TDADP chapter 140

Chapter 140: Merchants from the Free Nation of Hameln
(edited by ganjz)

Free nation of Hameln. It was a weird country where there were no royal family or nobles. So, who lead this country? The answer is the merchants. Exactly, the national policy was determined by eight merchants. These eight merchants need to be the richest and have the most assets in the nation. Each person has a financial power of rivaling one small country.

To the public, the real identity of these individuals were not mentioned. However, the public knows them as the greedy ‘Eight seats of Zen’. The constitution priority was about making profits rather than public sentiment but there’s no denying that even in the whole continent Hameln was one of the countries that was most prospered.

One of the famous figures of Hameln eight seats of Zen was the granddaughter of Benjamin G. Chester. His granddaughter is the only women ever accepted in the order and became more famous, her name was Elizabeth G. Chester.

Elizabeth at first was a mere adventurer Guild receptionist. As time went by, many of the powerful adventurer that she handled deposited a lot of money to the adventurer’s guild. Soon she gathered her fortune and took parts in selling monsters’ materials. Without long, she became the first mistress the Hameln eight seats of Zen. There was also a rumor that actually she was a royal family from another country. There was even rumor that people were willing to sacrifice their own life for Elizabeth because she has a unique skill, 【Witch of Temptation】.
In fact, that might be true. Since the adventurers that deposited their money through Elizabeth wasn’t a small number. Elizabeth upon receiving the rewards immediately changed her job into merchant and quit the adventurer’s guild immediately. She set up a small shop but it was growing really quick. Of course, rising in wealth in a free nation of Hameln wasn’t strange. Using the full extent of her assets and personal connections, it wasn’t long before she became one of the members of ‘Hameln eight seats of Zen’. She reached it at the young age of thirty years old.

A knocking sound on the door can be heard.
It was a girl with a long blonde and wearing a silver-rimmed glasses coming in carrying some notes.
“Benjamin-san, is there any reason to investigate such a young boy? I think it’s just a waste of time…”
Coming from behind the girl was an old man, with exaggerated movements, he came as if he was teasing Benjamin. The only one who can act this way towards Benjamin all around the free nation of Hameln was definitely only this old man.

“So you also send Victor to investigate on this matter. Why you send Victor? That guy is useless. What can you know from him Benjamin-san?” (Old Man)

“Well, I shall decide about it with my own eyes.” (Benjamin)

“Hahahaha. That report made me laugh. Did it mention that Yu Sato battled a dragon? If that man can’t even find out about that event than he shall not even be considered as one of your right-hand men again Benjamin-san.” (Old Man)

“Rusty, so why don’t you tell me what you have to report?” (Benjamin)

The old man that was named Rusty was also Benjamin’s teacher and caretaker when he was still a child that is why he dared to talk like that towards Benjamin.
A flash of memory played when Benjamin was still a young child and called him grandfather, but now he has turned into an old man. He only looked at the street that was covered in ice with blank looks.


“Ah yes!”
Rusty dazed off just now should be enough to make Benjamin angry, and everyone know that all that makes Benjamin angry sometimes disappeared without a trace and it can’t be counted by fingers but he can’t really get angry at Rusty.

“Victor has done a good job investigating Yu Sato.” (Benjamin)
“Yes, but if it was only that much, anyone can do it.”

“So, tell me something about Yu Sato that Victor doesn’t know.”

“Do you know that Moberu kingdom’s third prince, merchants of Daelim empire, spies from the Republic of Na, all failed to gather any info about him. What’s more Victor, what can he know? It’s just wasting your gold trying to investigate further, even when he was facing a dragon, it wasn’t mentioned.”

“It seems that I am aware of that facts.”

“Hahaha, Benjamin-san even though this Rusty is old, I can see through some lies and trickery. Do you know that Yu Sato was protected by the Comer city adventurer’s guild and Earl Mussu? I have a hard time gathering this secret.”

Rusty then took out bundles of reports that he has summarized and presented it on top of Benjamin’s desk. Benjamin can’t even give him a praise as he was busy looking through the report.
The difference between Victor’s and Benjamin’s report was huge. Rusty reports include minute details and information about what Yu can do, it deserves to be praised.

“This is also mentioned a bit in Victor’s report. Is that true that he can use 【Specter Magic】?”

“Hahaha, did Victor really include that in his report? As for me, there is no doubt that he can do that, not only that, he can even use 【black magic】, 【white magic】, 【spirit magic】, and recently there is a report that he can even use 【dragon magic】.”
Rusty’s report even made Benjamin eyebrows moved. Normally Benjamin kept a calm façade and never show his emotions and of course Rusty was happy seeing his reaction.

“Benjamin-san, you shouldn’t be surprised yet. Yu Sato has some special relationship with Joseph of the heavenly spear. Although the authenticity wasn’t clear but there was a report that they have sparred with each other and in neck to neck.”

“Rusty, based on your report Yu Sato was definitely strong. If not, why the minister of finance, Ivory-san kept this matter as a secret. He doesn’t even want to trade any info regarding Yu Sato, now I know why.”

“Hahaha Benjamin-san, that’s right. Yu Sato was a rookie and many big factions don’t realize it yet. However, in a few more years, he will be a force to be reckoned. Even a few countries might come looking for him to take him in, and when that time comes, it will be too late. Although there is still some information that is uncertain about him, but you don’t even look down at a thirteen years old boy. You have a keen insight.”

“Alright then, let’s plan a visit or contact with Yu-san.”

“Then please pardon me, I will go to the adventurer’s guild to take care of it.”

After going out from the adventurer’s guild, Yu walked towards the slave merchant store. Previously when he came here, he wasn’t well accepted and didn’t get a good reception but this time, he was allowed to come into the main room, not the same one where he bought Marifa.

“Hohoho, perhaps you’re here to talk about the matter that we have discussed earlier?”

“Yes, are you prepared?”

“I only heard about it from Marifa, can you explain it again?”

“Yes, I’m thinking of opening a new store. If it was about the money, I will fully fund it.”

“I am well aware that Yu-san is not lacking in gold, however, increasing the amount of store isn’t only about the gold. Some supplies like clothing, livestock, furniture, it takes time and can even be years. Not to mention several hundred people that are involved in it, to plant seeds, to stitch the cloth, and even the tools for the work, even by asking some first class blacksmith, we just don’t have enough time.”

Many of the items that Yu asked the merchant was in great number, the amount can even sustain a small village to live on for a few months. Even if the slave dealer was one of the biggest merchants in the Comer city, he can’t fulfill all of Yu’s demand.

“So, how long will it take?”

“I am not sure. Probably a few months?”

“That’s too long, I can’t wait that long.”

Mago can’t even talk back. He really wanted to pay back Yu expectations and collect as many items that Yu needed. It was because Yu has done so many things for him. Like when the minister of Finance Ivory kept harassing him and made him bankrupt, Yu was one of the reasons his shop can slowly claim it’s power. Now, in each of the branch shops, it was always guarded twenty-four hours by undeads that were created by Yu’s 【Specter Magic】. Even a few days ago, someone from the minister of finance side tried to burn the shop in the middle of darkness and Yu’s undead successfully defended against them.

When the slave dealer learned about this from his subordinates about the sight of undead, they knew that it was Yu that was helping them. Because of that now he can only look at Yu in silent.

Namari on the other hand didn’t care about the boring talk and was busy eating sweets. Marifa stood expressionless behind Yu and Momo only took a peek and observed everything from behind Yu’s flight cap.

“Master, please don’t go in there!”
“Don’t worry, I’m an acquaintance of Mago-san.”
“But, it’s not a good time! Mago-san has left a message that he is currently busy!”

Hearing the noise from outside of the room, Mago eyes directed directly into the door that was vigorously opened.

“Yu-san, I am here to see you!”
“Yu-san, this person over here is?”
“My name is Victor, now can I talk to you?”
The man who has come apparently was Victor and went to approach Yu without even erasing his smile.

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