TDADP chapter 142

Chapter 142: Sunny, with a slight chance of a bloody rain.
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“♪ Picnic ♪ Fun ♪.” Collet’s mother and father can only saw her from afar while she was combing her hair.

She was even letting out a creep laugh showing that she was happy. This state has been continuing from yesterday after she returned from the adventurer guild. At first her parents were looking at her with dubious look but they soon understood that Collet was also a maiden with a suitable age. Finally, the spring has come to my daughter, they thought while hiding their toast.

“Mom, you don’t need to make lunch for me.”

“Oh, but it’s strange to see you in such a happy mood.”

“What are you saying? I’m always like this.”

Somehow her father seeing Collet, he wanted to ask something but her mother was faster by an inch.

“Just enjoy your day okay?”
She said that while pinching Collet’s cheeks before she went out of the house and when she went out she immediately ran towards the appointment place.

“Good morning Collet, did you wait long?”
“Collet nee-chan, good morning!”
Yu greeted Collet followed by Namari that was clinging to his back. Marifa gave a slight bow and Momo that was sitting on top of Yu’s head was looking at Collet while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“No, I just arrived here too.”
Collet then smiled as usual but today her smile was radiating a charm like a flower blooming. Her clothes were also well picked as if she was ready to go out.

“Is that so? Let us go pick Nina and the girls at the house first.”
Collet shyly replied while cheerfully walked next to Yu.

“Yu, I don’t have the time to say this so, welcome back!”
However, Yu showed a sullen expression as they were nearing the mansion gate. The reason was because of this.

“Oh, I heard that you’re going on a picnic.”
“This is good; it’s been a long time since I had one.”
There were people standing in front of Yu. It was Joseph and behind him, Moran, Ann and Memetto appeared.

“You, why are you here?”
Yu didn’t hide his enmity when saying that to Joseph but he just can’t read the mood. Memetto only came today because she was interested in Lena new equipment and she was going to stay around Lena. Moran on the other hand showed a blushing expression.

“I heard that you are having a picnic so we’re wondering if we can come along.”

“Yes, you girls can come.”

“Yosh!” (Joseph)
When he said that Yu eyes immediately planted on him. Namari who think of Joseph as an enemy sent a punch towards his thigh and Joseph endured it with a smile but without long there was an increasing dull pain that was spreading on his body. Namari then without long was chasing Joseph with the aim to punch him happily and even Joseph forgot the reason why he came.

“I’m also here to ask help about this.”
On Moran hand, it was a magic tool for blowing cold air that Yu left behind for them while they are still in the dungeon.
“We hope that we’re not disturbing you.”

Moran gazed after that was shifted to Memetto. It was a magic tool that Yu personally made and by feeding a small amount of magic it was possible for it to blow cool air for several hours. After getting used to it, Bell and Memetto were one of the ‘kimutsuki flower’ clan member that can be said to can’t live without this handy magic tool. Memetto tried to find out how the magic tool worked several times but she couldn’t figure it out and in return it made it break down.

“Oh, it was in such condition.”

“Sorry, Memetto was trying to fix it on her own.”

Yu then put away the magic tool in his item bag after receiving it from Moran. Moran seemed to want to say something but she only close and open her mouth without able to say anything.

“I’m going to have a picnic are you girls are interested to come?”
Moran as if has been waiting for Yu words smiled and immediately replied.

“that will be my pleasure. Ann, Memetto, what about you?”
Moran and Ann were also waiting for it too and they spoke.

“If it doesn’t bother you then I will come.”
“If Ann wants to come then it can’t be helped, I will also come together.”

Russ was left behind in the mansion to take guards and so Yu and the girls left towards a nearby mountain. On the way there were some goblins and orcs but these kind of monster can be easily killed by the black wolves that were led by the cloud panther while Coro was on the lookout around the party.

Momo and the fairies were playing around unrestrained and chasing each other while some fairies even sleep comfortably on Nina’s chest, crawling inside Lena’s hat, and even poke Marifa’s ear. Moran can only look at the fairies with eyes full of curiosity.

Not long, they arrived at the location. There were blossoming flower that has a sweet floral scent that tickled the nasal cavity.

“Odono-san are we going to have our picnic here?”
Yu nodded and at once the black wolves and the fairies made a scene.

“woof woof!”
“Hey, I’m going to take that honey!”
“This will be great if we can make some jam.”
“I don’t care, just bring out the liquor.”
The last request was coming from Joseph and Yu ignored it.

“Master is here, please try to be organized.”
Hearing Marifa words, the black wolves were lining up in a straight line as if they were frightened.

“Now, Namari can take this ball and play.”

Yu passed the ball to Namari and he immediately ran towards the flower garden after taking the ball.

“Come on, let’s play!” with Namari in the lead, the fairies already moving behind but the black wolves were still waiting for Marifa permission. After Marifa nodded silently then the black wolves at once all started to run.

“Yu-san is there anything that I can help?”

“thank you but you can just rest, it’s not a big deal.”

Yu used some earth element magic creating a simple table and oven and using a fire magic he prepared the stone oven. He spread a dough and put bacon, vegetables and more things on top as the topping and put it inside the stone oven before putting on cheese on top. Yu also took out some sticks that he asked Wood to make. He stabbed some meat and vegetables alternately to make a skewer. Collet can’t help with anything but admire at the level of finesse that Yu performed. Marifa in the meantime preparing the table and the plates while Moran and Ann come to help. Nina who was known to cause more harm than good was now just smiling while looking at Yu from the distance. Lena that doesn’t even showed any intention to help since the beginning just reading a book while taking a shelter in the shade. However, sometimes Lena was feeling insecure under Memetto’s gaze.

After half an hour, the preparation of the meal was finished more or less and some of the cuisines were aligned on the table.

“This drink is delicious!”

“Yeah it was delicious but you can’t get it from a store.”
“Ann, this drink, Yu made it on his own of course it is delicious.”

Joseph arrived with a pizza on hand, there was cheese that was sticking from the pizza and his hands. There was also barbecue meat that was seasoned with two different kinds of salt and Moran like the one with more taste but Ann on the other hand like the lightly seasoned one.

“Yu-san, this is delicious.”

Collet also ate the pizza and she repeatedly said that it was delicious every time she took a bite.
Namari also laughed at Momo that was having cheese sticking at her mouth and cheek. Marifa noticed that and wiped it with a handkerchief. Momo then glared at Namari, after that when Namari was drinking some milk honey, she lifted the glass so the milk was spilled.

“Yu-san, no matter what it was, it’s all delicious.”
“I want to say thank you for today.”
“Yes, thank you very much, I enjoyed it.”
That day, Yu and the girls enjoying their time until dusk arrive.
Houdon kingdom border

“Grandpa, soon we will arrive in the Houdon kingdom.”
“Yes, so where is the location of Goria?”
“It’s around here.”
The old dwarf then used his finger and pointed an area and confirmed it with Azerotte.

“Yes, that was the Comer city location, is he still there after failing to catch Yu Sato?”
Azerotte was sitting on top of the rock while dangling her feet because of bored.

“Grandpa, someone is here.”
“Is that so?”

The two of them then looked back and there was more than a thousand knights coming their way.

The man in front of the knights wore a flash armor and seemed to be the leader.

“Order of Immortal seventh sinners, 「Warhammer of Destruction」 Dhorme, and fifth sinners, 「Thunderclap Wind」 Azerotte. I have come to defeat you.”

“Oh, how did you recognize us?”
Towards the man bold declaration Dhorme replied calmly.
“I’m the Dano Kingdom Fourth Knights leader, Zavier Ozshum. You both are wanted criminals that have killed Oremor Earl and hundreds of officials. You must pay for your sin.”
“Who is Oremor? Do you remember him Thunderclap?”
“Grandpa! I told you that I don’t want to be called with that name. And, I don’t remember the names of the ones I killed.”
“Certainly, why do you even bother to remember someone that is no longer lives in the world?”
Dhorme words caused the knights to be burning in rage.
“How dare you? You’re only demi-humans, you’re even lower than us!”
“Now the Fourth Knights squad is here don’t think that you can run away anymore!”
The Knight leader Zavier gave out an order.

“No matter what, this time there is no escape for you. You can’t run away!”

“Running away? Do you think that we want to run away?”
With a move of Zavier hands, two hundred soldiers have come up forward and all were covered with heavy full plate armor. They set up a heavy shield in front of them and instantly they covered the two in a wall of steel.

“It seems like many other knight’s squad is boasting on their destructive power however the fourth, is relying on defense?”

“Do that after you have a taste of this.”

After receiving the order from their leader, the heavy infantry shouted in unison “Yes!”

Two hundred heavy infantry at the same time charges towards Dhorme and one can see the outcome.

“This… What happened?”
Zavier words can be heard by the remaining knights behind him. From where the assault was happening, it was covered by a cloud of dust. When the cloud of dust was cleared, Dhorme was standing there with the war hammer on her shoulder.

“It’s coming.” Azerotte said that while she opened up an umbrella along with a cute voice that doesn’t fit the tense atmosphere.

That day the sky was clear, cloudless, there was no sign of raining but suddenly it fell down. Rain began to descend and strangely there was no sign of the two hundred heavy infantry that was just charging forward. Finally, someone noticed that the color of the rain was bright red.

“What is this? Is this coming from the rain?”
Zavier spread out his hand and looked at his palm, from the rain, there was a piece of meat.

One of the knights screamed. Not long after more pieces of meat coming down, one of the soldier shoulders has gotten a lump of meat but there was some part of teeth and eyeballs there. Not long after fear spread towards the knights. Everyone knew what it means.

Dhorme defeated two hundred people in an instant and that two hundred heavy infantry knights corpses were smithereens so high that eventually it comes down like a rain.


At that time, the knights and Zavier already lost the will to fight. It brought such shame to the fourth knight squad but Dhorme was more disappointed at them.

“Is this all you got?”
“Grandpa, just make sure not to make my clothes dirty.”

“Alright, sorry about that.”

“Another thing, it stinks!”
In front of Dhorme and Azerotte, the fourth knight squad was dyed in red and couldn’t do anything only silently watch them leave.

“This is… massacre…”
“Zavier leader, what should we do?”
“There should be some country around here, sent a report to any of our Dano Kingdom allies. Take a few people to send the messages.”
“Understood, we will send our best man.”
“Also, there is a vassal state of our kingdom nearby that pay us a high amount of gold, that place can be one of the first that you visit. They probably will go to Houdon kingdom and when they enter it there is a chance that they will be lost from our tracking so notifies the Houdon kingdom and also ask them for a permission to enter.”
After that, some knights quickly disappeared while running away. Zavier can only clench his fist that was colored red.
“I promise; I will make those monsters pay!”

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