Chapter 3: Sad News

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Sad News

Chen Xi was silently on his way home, while having something on his mind.

Ye Ye and De De have already left, this didn’t saddened him much, according to his knowledge, the Dragon District City’s Thousand Blades institute was pretty well known in the entire southern border. Even though there are many institutes opened at Song Yan City, it cannot be compared to the Thousand Blades Institute.

During the few thousands of years, they have been improving the training system, during the training many new ways of training have also emerged, learning is one of them.

All these institute that have already been set up in cities and towns, they would invite a knowledgeable person to be the trainer, that professor would then teach a wide range of basic knowledge, and ways to earn money with the knowledge.

There was no restriction to the amount of students entering the institute, no matter you are a mountain man, slave, or wealthy businessman, hawkers, as long you have enough Yuan Stones,  you just need to pay to enter.

The same type of institute varies, according to their name that is what divides to the institutes.

For example, inside Song Yan City offers variety of institutions, like refining, puppet, Zhi Fu, alchemy, rearing and so on. Chen Xi’s brother, Chen Hao, will be starting to learn fencing at Tian Xing institute.

However, the institute also has its limitations, all the impart knowledge, is the most basic thing of the subject, so if you want to learn advanced knowledge, you will still have to pass through the Zong Door.

But the Zong Door has a big monk sitting there, the mountain gate leads straight to a famous aura-rich mountains and rivers, but it has harsh conditions to fulfill to be chosen. Non-qualified excellence or any deep roots of generation, simply just passing the Zong Door’s examination cannot be compared to the institutes on the big streets.

Chen Xi is very clear that his brother has faced many grievance, because of him, he was ridiculed by the same age children as a curse too, nobody wants to come in contact with him, he also don’t have a true friend. If he was able to get into the Thousand Blades Institute, for his training crazy brother, there is no doubt it will be a happy event for him and will be a great benefit for his growth.

His brother is 12 this year, talented, and he has been practicing to acquire a complete state, under Ye Ye’s guidance, he has quite a solid foundation, so he should be able to get through the Thousand Blades Institute’s examination just fine.

Upon arriving home, Chen Xi saw from afar was a 5 year-old little girl sitting in front of his house, she was looking towards the sky, black glossy eyes, truly very cute.

“Chen Xi Ge Ge, where is Little Hao? I brought him his favorite lime candy, but I can’t be waiting for him.” The little girl saw Chen Xi, while running a little, said excitedly.

The little girl’s name is Xi Xi, very lovely person, but without a dad, following her mother, Bai Wan Qing, to live. The mother and the daughter moved into Song Yan City a few years ago, and was neighbors with Chen Xi, therefore the family’s relationship was excellent.

“He has gone to a faraway place to find a teacher, so he wouldn’t be coming back for a few years.”

Chen Xi rubbed Xi Xi’s little head, in his heart he was very fond to Xi Xi (He loves little girls?), Xi Xi is just slightly younger than Chen Hao, every time Chen Hao came back from Tian Xing Institute, that little girl will go play with Chen Hao, from time to time she would bring some candy to share with Chen Hao, both of their relationship is very close.

But more importantly, Xi Xi and her mother, Bai Wan Qing, never hold any grudge against the Chen Family, and also never see Chen Xi as a curse, this let Chen Xi to cherish the fact.

“A faraway place? Where is this place?” Xi Xi asked with an upturned face.

Chen XI thought for a while, and then he said:” A place you can’t go is a distanced place. Unless Xi Xi is all grown up you would be able to go.”

Xi Xi let out a sigh, feeling dejected, looking a bit grumpy.

Chen XI comforted her “Why not you go back home and play?”

Xi Xi’s eyes sparkled: “Ok, I want to look big brother Chen Xi makes a Zhi Fu (talisman operator, if you have forgotten).”

“Then follow me.”

Looking at the little girl happily got up, a smile appeared on Chen Xi’s face, she was skipping.

While holding Xi Xi’s plump little hand, Chen XI walked into the house.


There was a stack of plain blank cyan Fu paper, a bowl of bright red ink, and a dark Fu pen.

Chen XI straightened up his spine, sat in front of the wooden table, Xi Xi well-mannerly sat at the side, her face filled with curiosity.

“This is a loose patterned Fu Zhi, it is the cheapest one on the market, tough and rough texture, usually it is for practicing only since it is the simplest talisman.” Chen Xi points at the light cyan Fu Zhi while explaining it softly.

Xi Xi like a student, nodded her head answered: “Chen XI Ge Ge (brother), I have already remembered.”

Chen Xi was stunned, shook his head, and then pointed at a bowl of bright red ink, said: “This bowl of ink is extracted from Chi Yan Deer’s blood, Chi Yan deer is one of the lowest ranking demon. Excluding its blood is used in the making of a talisman as ink, there is nothing left of it is useful. Even the demon breeders in the city, also don’t want to breed these useless demons.”

Xi Xi nodded: “And then brush?”

“This is a Fu Bi, Fu Bi also has many grades, when making a talisman, a good quality Fu Bi will produce characters with smooth strokes, to improve the success chance of talisman making. This Fu Bi is just an ordinary Fu Bi, but not for me, it has been sufficient to me.”

Chen Xi then suddenly realized what he had said today, it seems to be more than usual, is it because due to the fact that Ye Ye and De De have left, and he made Xi Xi into his talking partner?

Thinking about this, Chen Xi turned to see Xi Xi, but found out that this little girl’s head was lying on the table, asleep. There was glittering drool hanging from the edge of her mouth.

Chen Xi gradually thought of his own little brother infant years looks exactly like her, the exact same heart warmth, carefully caring Xi Xi, put her on his bed and after tucking her into bed, he sat in front of the table again.

With no further delay of his work, Chen Xi picked up the brush, dipped it in ink, waves characters onto a book.

*Sha Sha Sha (brush sound) ….. the brush dipped in red ink gently glides on the blank piece of talisman paper, red thin lines spewing out from his brush, it is as if living earthworms in general.

When making a talisman Chen Xi was seriously focused, his eyes firmly fixed on the Fu Zhi (talisman paper) under his brush, his brush was very straight, his arm suspended in mid-air not moving, from the beginning to the end it did not move.

What was moving was his right wrist!

His right wrist was very flexible, manipulating the brush in his hand, his movement was so smooth that there wasn’t a slightest flaw, but it has a living-like rhythm.

When drawing a mysteriously complex pattern that looks like a flower, it quietly blooming on the paper. The Fu Zhi suddenly let off a bright light, but immediately dimmed, and returned to normal.

Without looking, after he swift put aside a fire cloud talisman, Chen Xi took out another blank Fu Zhi, brushed down, not even wasting a second.

Five years ago, Chen Xi’s Ye Ye (grandfather), Chen Tian Li, holding the remaining savings, allowed Chen Xi to go to a talisman institute to learn, after Chen Xi have successfully master all the basics of making talismans, making talisman has become the livelihood for his family of three.

However, Chen Xi can only produce a basic talisman, without choice, when learning from the talisman institute the way of making talismans, it was also only to produce grade 1 talisman. If you wish to learn the higher grade talisman production, it is by spending large amount of money to purchase the appropriate books, the price is too high, there is no way Chen Xi could afford it.

But even so, Chen Xi was already satisfied.

At the beginning of his talisman making, he can only make 5 talisman per day, but now, he can produce 30 pieces of talisman, able to be converted to Yuan Stones, it is enough to earn to maintain the livelihood of his family of 3, and also been able to pay for his brothers fencing school’s fees.

But today, Ye Ye and Di Di have both went to the southern border, leaving him alone, as long as he save his food expenses, not long he would save lots of Yuan Stones, this way he will be able to buy the books about making higher grade talismans, it is not impossible.

Of course, before that he would have to return back the money he borrowed from Zhang Da Shu.

The passage of time just flowed by, in the dark cramped room, Chen Xi was at the desk, still look focused and concentrating, smooth familiar actions, he is totally immersed in the state of ecstasy. In this state, the stack of blank Fu Zhi will be moved over time, gradually turned into a picture of the mysterious and complicated talisman pattern.

Huuuuu ~

When the process was finished to the last talisman, the sky was already dark, Chen Xi carefully puts the brush on top the ink bowl, letting out a long breath, his cheeks looks even slim and pale.

With current practice, his inner body barely supported him when he was making the 30th grade 1 talisman, wanting to make even more, but unless his current state improves.

But it is easy to say, but in terms of Chen XI, wishing to enhance his current state but it is difficult challenge.

His qualification is not bad, his family in heritage “Zi Xiao Gong” can’t be compared to the ordinary arts, but why, his current state has already been a total of 5 years but there is 0 progress.

That is why, Ye Ye Chen Tian Li has put all his hope onto Chen Hao, but he is also been arranged to learn the making of talismans……

Is it really because I (Chen Xi) am too stupid?

Chen Xi continuously questioned himself, denying himself, in the midst of struggle and sad, pain and loss, only he knows himself the best.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Gentle knocks could be heard from the door, along with the knock, there was also a soft sweet female voice: “Am I interrupting you, I will be carrying her home.”

Chen Xi shook his head.

Bai Wan Qing understood that he was quite quiet, doesn’t love to talk much, smiled, she entered the room carried Xi Xi and left.

However not long after that, the door sounded again, this time it was a rapid intensive knocks, like the drums.

Chen Xi frowned but this time he opened the door, but it was Bai Wan Qing was there and she looked anxious.

What had happened?

Just when Chen Xi doubted, Bai Wan Qi quickly shouted: “Quick! Quickly go to outside the city, looks like your Ye Ye is in trouble.”


Ye Ye is in trouble?

Chen Xi nearly fainted.

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