Chapter 2

Lone Wolf jumped down from the VTOL. His landing point was cleared by machine gun fire. Landing with heavy stomp, he then swiftly raised his rifle.

His visor showed the position of the closest brood. The data was sent from the VTOL above him. A group of five ants came inside his sight.

“Five hundreds meters north is the dragon. Good luck!”

A marker showed up in his visor. It was in the direction of the dragon. A small numbers beside it was the distance.

He raised his rifle to meet the ants. He charged at them without any hesitation. Despite his rifle’s range, he still preferred close combat.

He fired his rifle in burst mode. The leading ant crumbled down as the bullets bored through its eye. As it crumbled down, the young man fired at the second ant.

In just a fifteen seconds he left the area with five ants’ corpse.

Lone Wolf reloaded his rifle. He ran across the desolate grassland. There were countless patches of land which is frozen and countless broods corpses lying around.

Every now and then broods came by. He exterminated them in just seconds of their arrivals. Some mantises can withstand a few more seconds before being killed.

Two hundreds meters to destination.

He has killed more than fifty broods by himself. Behind him there were more than hundreds of broods pursuing him. The VTOL above killed them as if mowing down grasses.

Turning around, Lone Wolf faced against the remnants of broods. There were still more than a hundred of them. He took out his grenade launcher.

Loading in six grenades, he took aim at the approaching broods. He fired above the broods. The grenade exploded above the brood and rained down explosive rounds. The grenade was a cluster shell round.

He fired five more times above the broods. Each time he killed more than five of them. Around thirty to forty broods were killed.

He ran towards the dragon once again. He quickly reloaded the grenades while on it. After it was reloaded, he turned around and fired another six cluster grenades.

“I leave the rest to you.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Lone Wolf instructed his pilot and ran through the grassland once again. A hundred meters to destination.

The gigantic beetle can already be seen. It was still in its growing period. Its height is eight meters. It was fighting with the dragon with its horn and claws.

The dragon wasn’t in a disadvantage. It fought back with its breaths and tails. Its arms held back the claws. On its body there were countless ants, trying to bite the dragon’s scales off.

Lone Wolf put aside his grenade launcher. In this situation it was much better to use his rifle rather than grenades. He raised his rifle at the dragon.

At first the dragon was cautious at him. The young man fired a couple of shots at its body. When he found out the ants were decreasing in numbers, he focused back to the beetle.

The ants changed their target. They charged at Lone Wolf. The young man switched his target as well. He started firing at the approaching ants and mantises.

He readied his bayonet for close combat. As he reloaded his rifle, an ant attacked. He crouched down and avoided the claw attack. He thrust the bayonet to its neck and cut it off.

He used the corpse as a cover and opened fire from behind it. The broods slowly decreasing in numbers. Every now and then Lone Wolf will engage in close combat.

After killing more than a hundred of them, he called out to his pilot.

“I am out of ammo. Send in more.”

“Calculating coordinate… Ammo supplies inbound.”

The VTOL ran passed above him. It dropped a big box. The box landed a few meters behind Lone Wolf. It opened up as it landed and the magazines scattered from within.

Lone Wolf threw a special grenade at the box. It exploded into light like a flashbang grenade. The light covered up the magazines and they disappeared. It directly stored away the magazines into his space storage.

Lone Wolf took out more magazines from his storage. He refit them on his vest. All the while he fought off the broods in close combat.

“Bingo fuel. I will be out to refuel and refit for twenty minutes.”


“Reinforcement from Overlord has arrived. They are exterminating the remaining broods. A part of them are heading your way. ETA ten minutes.”


The VTOL disappeared into the horizon in the direction of the base as it delivered its report. The young man continued to fight off the broods.

A large amount of corpses laid around him. The broods showed no sign of decreasing. As one died, another five took its place. The horizon is still filled with black colored broods.

Around five minutes later a slightly stern and high pitched yet comfortable to hear voice called out to him.

“Special Operative Lone Wolf. This is Special Operative Ana. Where is the dragon?”

The out of place and sudden beautiful voice startled Lone Wolf. He quickly jumped back to avoid another claw attack which nearly crippled him. He spoke to the caller after killing it.

“This is Special Operative Lone Wolf. The dragon is currently fighting with Gigantes right in front of me. I am pinned down by massive amount of broods.”

“Roger that. I will arrive in two minutes. The rest of the reinforcement will arrive in five. Hold tight.”

“It is appreciated.”

Lone Wolf fired at an ant which approached him from behind and killed it. Two mantises attacked from left and right. He jumped to the left.

He ran up the blade arm to the mantis’ head. He drew a beautiful yet forceful slash. The head of the mantis flew up as the bayonet passed through its neck.

He kicked off the mantis’ arm and aimed at the other mantis. He fired at its head. A barrage of bullets buried themselves on its head. The two mantises dropped down at almost the same time.

He kicked the head of the mantis which flew up. It hit another mantis’ head nearby. As a result it stopped its move for a fraction of second. Lone Wolf fired another barrage at its head. The third mantis fell.

He landed as more ants came. He reloaded his rifle and fired once again. His finger has started to go numb as he continued to open fire.

More and more ants arrived. The rate of fire of Lone Wolf has gone down considerably as his finger refused to move more and more. He has relied more on his bayonet which has also turned duller and duller.

As he could no longer hold on, a VTOL plane flew passed above him. A barrage of machine fires hit the broods. In just a few seconds, the area was cleared up.

A graceful young girl jumped down from the plane when it passed once again. In her hands were bluish dual blade. The blade in her right hand is longer and thicker than her left hand’s. Both of them are slightly curved. She held them in reverse grip.

“Good job for holding on and finding the dragon. Take a rest. I can see your movement has turned dull.”

“Roger that. I can really use some rest. I will help out in five.”


Lone Wolf sat down on top of a mantis he killed.


Somewhere in the East region airspace….

“We have received information of Carlos’s whereabouts.” (Hanna)

“Where is he!?” (Anastasia)

“Planet Lima-Six. They are currently under medium sized invasion and reinforcement is already on the way. Carlos is found fighting against Gigantes.” (Hanna)

“Huh? Fighting Gigantes? Did he not infected by dark matters?” (Anastasia)

“Unfortunately we have no information on that matters. Will we head there?” (Hanna)

“Of course we will go.” (Anastasia)

“I know it. I have already set the course. ETA fifteen minutes.” (Hanna)

Anastasia went to her locker. She equipped her suit and took out her dual blades. She stared at the shining bluish blades.

This blades were made of Carlos’ discarded fangs. They held a great meaning to her. They were a gift from Carlos when he was younger.

A drop of tear formed up at the edge of her eyes. She quickly cleared them and returned to the cockpit.

Five minutes later they arrived at the planet. A patch of the planet was dyed black. Those are broods.

“Carlos should be in the middle of it. A special operative is currently fighting his way to the dragon.” (Hanna)

“Contact him when we are near.” (Anastasia)

“Yes, Miss.”

When they approached the ground, a group of reinforcement was readying themselves to help the special operative. They slowly moved there.

Anastasia saw that the progress is slow. She instructed her plane to help clear the way. The reinforcement pace is now much higher as the broods were killed from above.

Five minutes later, they reached the contact range of the operative. They have been informed of who he is.

“Special Operative Lone Wolf. This is Special Operative Ana. Where is the dragon?”

Gunfire resounded from beyond the radio. A while later he replied.

“This is Special Operative Lone Wolf. The dragon is currently fighting with Gigantes right in front of me. I am pinned down by massive amount of broods.”

“Roger that. I will arrive in two minutes. The rest of the reinforcement will arrive in five. Hold tight.”

“It is appreciated.”

From the slow rate of fire in the chatter, Anastasia deduced that Lone Wolf’s fingers are going numb. She has experienced the same effect of prolonged gunfighting a long time ago.

“Captain Malcolm, we are going ahead. The operative can’t hold on much longer.”

“Roger that. We will follow closely.”

“Hanna, full speed ahead. I don’t want to lose the rope to Carlos.”

“Yes, Miss.”

The VTOL increased its speed further. Along the way it fired its machine guns at the broods. A while later, she saw the fight between a single man with broods.

The broods littered the ground around him. However, more broods were approaching him. They swiftly got closer as the operative’s rate of fire slowed down.

“Clear them up!”


The VTOL passed through the operative and the barrage of the machine guns cleared up his surrounding. It turned around for another run. Anastasia readied herself at the door. She gripped her dual blades firmly.

When they passed through the area once again, she jumped down. She saw the young operative which should only be a few older than her.

She looked around the place. A massive amount of broods has died in this small area. She whistled in admiration.

“You are one hell of an operative.”

She readied her stance as more ants has arrived.

“I am just doing what I can.”

“Certainly. However, what you do are a lot more than most operative will do. Alright, rest up. Then we will go to the dragon. I might need help later.”

The ants drew near. Anastasia sprinted to one of the ants. The claw stroke down at her but she just raised her left blade to meet it. The blade cleanly cut off the claw.

She stepped to the left and slid her right blade into its neck. The head flew up. She then ran over to another place.

A mantis was in front of her. It slashed down its blade arms together. Anastasia sidestepped a little and dodge the blade by hair breath. She cut both the arms altogether with her exceedingly sharp blades. The next moment the mantis head flew up.

Everywhere she went to, heads flew up. Her blades were like the sickles of grim reaper. The cuts were so clean that it was almost unimaginable.

At the same time Anastasia moved like she was dancing. Every moves were so graceful that they will captivate every eyes watching them.

From time to time her moves turned forceful. A bright light emitted out from her blades and three or more broods will lost their lives. Her moves will then turn to a graceful one again.

Lone Wolf drunk a tonic to improve his blood circulation. His numb fingers have started to recover. After five minutes, he raised his rifle once again. This time he will support this graceful young girl.

Gunfire can be heard behind them. One by one soldiers appeared. More than half of them were melee fighter. The riflemen set up their position on a hill to support them.

When they arrived at Lone Wolf and Anastasia’ position, they stood dumbly. They were shocked by the scene of countless corpses littered around. The once green grassland has turned black from the black blood of the broods.

Anastasia was still killing more and more broods. Her movements captivated the soldiers. Lone Wolf turned around and shot an ant which was preparing to attack a dumbfounded melee fighter.

“Don’t just stand there, fools!”

The soldiers quickly regained their composure. They desperately turned their gazes to the broods once again. Once again the killing began.

The broods have been cornered. More and more soldiers showed up from every direction. They massacred their way to the giant beetle.

After a while they reached the fighting ground of the dragon and beetle.

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