, there may be various ways of getting out of here. The way out maybe hidden from where the adventurers come from.

“First of all, I should explore this first floor and familiarized myself.”
If I am familiar with the surroundings, it will be easier for me to hide and I may be able to escape out of here.

For starters, I couldn’t stay in front of the room so I started walking down the corridor. When I walked down the hallway, it was unexpected for the dungeon to be really noisy.

It seems that there are people fighting somewhere and I can hear that sound. Okay then, I shouldn’t come near to the source of the sound. I also hear some footsteps of adventurers; it won’t be difficult for me to escape before they noticed me.

“Is it wrong for me to choose to escape?”
I was wondering what to do, since my task is to survive, I feel like I should survive no matter how. Full of optimism roaming around, I soon walked into a dead end alley.

“If I just stayed and mimic a treasure box in a corner, will someone noticed me…or not?”
Maybe, but I don’t think that it was that simple.
Let’s head back first.
I thought so, and at the same time there is a sound coming closer.

When I was in the room I could not hear the sound coming from outside. In other words, each room was soundproofed. You won’t know what is happening inside.

When turning around, from a room which is about 10 meters in front of me, adventurers came out.
Anyway, I need to hide.

“Wow, I had lots of fun!”

Yes, it was impossible.
Heck, I have no place to hide! It was a dead end!
Adventurers keep coming out one after another from that room.


huh? Huuuuh?

Hey, wasn’t that too much? Normally a party consisted of four people and at most six people right?
In the blink of an eye the adventurers were over twenty in number.
Too much! There’s too many of them!

“What is that, Mimic? Does it usually appear on the first floor? ”
“Even if it appears, it would appear as a trap on the first floor, it was explained in the guide book. But, they shouldn’t wander around the area, they are not in the list of wandering monsters.”
Guidebook! I want it!

“Maybe they haven’t updated it and will do it in the new guide book?”
“Is that so? I don’t want anything wrong to happen. After all we’re just beginner.”
That’s right! Get your hands out of something you can’t handle!

“Well, isn’t this just the first floor? Even beginner won’t die in a place like this. How can you get scared here?”
“All right. The monsters on the first floor are not strong.”
“Yes, everyone, be quiet! I am your guide for this party and it would be better if you can listen to me. Although it is the first floor, this place is still a dungeon! If you do selfish things, I don’t want to be held responsible! I will count this as a withdrawal from the beginner’s party.”

It’s a beginner’s party?
As I can see, some of them are still children.
The guy guiding in front approaches me with another person. Indeed, he is giving a vibe of an experienced veteran unlike the other guy. Wait, it’s not the time to admire it!

“All right, this is your first experience in facing the monster. You there. What should you do in situation like this?”
“Hai! Analyze and determining danger!”
“That’s right. First of all, it’s analyzing the enemy. Then, you all should give me some analysis. Everyone, start analyzing the monster!”
I’m being watched!
They are looking at me very carefully down to the smallest details!
Rather than being watched, I feel like I was stripped naked and seen.

“Hai! It is a level 1 mimic! ”
Is that the only thing that you can found out after that much commotion?

“Alright, you! What is the meaning of level?”
“Hai, level shows the overall strength of the existence.”

“That’s right. The point here is that the level is a general purpose indicator. In other words, it works regardless of the race. In other words, the level 1 slime and the level 1 dragon are about the same in strength. There is no level 1 dragon, though. ”

Somehow, the lecture has started beginning with me.
Nonetheless, it is interesting because I do not know anything about the level.

“Well, I told you that the level is an indicator of strength, but do not forget that the level can’t represents some elements of strength. Strengthening with equipment, magic and skills is not reflected on the level. Also, skill is troublesome. Even if the level is low, for example, if the other party uses something like instant death magic, you can still die with a certain probability. As you all are beginner in analysis skill, you won’t be able to see the other party skill and equipment. Let’s be careful about that. ”


“Well, I have said what I want to say, this mimic is level 1 and there is no doubt that you guys are enough to win this battle. That’s it, I just want to give you guys a tacit understanding about the dungeon. There is no dungeon that spawn strong monster at the starting first floor. This Arudora dungeon is the same. So, it is not serious, but you can’t think lightly of such threat either.”

I was not just listening to the lecture in silence, I was wondering if I will be able to escape.
It seems I can’t do anything.
I am now in a corner and on my back is a dead end, there is no way out.
Then, I have to somehow make my way through the beginner’s party, but there are too many of them and the aisle is entirely packed.
A beginner usually lacked mind, spirit, and physical qualities but I can’t sense it from the group.

“All right. Any boy who is a level 10 warrior, please come forward. I will let you guys handle this mimic.”

Why not ask someone from level 1?!You guys are too cautious against a Level 1 monster! You can’t get more cautious!

“Brother guide! I’m also a warrior but I’m not level 10 yet, I’m at level 9, can I do it too? I want to hit it too! ”
“Weren’t the warrior’s girl get their turn earlier? I think it’s time for the fighter group!”
“I’m a level 15 mage. I think that if I shoot a single spell from here it will be finished in a flash.”

“Oh, I get it. Then, whoever that want this chance, raise your hand! So much… How about we decide it with rock, paper, and scissors.”

This is my only chance.
Even if the chance is slim, I need to keep pressing forward. Then, while the situation is messy, I should try it now.
Just mindlessly moving is also bad, I think that crimson rose give me an explosive legs skill.
I do not know anything about it but it seemed to be a killing move.
I will try it and put it to use! This is my last resort.
All right, let’s run with all of our strength!

For a moment I don’t understand what is happening.
Huh? I was attacked? What happened?
I can feel painful headache and tried to closely held the lid of the treasure box in place using both hands.

The gaze of the adventurers now only directed at two place.
Me, and the ceiling.
Looking up, there is a crack in the ceiling.

I see…I hit the ceiling earlier.

I kicked the floor with full force trying to do a dash but I was launched upward instead.
Perhaps the strength of my leg is increased because crimson rose?
In that case…
I stand up and move to the nearest adventurer with great momentum.

“Surprise fury kick!”
Kick with full power!
My leg is so strong, earlier I was able to hit the ceiling just by little effort. Two or three people in front of me will be my target.

My kick was blocked by the guide brother’s shield.
Oh, hmm?
Somehow the power isn’t as big as I thought…

“Does it only have increased movement speed? I was slightly surprised, but the attack power is still level 1.”
Is that so? Moving and attacking are different! Huh? That’s a bit strange isn’t it? If my leg strength is increased to the point where I can run at a fast speed, it was normal if it increased my attacking power too!
The guide brother takes out a sword.
I retreated with full power as fast as I can.

*swoosh* *bam*
I moved back too much and hit the wall. It seems that it’s really my movement speed that is getting faster.
Oh, but what can I do?
With these speed, I should be able to try to flee through them…Above!
That’s it! I can jump over their heads!

I decided to do so, I will take advantage of my strengthened leg strength to jump over them.

Then, I stopped moving because of what I see.
The upper body of the guide brother was gone.
Yes, it exploded.

This is the effect of crimson rose! It’s a magnificent explosion. Blood and flesh fluttered around in the area, painting the adventurers in the area in red color. I do not know if it’s all blood or not.

Explosive legs… Is it really this kind of skill?

I see, I see, I see! That’s it!
This explosive legs, it can bring me victory if I take them down one by one while applying hit and run strategy.
Now, I can see victory in front of me.

*boom boom boom*

The adventurers in the beginner party all exploded at once.
Err… What the hell?

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