Neta chara 27

Chapter 27: Hiring


After we bought the magic tool we came to the hunter guild to eat lunch. Our goal was to meet with Feria and checked the effect. As soon as Miri and we arrived at the guild, she moved behind the quest counter and disappeared and came out not long after.

Rina even had an idea for us to isolate Feria and later if can, she wanted to bury herself on her chest by utilizing her ‘God Hand’ skill. As she lost in her imagination, right now I am waiting with Annabella.

Right now we’re also going to check the effect of the ‘illusion glasses’. We only lacked the test subject after all. I am also only a useless man right now so I need to seal this 【Handsome】 skill.
Our test subject will be Feria because she has once affected by 【Handsome】 skill. In other words, she has become the skill victim. So we’re going to check if the 【Handsome】 skill will be triggered or no under the magic tool. However as I now know how this 【Handsome】 skill worked and the scary effect of it, it was a big gamble.

Alright, so let’s start the battle. I opened my chat log to see whether it worked out.
“Excuse me, miss Feria, can you bring me the menu?”

as Feria approached me, I look closer as the notification log. However the window that is floated can’t be seen by anyone but me so it is appeared as if I was staring at Rina’s breast.

“Oh, isn’t it Kent? And Annabella? It’s such unusual to see you here.”

“Ah, Kent-sama said that he wants to eat out with everybody.”

now, let me see the notification log.
“So, are you heading for a quest Kent-san?”

“No, I’m here to eat because the meal is delicious.”

Right now, Feria was moving closer to me.

“So, what do you want to order?”

“I don’t know… Annabella how about you order the food?”
Annabella nodded and I used the chance to look at the log again.

〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased

No! the skill was still triggered! The experiment was a failure. Is it because she has been affected by the 【Handsome】 skill before? Was it too late? Even the illusion glasses can’t stop the effect. An unpleasant image was flashing in my mind. It was the sight of Feria handing over her hard earned money to me. If I really left her in this state it might be a reality. It was bad if we stayed any longer.

Feria was now looking at me and asked.

“Ah, I’m sorry. What is it again?”

“So do you want to order anything else?”

“Ah, that’s enough for now.”

Feria then walked to the kitchen to deliver the order.

〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased

once again it was displayed on the log. It was as if watching the countdown as it is reaching the final stage.

“Kent-sama, how was it?”
Annabella came and asked me about the result. Rina also came and sit quietly next to her.

“No way, even Feria…”
Rina couldn’t hide her shock.

“It was possible that because Feria is already affected by my skill from the start.”
However, the real weight was contained in the next sentence about Feria.

“About Feria-chan, let us hire her as one of our maid. I think we can afford her wage.”
Annabella then suggested for me to bring Feria to the black dagger mansion.

“What do you think? We can’t leave Feria like this right?” Rina was also asking me.

Indeed, if we leave things like this, the friendship level will increase every time I meet her and once 【Well protected】 skill activated, once again she will be a prey to this endless loop. Just when I was deep in thoughts, Miri come back.

“How is it going?”
I answered by shaking my head.

“I see. So it can’t be helped. We will accept that waiter as one of Kent’s servant.”
Hearing Miri straightforward words, my stomach was upsetting. In other words, Feria will also become my woman. Maybe, I will fall to hell when I died because of the sin I have done but at least, I will also give Feria my fair amount of love. I decided to do this after she finished serving the food.

“Feria, there is something that I want to tell you.”

Feria which was already turned her body away and immediately looked at me with her brown eyes.

“It seems like I have fallen for Feria!”

when I said that, I saw the windows log flowed abruptly.

〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 Feria state: falling in love
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship increased
〙 【Handsome】 skill triggered, Feria friendship maxed out
〙 Feria state: In love

“Eh? Why suddenly a confession?”
Feria was surprised and answered with a question.

“I love Feria.”

“Do you realized what you are saying Kent-san? Over there, you have Miriaria-san already.”

Miri then answered with a flat face.
“My relationship is as owner master and subordinate, I am merely in his possession.”

as a follow-up, Annabella also spoke up and offered her a job.
“We also have been looking for a maid to be a person attendant of Kent-sama. If you are interested, we will double your pay.”

Rina also adding fuel to the fire.
“Feria, I know you also loved him. Just accepted it.”

“T-t-there’s no such thing!” Feria with a red face shook her head.

“You will be able to serve him at night too.”

“Feria, will you be my personal maid?”

“Kent-san… if you insist, please hire me as your Sex Maid!”

〙 【Well protected】 skill triggered, Feria has accepted sexual slavery
〙 Feria state: slave (love)

I felt things has escalated very quickly. I felt sorry for Feria.

“Feria, because you will be one of my maid, do you have any question?”

“Ah, since I will also serve at night, is there a living quarter provided for me?”

“ah, is something going to really happened at the first night?”
Rina has lost herself in some kind of delusion. I am also wondering, will Rina also stay at the mansion?

“Rina, are you coming back with us?”

“If I have to move in, I want a different room than your sex slaves. On top of that, I want some preferential treatment as if I am a guest too!”
Rina said that with a threatening attitude and I was forced to look at Annabella.

“Annabella do we still have rooms for them?”

“Yes, we have vacant rooms to accommodate them.”

“Well, it will be better if we sleep in one room.”
Miri said that as if she was expecting something fun.

Right now, I don’t want to add another victim to my skill. We need to get out of this place. Once again also, I wanted to try to test the illusion glasses power once again. I wonder if this thing was really working.

(author note: Finally another character has fallen. But there will still time before her first service. The main idea is to have someone that is acquaintances with the guild.)

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