Chapter 4: The Enemy

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Chapter 4: The Enemy

Ye Ye and Di Di just left like half a day ago and something already went wrong?


Over the years, those who detest his family, scolded him as a curse in his family, and those who didn’t got the chance to evade him, but how come they will harm Ye Ye and Di Di?

Are they enemies?

Is it that time when the 1000 over men that came to harm me?

However, many years have already passed by, why didn’t they just exterminate me and my family earlier? Why wait till today?

Chen Xi could only feel blood gushing through his veins, his head hurts so badly as if it was to explode.

He was like he entered an area filled with beast, crazily rushed out of his house, into the streets and out of the city.

Ye Ye and Di Di, there should be fine, not……

He was screaming.

Night time at Song Yan City, is as bright as day.

Different colours (colors) flow with colourful (colorful) lights hanging everywhere throughout the whole city, the lights are like fire dragons being entrenched and making a lot of noise.

The street was crowded with pedestrians; outside the gate of the city was an even tightly packed crowd.

On the floor was a skinny old man, blood-stained clothes, eyes closed, it is obvious that he has already died.

Next to him was an 11-12 years old kid kneeling silently, his innocent face without the trace of tears in his eyes, but it was empty, like a soulless wooden puppet.

“I know him, he is Chen Hao from the Star Institute, he is my classmate.”

“Ah! So he is the curse’s little brother, next to him isn’t that his grandfather, right?”

“Well of course it is, he is the former most famous Chen Family elder in Song Chen City, now he was killed by the wilderness outside the city, how pitiful! *Sigh.”


Everyone was talking about it but there was no one willing to reach out and help. It was because one of them was the curse’s little brother, the other was the curse’s grandfather, they don’t want to be stained with bad luck.

“Everyone quickly move aside, the curse is here!”

A sharp voice suddenly sounded, after hearing the crowd made way like they were trying to avoid snakes and scorpians.

In everyone’s curios glance, a thin figure crazily rushed here, surprisingly is was Chen Xi.

“YE YE!!”

He was looking down at the familiar figure which was silently lying on the ground, Chen Xi completely lost all his hopes, the pain was like a thousand arrows piercing his heart, his body was trembling uncontrollably.

He slowly walk closer towards his grandfather’s corpse, it’s stiff face expression still has not change, due to his heart failure (more like a disease or illness) his eyes had become very red.

“Ge (brother) ……” A very familiar deep voice could be heard. Chen Xi’s heart was startled when he looked at his brother, he looked like a puppet looking at himself, his eyes were both empty and lifeless.


Who did this?

Chen Xi’s heart became even more painful, his nails deeply dug into his palms spilling blood, but he was unaware of it.

At this moment, all these years of accumulated hatred, it was like lava about to burst through all over his body.

He was full of hate, he hates himself for being useless, he hates his own face for being ridiculed by others, but he doesn’t have the power to change it……

Lao Tian!!! (God/The Old Sky)

If You want to punish, then you should only punish me alone, why didn’t showed mercy on me Chen Family, my parents, my Ye Ye?


Chen Xi was roaring crazily in his heart, and he almost lost control of himself.

Peng! (A knocking sound, knocked very hard)

Chen Hao could not hold on any longer, unable to close his eyes. He fainted into Chen Xi’s arms.

Chen Xi was looking at his brother in his arms, looking at his tired face’s helpless expression, he was suddenly awaken due to his endless anger, Ye Ye is dead, nothing must not happen to his brother.

He was carrying his brother on his back, while hugging his grandfather’s corpse, walking back to the city’s gates at a slow pace, and walked home.

“That curse has finally left, ha, this is not good, after so many years, he has also killed his grandfather, pui, if it isn’t just bad luck, just pure bad luck.”

“Keep it down, you kids don’t want to live anymore, if you curse the curse, you yourself will get stained with bad luck, it will claim your short life.”

“Che, don’t blame it on me, but aren’t you also calling him a curse?”

“Heng, too lazy to care about you.”

“Suit yourself, can’t be certain what is on that boy’s mind, when will that curse get his own brother killed!”


Down the road, the humming sound that was made by the cold night breeze, flowed into Chen Xi’s ear, just like a sharp needle’s tip poking into his heart deeply.

But he just kept on walking, there was pain in his bone marrow but he stays the same.


No, I will definitely remember this situation forever.

If it does not kill me, one day, I will definitely climb up the heaven’s ladder, into the clouds, embrace the Jiu Tian Xing He (it is like a constellation, not sure he embraces it or it embraces him) and be above all!

You all———-

Waiting to be laughed at yourselves.

At the outskirts, it was pouring, the rain was as thin as silk threads.

“Ye Ye, rest in peace.”

There was a solitary grave in front of Chen XI, Chen Xi then stood up, while saying in a soft voice. His voice was calm but it showed a little stubborn.

From the day he returned, Chen Xi has been kneeling in front of the grave for 3 days straight, without eating or drinking. Even if it was shining or pouring, he did not budge; his face has become extremely pale.

Seeing Chen Xi as usual, was Bai Wan Qing standing beside him let out a breath, said: “You go home first, Chen Hao last night has already woke up.”

Chen Xi his head in reply.

“Aunt Bai, thank you.’

Just when he was about to reach home, Chen Xi stopped walking and he thanked Bai Wan Qing sincerely. These 3 days, Bai Wan Qing has been helping to take care of his brother, like his brother is a family member; he was very touched by it.

When everyone knows only his sarcasm, there was a person who quietly helped him, such people deserves Chen Xi to keep in mind to show gratitude.

Bai Wan Qing didn’t expect Chen Xi to sincerely give his thanks, she was startled but smiled and said “As long as you live well, and live better than anyone else, that will the best way to show your gratitude to me.”

Chen Xi once again solemnly nodded his head.

Bai Wan Qing only smiled, she did not stay any longer and took her leave.

Looking at her slim and graceful figure disappear, Chen Xi’s heart could not help it but feel a warm embrace, he felt aroused, his brows became less gloomy.


The door flung open, out came Chen Hao to greet his brother, Chen Hao softly called out.

Chen Xi walked forward, firmly embracing his brother in his arms: “Your right hand has become useless, but as long as you are alive, there’s still hope.”

On that night, Chen Xi’s Grandfather was killed, while Chen Hao also had to pay the price of his right hand, his right hand was sacrificed to save his life, but there was no medicine that could revive the dead human parts.

Chen Xi was clear, that the loss of his brother’s right hand has given much pain, his brother since young loved sword arts, as an ambition, that’s why he was determined to create his own sword arts. Now he has lost his right hand, no doubt that it has already completely ruined his brother’s dream that he thrive for many years, his suffering is imaginable.

“Brother, I have decided to practice the sword arts with my left hand!”

Chen Hao straightens his spine; his eyes sparkled, firmly said: “The lost of my right hand is good news, one hand, one sword; I will be able to focus even more focus on specifically in sword arts.”

Chen XI was looking at his brother, who grew up in just one night, looking at the determination that can be seen in his eyes, it gave him the goose bumps: “Good! Good! Good!”

A continuous of 3 times of the word good, Chen Xi could feel the expression of joy and merry in his heart.


“Grandfather and I were ambushed at Qing Lang Canyon by 3 masked men, before grandfather parted he said, they had Xi Fu’s territory’s practitioners.”

After dinner, Chen XI started to ask about what had happened after Ye Ye and Di Di left the city, he wants to get his facts straight, who was the one who killed his grandfather.

However, when listening to his brother mentioning the 3 Zhi Fu monks, Chen Xi’s heart skipped a jump.

Along the journey of cultivating, it is divided to Hou Tian, Xian Tian, Zhi Fu, Huang Ting, Liang Yi Jin Dan, Nie Pan, Ming Hua Zhen Ren, and as well as Po Jie de Xian.

Hou Tian’s 9 stages are to train the soul, along the way, it will lengthen the life span by 60 years. So far in this state, the body will be strengthen, good blood flow and immune to diseases.

Xian Tian’s 9 stages are about swallowing the heaven’s and earth’s energy, training the heart’s qualitative, it also lengthen the practitioner’s life span by 100 years. In this mortal realm, only a few were able to step into that state.

But the Zhi Fu’s territory, it is to steal the power from heaven and earth, to open into the Zhi Fu’s realm, and to improve each level of state. But Zhi Fu has even more stages, the Jiu Xing Lian Zhu, and then it is fully completed.

These states are also known as the stars of the border point, so far in this realm, the unlock a life span of 500 years, is only been called the foundation of monasticism (more like just the basics), then the real cultivation begins.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, the current strongest practitioner wanted to spread the Zhi Fu’s cultivation, not even one from a million in Song Yan City, the Zhi Fu monks most be definitely strong. After hearing the murderers of his grandfather, turns out to be the Zhi Fu monks, he was shocked due to the fact it is them.

He is now only practicing till only the third stage realm, but this was thanks to his grandfather who had carefully guided him through.

Looking back at those years, his Chen Family was just the most powerful family that was in the Song Yan City, Chen Tian Li was the head of the family, he himself was the Zhi Fu 7-stared practitioner, even though he had wasted much training, but the tradition was not lost, even if Chen Xi’s qualification was only common, he still took the time to carefully teach Chen Xi, advancing to the Xian Tian realm was not something to be mentioned.

However, he also wanted to advance to become a Zhi Fu monk, but there was only little hope left. After all, his training is still stuck at the early stage of the third stage even though after training for 5 years straight, it is hard to say that is it even possible to improve.

“Oh ya, I have a recording talisman here, it recorded a conversation between the three!” Chen Hao suddenly knocked his head, suddenly said, took out a bluish talisman and handed it to Chen Xi.

The recording talisman is a type auxiliary talisman, in the cultivating community, besides the monks, it is left at home to avoid friends from not knowing where they were, it will be left at home to give guidance.

This recording talisman, was given by Chen Xi to his brother to play with, but it does not actually could be put in any greater use, but the thought of being able to listen to his grandfather’s killers voice, his heart became emotional.

The recording talisman’s surface then let out a dim light.

“Master’s command is to keep them alive in the Song Yan City, let them be ridiculed by the surrounding people and live in pain, till the day they claim their own lives……”

“Surround them and don’t let any of them escape, once of them escape, catch them and bring them back again! These matters are related to Master and Dragon District’s marriage, if you dare neglect your duties, heads will roll!”

Sharp and cold sounds like a hidden snake in the dark is spitting letters, was coming out from the recording talisman. (Imagine something like when your television goes buzzy and makes the buzzing noises)


The recording talisman turned into smoke and dust flying around without a trace.

Chen Xi’s face discolored due to his fury.

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