Talisman Emperor: Chapter 5

TL: I am sorry for the long wait, I got lots of errands to run for people and it was very hard to pull out some time to translate, and not soon after that my comp crash thanks to Windows 10, really thank you Microsoft for making me do double work. So I apologize again, I am sorry. And also I have made changes in Chapter 1, I found out that Chen Xi’s mother only went missing but not in a snowy mountain, but instead it was her name, quite a weird name though. (direct translate Left Mound Snow? Is she the ancient Snow White?)



Chapter 5: Jade Pendent

Who is the master mentioned in the conversation?

Just for the marriage case, actually want to give a death sentence to his very alive family?

“Who is the ‘Dragon District person’?”

Chen Xi’s brain was crazily thinking about the facts he has, the information in the recording disclosed was too obscure, but it is still traceable, just need to find a revealing point, then everything will be solved! (Tl: He is playing detective now)

Dragon District City, someone who had connections with him ……

Su Household/Family!

Yes, it is certainly the Su Household in Dragon District City! (Tl: Well so much of being a detective)

Chen Xi’s mind suddenly thought of it in a flash, but it was only a possibility.

He listened to his grandfather said, when he was born, his mother has left to the snowy mountains to go to the Su Household to discuss the set the wedding, it was agreed to be 18 years later, to let Chen XI marry the daughter of the Su Household head’s daughter. However, following with the Chen Family being destroyed, he was only 4 years-old then, the Su Household in Dragon District City dispatched 10 Huang Ting’s field experts, in front of everyone in Song Yan City, tore up the marriage agreement.

And to affect the Song Yan City, having 3 Zhi Fu monks to rob and kill his grandfather and brother, the Su Household in the Dragon District sure has such strength and power!

Yes, it must be so!

The more he thinks, Chen XI’s ideas became even clearer, his guesses* can’t be far wrong. (The star was put in the raws so I might as well put it in)

As for the ‘young Master’s identity’, it is also very good to explain, in order to prevent him and his brother from escaping Song Yan City, he does not need to spread preventions to catch him and his brother, but only has the Song Yan City’s major ruling party to do the job.

The aim of their actions, it is definitely for the ‘Young Master’s marriage’, but can’t be sure is it just to marry into the Su Household in Dragon District City, to put a death sentence on him and his brother just to change the situation.

When thinking about this, Chen Xi only felt a chill through his body, like running through ice, the tearing of the wedding approval was already overboard, but still they even to make to kill all his living family members, very malicious murderers! They are extremely cold and sour hearted! (Cold-hearted)

Chen Xi took in a deep breath, trying hard to keep himself calm, he began to think about who is the ‘young master’ power in Song Yan City.

The Southern Border is the most southern territory of the Song Dynasty, it stretches to about approximately a few million miles, there’re many cities along it, and Song Yan City is only 1 of the small humble town in the Southern Border, only covering a few tens of thousands of miles.

In addition, Song Yan City is adjacent to the Wicked Raging Barbarians Mountains, with no blessed soil and veins; it is close to a badland, therefore, the occupants in Song Yan City are very few.

According to Chen XI’s knowledge, the current Song Yan City, the current government, the Lee Family, and the Song Yan institutes are the 3 biggest influence in Song Yan Ciry.

The current government is been assigned by the Song Dynasty to station their military force in Song Yan City, and disciplined, in order to maintain the order in Song Yan City.

Song Yan institutes are Song Yan City’s training ground, by giving or accepting disciples, in the institutes lack the preaching of the Zhi Fu training, but the Song Yan Institutes do not involve themselves in any battle, acting to be humble.

Only the Lee Family, is the most influential in Song Yan City, but in the family has not less than 10 Zhi Fu practitioners, their strength was the strongest after the fall of the Chen Family, then their household became number one in Song Yan City till the current day.

Chen Xi’s eyes were firmly locked onto the Lee Family.

Among the 3 forces, it is said the one that hates Chen Family the most, it is no doubt the Lee Family when the Chen family was in no crisis; the two rivals have been against each other non-stop.


Even his grandfather suspects that the Lee family was involved in the fall of the Chen family.

“Having the strength to set up a trap in the Song Yan City, and have some grudges with the Chen Family, that ‘young master’ must be someone from the Lee Family.”

So far, all the clues lead to the same conclusion, Chen Xi could not help it but let out a long sigh, muttered in his heart: “Ye Ye, haven’t you been through all this pain and haven’t realized yet who is the culprit that caused the fall of the Chen Family? No worries, your grandson has already got a very important a piece of clue, wait till your grandson’s strength becomes stronger, and I will get revenge for you! And for the sake of our Chen Family!

“Big brother, have you already guessed who the culprits are?” Chen Hao tilted his small face, his eyes filled with hatred.

Chen Hao shook his head, knowing the fact letting Chen Hao know will do more harm than good.

“Little Hao, the current decision is to practice your left-hand swordsmanship, wait till you are a little older, then elder brother will bring you to kill people, kill those enemies.”

Chen XI patted Di DI’s shoulders while calmly saying: “I will do my best, will become stronger, and would not let you fill the slightest complaint.”



The two brothers exchanged looks; it was with spirit and unification.

The following days, excluding selling talisman for yuan stones, Chen Xi almost all the time spent his time training, cultivating. Although he has only been able to train the early 3 stages in 5 years, but he was not discouraged, instead he is like a crazy person training insanely hard, so crazy that he even forgets to eat, not willing to waste even a little bit of time.

Only by constant effort brings success (水滴石穿).

Chen Xi was stiff silent; it’s because of his paranoid stubborn attitude.

Chen Hao has also changed, due to the loss of his right hand; his sword training from before has been completely ruined, using left-hand sword training; has no doubt he has started all over again.

He worked hard adapting to his left hand, working hard to suit his sword’s rhythm, step by step building a solid foundation for his left-hand sword technique.

In the middle of the day or during night fall, you can always see his thin figure covered with sweat, working hard on his swordsmanship.

Chen Hao’s foundation is excellent, so great that there is nearly no difference between his grandfather’s swordsmanship, after only 10 days, he has already familiarize using his left-hand swordplay, because of his consistency, his sword technique has improved to a whole new level.

What is worth mentioning is that on the eighth day of harsh training, Chen Hao has broken through the (what I assume is the) second state, successfully entering into the realm of rebirth!

Using the advanced speed, even before long, surpassing his own brother was not a problem.

Chen Xi was naturally surprised, but at the same time he was feeling an invisible pressure, his brother has achieved his innate state, what about him, when will be able to break through the third stage of the innate realm?

However, although this state does not change, but Chen Xi still gets returns from it; these days with the yuan stones he earns from selling talismans, he has already paid off the 100 yuan stones that he owe to Uncle Zhang and also there were leftovers, this made him feel much better.

He has already calculated, by the earnings the he receives from selling the talismans on a daily basis, excluding the expenditure, he will save 4 pieces of yuan stones daily.

Originally, he intended on accumulating a sufficient sum of yuan stones to buy a few books about the production second tier talismans, but to enhance his training speed, he instead spent them on his training.

For the person who has been through a poor man’s life, Chen XI, using yuan stones for training is like spending on luxuries for him. After all these years, just to make a living, every time he spends a yuan stone, he struggles to do his math, but that doesn’t end up him breaking a yuan stone into two.

However, just to enhance his current state, he couldn’t be bothered about it.

Chen XI’s current body state only limits him to making 30 pieces of talismans a day, which maximum earns him about 10 yuan stones, but enhancing his current state will allow him to make even more talismans, therefore, earn lots of yuan stones.

Therefore, enhancing his current state is his top priority!

His outer aura is too thin, so only by earning more yuan stones, spending yuan stones for his training, then only will he and his brother will be able to become stronger.

With such kind of plan, Chen Xi will split the 4 remaining yuan stones into 2 each for their training.

However the thing that made Chen Xi speechless is, even after 10 days have passed, even spending the yuan stones in his training, he couldn’t see or feel the growth of his innate (spirit).

Is this how my whole life will end up?

At night, Chen Xi sat crossed-legged at the bedside, speechless, despite his stubborn character, he still feels a little depressed.

When he is upset, he habitually does a sitting meditation, only through the practice, only can forget everything.

While doing the “Zi Xiao Gong”, his outer layer of aura formed, flowing all over his body through his meridians,  after he did 18 cycles of breath circulating the whole body, he stored it all in his Dan Tian. (Dan Tian is like a sack that many taichi practitioners preferred as a sack to store Qi, or energy, or if you have watched Naruto, you may have noticed the place they store their chakra, ya, it’s the same)

During the innate state, for every step of improvement, the Dan Tian will appear another layer of elemental cloud around it, known as the foundation ladder until it forms 9 layers of clouds, and then you will be able to unlock the Zhi Fu (Purple Palace), which is one of the requirements to become one the immortal house monks or practitioners.

Zi Xiao Gong has a total of 18 cycles, but the most well-know was the Chen Family technique, Chen Xi has been practicing ever since childhood, and he has reached the 13th cycle, and while already at the 3rd stage, his Dan Tian has 3 layers of purple clouds, floating within his Dan Tian, circulating throughout all the meridians in his body.


After a while, his body became abundant, Chen XI ended his meditation and went to sleep, but suddenly he heard a very soft crackled, the sound was small, but due to the silence of the night, it became quite clear.

He looked the sound, but in front of his very eyes, it was a longevity lock (pendant, it was used in the early dynasties in China as a longevity charm for babies), it was given by his mother before she went up into the snowy mountains, as a meaning for no more trouble and to grow up safely.

This piece of longevity lock is the only thing that he has left that is relevant to his mother, therefore, he cherished it dearly, but at the moment, the longevity lock’s surface has many spider web-like cracks on it, and he only sympathize it.

“What happened to it, how the longevity lock could have so many cracks on it?”

Chen Xi stretches out his hand to touch the lock, but unexpectedly when 1 of his fingertip touches the longevity lock, more cracks grow on the surface like weeds, and it covered the whole surface of the lock. After letting out a very sharp ringing sound, the longevity lock broke into a thousand pieces, after scattering itself everywhere, what was left was a pure dark jade pendant!

This longevity lock actually was hiding this jade pendant?

Chen Xi’s mind was not much of any use at the moment, staring at the piece of jade pendant, it was as big as a longan (a fruit, it is sweet, you should try it), round in shape and just pure black, it was like a very high-quality black pearl.

Rather, is this a gift that mother has left for me? If that’s so, why did she hid it inside of the longevity lock?


Just as when Chen Xi doubted the occasion, a simple melody started to sound, smooth like the gurgling streams following during spring, accompanied by the dazzling light that was shining on the surface of the pendant.

Shortly after that, in the middle of the pendant emitted millions of rays of white light, it completely lit up the whole room, the white light was rotating and the room looks like it was drifting through the fog, it was like he was in a dream.

Chen XI felt like he was in a dream, but he was not aware when the white light rotated violently, but gradually the light dense and suddenly a white woman appear out of nowhere! (It sounds so like the projection image in Star Wars…..)

The white woman’s shirt flutters, she was like she was in a painting, the scenery was elegant, and her dark pupiled eyes were big and clear, but it showed an energetic and mischievous look.

Seeing her, Chen XI’s heart felt a strange feeling by feeling foreign to her and feeling like he knows her like she was a very distant relative or so, he could not help by feeling curious about her, who is she, why is she giving me this kind of subtle feelings?

“Well, my precious son, we mother and son have finally met!”

The woman put both her hands behind her back while she playfully blinked at Chen XI and laughed, her laugh made a clear sound like the flowing water in spring, it livens up the area that instance.

Hearing that, Chen Xi’s pupil only widen, while watching the white woman with a disbelief look, but still remain his usual calm self.

She……. Is she my very own mother Zuo Qiu Xue?

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