Neta Chara Chapter 21

Neta Chara Chapter 21: Sparta instructor
(Tl note: I wonder if doing 3 chapters of this is possible this week)

“Why? How can this happened? I have already taught you properly!”

“What? I can’t even understand a thing!”

The one who was standing in front of me is a petite girls with silver colored twin tails and carrying a small black stone. Yes, it was Rina.

“How can I understand what happened to the black stone?”

“How many times I’ve to tell you that this is a verification stone?”

“Ah, sorry.”

Somehow Rina seemed to have an enmity against me since our first meeting.

“Rina, can you please talk softer to my owner?” Miri face looked as if she has drank something bitter.

“Onee-san, it’s this guy’s fault!”

in the morning I asked Miri to tell me about skill and job. However Miri called Rina instead as my teacher. Lina himself come with great glee from Miri call but once she understood the reason she was called, she become a rough and spartan tutor. I already asked Miri to teach me but this was what she said: “Kent, you need a better teacher since you are genius.”

it was the doom that I brought to myself since I showed her my language knowledge.

Since Rina was someone who was acknowledged as the ‘God hand’, that’s why Miri decided her to be my tutor.

“Alright, one more time! What is this?”
Rina who has been holding the black stone, slowly turn it into a faint red color. Really, the pressure was too great until I swallowed my own saliva.

The punishment if I answered wrong was a 《fireball》 that was grazing past my head. Although Rina had promised Miri not to hurt me but still this was bad for my heart.

“This red color, ability verification stone?”

“that’s right..”

“I’m correct?”

Rina looked at me with disgust even if I answered wrong. I wonder what was my fault?

“Tch, you’re only lucky. What is this?”

this time the stone let out a green emission.

“Job verification stone?”
Rina then gave me a dour face. Gosh, I made a mistake?

“How can you don’t know this! Even a five years old child know about this!”
this time I was slapped in the face.

“Listen again. This is the last time I’ll tell you.”

Rina then begun to describe each one of it again.

“The verification stone can be used to check job, skill, age, gender, race, job, level, even various information and it’s all depended on the color of the verification light. You also have to be able to check other information and be wary of 「bandit」 ,「bounty」 , and 「criminal」 status. Do you get it?”

“Well, why?”
Rina then looked at me with menacing eyes.

“You idiots! They are thieves, criminals, if they are trying to go into a city they will be arrested by gatekeeper. And what if you’re with them?”

Oh, certainly that will be a bad thing.

“So what happened just in case I acquire that status?”

“For minor crime you can use gold to redeem yourself or repent for your mistake as timed slave. If it was a serious time you might be executed. So that’s why you should avoid those with 「bandit」 ,「bounty」 , and 「criminal」 status. Even just come into contact with them may cause you to afflicted with it.”

Rina then continued to explain it.

“Next is the ability verification skill. It will show your general skill and combat skill. This is oftenly checked when you are trying to get a job or quest. They will see if you indeed have the skill needed for employment.”
this is kind of background check and to prevent spoofing when trying to find a job. I guess finding employment in this world is as hard as it was in real world.

“For now I have understand ability verification skill. Next please.”

“Next is job verification. Like I said before, every resident of ‘Grimoire world’ have an occupation the moment they are born. The basics of it was 「villager」 ,「civilian」,「nobility」 and 「royal blood」 . Usually their level will increase along with your age.”
Well right now I’m a LVL 5 「citizen」 which means I’m only worth as much as a five years old children.

“Even if your job increased or changed, your basic occupation will never be able to be changed. Even if you go to job changer, you can’t delete it.”

ah, since most people have black card, that means they can only get two other job.
(Tl note: this also cleared up the misunderstanding that the number of job/occupation our MC can have is indeed limitless.. and this info dump… my brain!!!!)

“So do you understand now, your ‘red’ card will be the envied of ‘black’ card holder? In fact even Miri onee-san will be envious of you. Ah, the talk has been derailed. Next is race locked job. Some race have their own specialized class. Demi-human 「Mystic」 , Elf 「Element master」, dragon race 「Dragon warrior」, ashura race 「six sword master」, beast race 「Beast fighter」, dream race 「Night assassin」, and giant 「Warlock」 are the example. This jobs can only be acquired by someone from their race and it also have a strict requirement to have. ”

Ah, this was discrimination!

“Because of that, the normal job also didn’t lose is importance. We have 「general job」 and 「combat job」. As it name implies, general job is something that does not engage in combat. Mainly 「worker」, 「farmer」, 「blacksmith」, 「shopkeeper」, 「secretary」, 「architect」 and various other job.”

each job also have status correction so I know how important it is to choose one that is suitable for you.

“next is combat job. It is for someone who engaged in combat and need to be chosen carefully. 「warrior」 ,「swordsman」,「scout」,「hunter」,「magician」,「sorcerer」, 「therapist」,「healer」 are some that is included in it. And for those who doesn’t have combat job, fighting monster is the same to suicide.”

Ah, is that the reason I wasn’t able to do anything in front of the silver mantis? If I wanted to be strong, I need to acquire a combat job.

“Next is job level. Every action you do, work, combat, magic training or anything corresponding to it will add experience. And every time you level up you will gain 1 skill point. For ‘red’ card holder like you, the level cap will be LV100 however it was such a hard thing to do and those who made it, is the world top three. Well, most of the time the limit couldn’t be reached just as your age grow.”

“So, there is still a possibility to reach it?”

“Even if you have ‘red’ card if you didn’t work hard, you’re even useless than a ‘black’ card. You can’t even fight alongside Miri right now. Finally the skill. There is also general skill and combat skill. Each skill has their own condition before being triggered and if the condition isn’t fulfilled it won’t be activated.”

Right now, Rina was looking at me with 【Appraisal skill】 activated.
“This fool you use your precious skill points to acquire 【Bed technique I】. do you think this is just a game? And by the time the skill leveled up, the more point you needed and you used it on trivial skill.”

“I’m sorry. It was an accident.”

“Well, that’s not my problem! I’m only here to explain it to you.”
this was bad, she hates me more and more. And my 【handsome】 skill apparently didn’t affected her. In fact I was affected by fireball syndrome because of her.

“last question, do you have a job you want to have?”
Lina asked with a bridge formed in between her eyebrows.

“That’s a hard question. It might be 「warrior」 or 「sorcerer」. That job might be able to help me later.”
Rina was unexpectedly surprised hearing my serious answer.

“Well, try to surpass me or Miri onee-chan? Haha.”

after that the windows opened automatically.

〙 Job level up: Citizens LVL 5 → LVL10
〙 5 skill points acquired

ah, thanks to Rina class my job level up a lot. Now time to get 【Document Creation I】 that I failed to acquire yesterday.

Then a message saying “adjusting language” could be seen. Some of the writing also has been converted into hiragana display while some remained in Roman alphabet. It became much easier to read and as the level went up it might become more easier. Also when I wrote words in hiragana, it was automatically converted into roman alphabet. Such a useful and practical skill.

*knock knock*

after that Anabella came in and tell us that dinner was ready. Since we started from early morning, I am starving already and it seemed that Rina was going to join us for dinner.

“Rina-chan thank you for today. I was able to be taught by the famous ‘god hand’ and survived. Thank you.”

“Let’s go onee-chan!”

Rina then pulled Miri while ignoring me. She seemed to be very happy when comes to physical contact with Miri but it was only the start to a tragedy.

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