Chapter 139: Are you interested in investing?

(Edited by BigYoshi and ganjz)

“Collet, what do we do about it?”

“Rebecca, what do you mean?”

It was Collet and Rebecca, the receptionists of the Comer city adventurer’s guild first floor. Rebecca was worriedly looking at the sight in front of her eyes.

“Alright then Rebecca, you can go to the back and handle the material appraisal and I’ll handle the front for a while.”

“Thank you. I’m sorry I can’t help it again looking at their faces.”

Rebecca can’t take it anymore. Because the adventurers in front of her now have a swollen face. It wasn’t only him; the same state can be seen through the majority of the adventurers around.

“How can you say that? My face, it was because of Joseph. He beat me up and he warned us not to use a magic potion to heal it. What do you think about it Collet-san? Are we really that scary?”

“Well… it wasn’t really that scary… anyway, why did Joseph-san beat you up?”

“It was like one sided bullying. It was-“

“Collet, I’m done appraising the material. It will be around two gold and three silver for the materials and this tablet here may cost eight silver.”

A tablet usually can be sold from one to six silver, and it can only be found in the dungeon. The content of a tablet was absurd; it was like a lithograph describing what happened in the past. The content that was written on the tablet this time was from a beast-man tribe. They were trapped by five neighboring countries that were getting worried about the beast-man tribe’s power. It also explained about the existence of three demon lords that were actually suppressing the power of the demon in four major demon continents. It also explained about a gothic nightmare kingdom, some past heroes of the human races, however, no one really knows who made this tablet and what is the real reason to spread them throughout the dungeons all around the world. Or was it auto generated by the dungeon? No one really knows the real truth about these tablets, but the Adventurer Guild collected them and purchased them, so many adventurers started to collect them too. Sometimes there were even tablets that were found inside the treasure box that was more valuable than the normal one.

“Hey, please give me a little more, 3 more silver please? And also, that one over there is a 「High Kobold」 tail, it can be embedded when making a coat.”

“Oh, are you now doubting my assessment? Are you not satisfied? Then why don’t you come back later when I’m not busy?”

Under Rebecca’s glare, the male adventurer gave up and fled while collecting the money in a hurry.

“Collet, really, we can’t show any kindness to this kind of people.”

“Rebecca, it wasn’t good to say such a thing. Everyone is working hard, staking their life. It was a dangerous job and they are doing their best.”

“Let’s drop this topic. Why are you even concerned about that man? And, did you lose some weight for thinking too much about them?”

“No, I’m not! My weight is always the same.”

Since the 「Wood Garden」 dungeon was discovered, many more adventurers came to Comer city. Not only the dungeon, nearby it, the townsmen and villagers were gathering medicinal plants that appeared in the dungeon area after its appearance. Because of that the workload of the receptionists also increased and they have been very busy ever since.

However, the real reason that made the receptionist mood reduced was Yu was no longer there to ease their fatigue. Even Collet was showing some signs of fatigue on her face.

“Did you hear about yesterday’s events?”

“I don’t know if you’re new here in Comer city, but if you can talk about it then you must have come from somewhere. What happened yesterday was like a payback for what they have been doing.”

“Heh, I don’t know the details but yesterday, a big guild like ‘crimson meteor’ was getting deserted.”

“Yeah, that’s right. It was like their guild activity has been limited because they’re hiding in shame.”

Of course, many people talked about this event. After all, many adventurers also been suppressed and received unfair treatment by some members of the ‘crimson meteor’ on daily basis and this made them feel good.

“So, how many members do they have? One hundred and fifty people now? But, we can see that sooner or later many clans will surpass them.”

“Hahaha, that wasn’t guaranteed, hey, look, it’s that boy.”

That man’s surprised expression soon made the others noticed and all the attention was now focused on what made him surprised earlier. In front of the door of the adventurer’s guild, people were gathering. The receptionists were showing a wide grin.

Yu walked towards the counter, dividing the crowd as if he was splitting the sea of crowd in two. Marifa followed silently behind but she was keeping her guard up with a threatening look to protect Yu. However, before Yu even reached the counter, there had been a commotion from a receptionist named Fifi.

“Yu-chan! Well, well, when did you come back?”

“Fifi, it’s nice to see you after such a long time. I have to apologize that I was away for some time.”

Fifi had already jumped and casually dragging Yu by his arm towards the counter. Collet saw it was still in panic.

“Rebecca, Rebecca, look. He came back.”

“What? Now, I’m super busy.”

Hearing that, Collet went to Yu’s side without waiting for Rebecca. That left many adventurers with wounded faces lined up waiting for Rebecca.


“Make a way! I’m Namari and I’m strong.”

On the other hand, Namari was doing his self-introduction but his way raised another excitement for the receptionist. Although he was a Demi-human child that has bad relations with humans, the receptionists didn’t care. With Namari’s appearance, having a small bat wings on the back and innocent smile, he gave off a cute impression and made the receptionists to give in.

“So Cute!”

“Yu-chan, whos is this child? Can I hug him?”

“Don’t do that! I’m strong!”

However, before long, he was already within Fifi’s arms and being played like a toy. Momo who doesn’t want the same predicament happening to her can only quickly hide under Yu’s hat.

“Yu-san, it’s been a while!”

“Collet, long time no see. Please, take this.”

Yu takes out a basket from his item bag and puts it in front of Collet. Not only Collet, the other receptionists were looking at it with intense eyes.

“This is?”

“Inside of it are cookies and donuts. The cookies can hold out for about a week but the donuts should be eaten today because I used fresh cream as the fillings.”

When Yu showed the content of the basket, the cookies and donuts filled it to the brim.

The donuts which were filled with some cream was mixed with ruby strawberry and glazed by using some honey which was collected from the giant bee nest. It was such a high calorie food but no one can resist the guilty temptation.


Anyone can hear the sound of saliva being swallowed. It was coming from all of the ladies that heard that and Yu couldn’t miss that. Everyone who was hungry were also looking at the basket helplessly.

“Odono-san, you’re giving the sweets to them? Is this person Collet nee-chan?”

“Well, Namari-chan, you know my name already?”

“Yeah, I also know that, um, this one is Adele nee-chan and this one is Fifi nee-chan.”

Those who have their name called out by Namari stroked his head and some even hugged him for a while, while raising a shrill voice.

“Collet, I’m sorry. I know that it’s almost time for your break but have you heard from the guild master that I have been promoted to the B rank?”

“Yes! I’ve heard about that but your new B rank guild card isn’t prepared yet, probably it will take a while.”

“I don’t mind about the card but what I want to ask is I heard that B rank adventurer can use a private career change room. I wonder if I can use that privilege?”

“Eh, do you mean you want to choose your own job without anyone accompanying you? Do you want to use it now?”

“Yes, it won’t take long and it will be great if I can enter alone. In the meantime, Collet should take your break and enjoy the sweets.”

Collet was contemplating between accompanying Yu, taking a break or the sweets. Because Collet was interested in what job that Yu will take and the sweets in her hands aren’t less attractive either. Also behind Collet the other receptionists were already like carnivores who has been drooling and aimed at the prey within her arms.

“Marifa, Namari, you guys can stay here and wait.”

“But, I want to go along with Odono-san!”

Namari was whining but stopped joyfully when Fifi took out a cookie and gave it to him. Marifa on the other hand won’t object to anything that Yu says. She quietly put down her bow and waited in the corner of the room.

As soon as Yu entered the job change room, Yu used his 《Heaven’s Net》 to explore every inch of the room. After that he raised a 【Barrier】 and after making sure there’s nothing wrong he touched the crystal in the middle. Immediately, the list of jobs that he can take was shown to him. 「Guardian Knight」, 「Dark Knight」, 「Holy knight」, 「Spirit Knight」, 「Sword Saint」, 「Wizard」, 「Templar Knight」, 「Grand Summoner」, 「Cardinal」, 「High rank Enchanter」, 「Spear Master」, 「Martial arts」, 「Fighter」, 「Magic Eye user」, 「Puppeteer」, 「Doll master」, 「Hermit」, 「Ninja」, 「Rumble Master」, 「Element master」, 「Demon master」, 「Arch Summoner」, 「Insect master」, 「Mercenaries」, 「Crusader」, 「Temple Assassin」, 「Arch Wizard」, 「Destroyer」, 「Brawler」 and it wasn’t stopping there. More than one hundred jobs were available for him to take.


Out of the jobs listed, there was nothing that Yu was interested in. So Yu thought for a while and performed an action immediately. He used his 【Space Time Magic】 to open the space and connect it to the mansion. On the other side of the space vortex, he can see Nina and Russ in the room.

“Yu… it’s Yu!” Nina tried to go to his place but this time he only opened a 30cm wide hole so Nina couldn’t pass through.

“Master, is that the job change crystal?”

“Yes, as expected jobs like 「Hero」 or 「the chosen one」 didn’t appear.”

“So, Russ, can you tell if this is really 「Truth Seeker」?”

Russ then looked at the crystal using his unique skill 【Truth Investigation】.

(TL note: was it mentioned before? That unique skill… >.<)

“Master, the best thing it can do, is collect some information and relaying the information to the original 「truth seeker」. However, there might be some secret behind it.”

Even using Yu’s unique skill of his eye ability, he can’t discern the true nature of the crystal, only some strong presence of magic residing inside of it.

“Yes, after all the crystal in adventurers’ guild was made by a 「Grand Sage」 and probably it was rushed to meet the quota.”

Yu and Russ talked for a few minutes after that and Yu came out from the job change room.

“Odono-san you’re finished?”

Namari was asking with both hands full of cookies and even in his mouth right now he has a donut hanging. On the other hand, Marifa was still standing straight without no sign of slacking off.

“Did you wait for long? You’re not wandering and causing trouble are you?”

“Yeah! I’ve stayed here only and wait.”

“Alright then, let’s go Namari.”

Namari greeted him with a smile while Marifa kept her flat expression but Yu knew what she meant. After that, they walked to the break room and saw something that can’t really be shown to others.

“Fifi, how sly of you! You ate three already!”

“Sssh, be quiet. Or else that old hag is going to hear that!”

“It’s normal for the first floor receptionist to have more.”

“Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself Mofuko?”

“Ugh, Collet, defend me in the meantime.”

“But, that was Adele’s part!”

“Uh… let’s just say it was blown by the wind.”

“Ah, it’s Yu! Yu, please protect me from the old hag!”

In the break room, the first floor receptionists and the second floor receptionists were fighting and pulling on Yu on both sides. Looking at that scary scene, Momo can only hide behind Yu.

“I’m sorry. It was such an undignified show.”

Collet was embarrassed while on the edge of the mouth there was a piece of donut crumb stuck there. Because it was so funny Namari jumped forward and pointed at it while giving a teasing smile it caused Collet’s face to be dyed further in red.

“That’s right! Collet nee-chan, tomorrow Odono-san is going on a picnic. Why don’t everyone go with us?”

All of the receptionists noded in unison. The hard thing was currently the adventurer’s guild was busy every day and everyone will not be able to get the luxury to take a day off.

“I hope we can go together. But in the current situation I don’t think you can go with us bec-”

“I’ll definitely go!” suddenly without waiting Yu to finish his sentence. It was something unimaginable considering how responsible Collet was and even Fifi was shocked.

“Uh, Collet… are you sure? The guild is… busy…”

Fifi tried to say it as gingerly admonish to Collet.

“But, everyone has worked so much without even taking a rest. It is only a day of vacation, I’m sure if you count all of the accumulated times we have sacrificed it will be more than only a day.”

Hearing Collet’s words Fifi was made as if she was the bad person and couldn’t say anything. Certainly when Yu was no longer staying in the Comer city, Collet didn’t slack off even a little bit while Fifi on the other hand lost a bit of her motivation along with some of the other receptionists. The adventurer’s guild can still operate without problems it was undeniable because of Collet’s hard work.

“Alright then, we will meet at the west gate tomorrow morning?”

“Yes, I’ll be there. I’ll come early and wait for Yu-san.”

With a red cheeks Collet said that she would wait for Yu and walking unsteadily leaves the room as if her mind was not there with her body.

Fifi on the other hand was clenching a handkerchief and shouting how enviable.


After her daily shift was finished, Collet was called by Mofisu. She knocked on the guild master’s room door lightly because she was afraid that Mofisu would scold her.

“Please enter.”

“Pardon my intrusion.”

Mofisu was sitting on the chair when Collet entered the room with an eerie smile on his face.

“Collet, when an adventurer entrusted their money to the guild to be deposited, Nikki told you that the receptionist that is handling the adventurer will get one percent of the total amount right?”

“Yes, I know it.”

Collet replied in relief. So she was called today because Yu has come and probably deposited some money to the guild. Considering that Yu is now a B rank adventurer, the amount he deposited must be quite considerable. The last time Yu deposited his money, Collet got a three hundred thousand Madoka. (TL note: around 3 or 30 gold? The author really messed up the monetary currency)

“Alright, today Yu deposited some money and this is your reward.”

Mofisu then put a cloth bag on top of the table. Collet took it and the bag was surprisingly heavy. Her balance was almost destroyed when she took it because it was too heavy.

“So, why don’t you check how much you received?”

“Eh? Here? Isn’t that rude?”

Mofisu then shook his head while giving a smile.

Collet then, without even a hint of suspicion, opened the bag and took a look in it. It was a lot of money. She even screamed and dropped the bag. From the fallen bag, some white gold were coming out and it was a lot, scattered around.

“Wha-wha-wha-what is this?”

“Of course, it’s your reward.”

Collet didn’t know what to say. She counted it all and it was around one hundred and all of it was white gold coin. With this much money, she can live leisurely for the rest of her life. It was even making her nervous carrying such amount of money.

“By the way Collet, are you interested in investment?”

“What is it master? Investment?”

“Yes, investment.”

Edda who was sleeping in the room next to the guild master room came and brought out a paper with a contract that was filled with terms and conditions.

“With that much money, even keeping it at home will make you paranoid. Why don’t you deposit it in the guild safety box and just taking the interest will probably be enough to accommodate for a decent standard of living.”

“Well, I think that is for the best. I couldn’t even tell this to mom, and consult with father, this much money is…”

Collet slowly cried as she said that and Mofisu with Edda can only look at her with a smile.


(TL note: we got screenshot of the illustration on the chat room, so if you want to see it, please come by going here

or click on the chat room on the sidebar.)


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