Chapter 150: Interrupted

(edited by BigYoshi and ganjz)


The black slimes covered Namari’s body and started to show their real power.

One of the slimes devoured the undead beast 「Boramburan」 that dominated the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon 40th floor. It doesn’t matter if it was undead or living, Boramburan always killed anything on sight as a ferocious beast. Many adventurers who explore 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon can only hope that they don’t encounter Boramburan while they’re aiming to reach the 41st floor.

The second slime had swallowed the 「Dark Mist」. It ruled the「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon 50th floor and no other monster dares to confront it. The living just simply by approaching will feel their spirit waver and crumble.

The third slime wields the power of the 「Corrupted Dark Mage」. It was an undead that dominated the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon lower parts and had a very powerful and advanced 【black magic】, not to mention its high physical resistance and magic resistance which prevented being wounded from normal attacks.

The fourth slime has the power of the 「Ancient Dragon, Vuguren」. It was a dragon that had dominated the 「Devil’s prison」 dungeon 49th floor. Its power and brutality are out of the question and even A rank monsters had to flee when they saw him coming.

Nana, to control the slimes had to use the power of the「Holy Beast, Waonran」that has fused with her black slime body. Under her command, the four other black slimes are transmitting their power to be used by Namari.

“Do you want to fight me?”

Namari is taken aback hearing Azerotte’s words. At the same time, Nana has successfully stabilized the black slimes’ power so Namari can use it without hindrance.

(Tl note: just some clarification so the black slime each has their own special power and Nana as the leader is taking control so the black slime will allow their power to be used by Namari and stabilizing their power too at the same time. As you can see in the previous chapter, Namari is so weak and the power he shows all this time comes from the black slime.)

“I think it’s better for you to cover your ears now.”

Azerotte says that while she used her hands to cover her ears. Not long after, a roaring sound came from behind and the impact even slammed Namari’s body. The cause of it was an explosion that is came from Yu and Dhorme clashing.

The steel dragon hammer that Yu held earlier had been shattered and even his right arm’s bones were broken because he can’t withstand the pressure and it’s sticking out piercing out from within his flesh and skin.

“So strong, no wonder you could defeat Goria.”

Dhorme on the other hand remained calm. Yu had struck using a higher rank 【Hammer technique】however Dhorme handled it with ease. Nevertheless, Dhrome spared no praise because it’s been a long time since someone could hold their own ground against him.

Yu’s wounded right arm started to recover because of the skill 【Rebirth】.

(Tl note: this skill is the one he got from the dragon rookie killer, zero.)

Dhorme on the other hand just watched the scene in silence without trying to attack.

“You have lots of useful skill but there’s no way you can win against me.” (Dhorme)

“Oh, but I don’t see any reason for me to lose.” (Yu)

Yu threw the steel dragon hammer that was now broken and unsheathed his black dragon sword. When he wields the sword, black flames spurted out and covered the jet-black sword entirely.

“Oh, what a stunning sword.”

While Dhorme was still fascinated by Yu sword, Yu activated 【Martial arts】skill, 《Silent Step》. At the same time, he also performed another 【Martial arts】skill, 《Quick Step》and shortened the distance between him and Dhorme and sealed Dhorme’s range of movement.

Dhrome was trying to disturb Yu’s tempo by slamming his scarlet dragon hammer on the ground, but Yu used 【Black magic】, 《Ice field》and shot it forward. From where Yu stood, ice started to form and in tens of meters radius it’s all now turned into ice ground. When Dhorme noticed that the ground had become frozen, he changed the trajectory of the scarlet dragon hammer from the ground towards Yu that was approaching to him.

Seeing the incoming scarlet dragon hammer attack, Yu forcefully changed his movement using 【Martial arts】skill, 《Hand arts》. Using the skill, he changed the way he held the sword from his right hand and reversed the grip.

The jet black sword that Wood had created using the black dragon material tore open Dhorme’s thousand-year turtle armor while scattering sparks.

“Not bad, you can leave a scratch on my armor.”

The thousand-year turtle armor was torn open by the sword but the next instance it was repaired automatically with the skill that comes with the armor. Even so, Dhorme wasn’t injured in the slightest.

“I wonder how you can be so strong?”

Having faced Yu in a bout, Dhorme could see that Yu was almost a veteran fighter that has been involved in many fights. From battle adaptability, offense and defense, combining 【Martial arts】 and 【Black magic】, if he can put it in words, there’s no mistake that Yu was strong.

In fact, Dhorme had been able to stop him but he isn’t able to retaliate and attack Yu back.

However, it wasn’t like Dhorme was in a rush to attack him. Yu on the other hand felt a sense of discomfort when he was able to attack Dhorme. Despite the fact the sword was able to pierce through and tore open Dhrome’s thousand-year turtle armor, there was something even harder protecting Dhorme and it couldn’t be pierced by his sword.

Dhorme was unhurt, and he was trying to recall the feeling it was something hard.

“Is that… some kind of ability?”

Around Dhorme, lots of sand could be seen gathered, in fact it wasn’t a normal sand, it was Damascus powder, and it wasn’t just that. Mithril, black steel, adamantium, orichalcum, amd even precious mineral like gold was moving around him. All of that mineral powder was protecting Dhorme’s body and that was the origin of the hard protective layer that Yu couldn’t pierce. Dhorme was always carrying large amounts of mineral in his item bag and Yu knew the second armor that he come upon contact was a mixture of adamantium and gold and formed another layer of defense under the thousand-year turtle armor.

Some of the minerals gathered on the tip of the scarlet dragon hammer and the original large hammer became even more huge. It weighed more than several hundred kg now and it was pouncing at Yu with a speed that was unimaginable to come from its weight.

“Haha, grandpa is so excited.”

Facing Azerotte, Namari was confused because the girl didn’t attack him at all. He was ordered to hold the girl back and since the girl wasn’t even moving Namari was confused at whether he should launch an attack or not.


“Oh, please wait a minute.”

Namari at this point was led by the nose by Azerotte. At this moment she put her hands towards her ear and there was a glimpse of glittering spheres coming towards her ear. The identity of the glowing spheres were the spirit of the wind and Azerotte spoke to herself for some time.

“Oh, is that so? Hmm.”

Each word that came out from her mouth seemed to be exaggerated but it seems she was listening to something and it made Namari frustrated and agitated.

“Oh, so the mission is over, people are coming here. But if you look over there, it isn’t a problem.”

Azerotte once again ignored Namari and looked at Yu and Dhorme who were engaged in a battle.


Dhorme unleashed third rank【hammer technique】, 《whirlwind》. It was a rank 3 skill and by utilizing the rotation Dhorme created a huge tornado and even the wind emitted was enough to be considered an attack that was coming towards Yu.

Yu on the other hand cut the incoming wind tornado using his sword. The tornado was divided into two clean cut and the two tornados brush past Yu. The remains of the tornado landed behind him and the power caused the earth to have two giant craters and the terrain instantly changed completely.


Yu stepped forward imposing with his sword.

“It’s too slow.”

Yu’s sword once again was covered in black flames that covered the blade completely and it even created a secondary sword of flame that moved towards Dhorme, wanting to behead him.

Dhorme raised his left arm and the mineral sand became a wall and the sword of flame was stopped by the wall.

However, the original sword broke the wall and continued to attack Dhorme. Using the scarlet dragon hammer, Dhorme blocked the attack but at this moment, his feet were buried in the ground up to his ankle and his face distorted.

“This is unexpected! The power of the attack is stronger than before.”

At this moment Dhorme’s face was showing some seriousness. He put his left arm towards his item bag and not long after a purple shining hammer came out. The name of the hammer is Violet dragon hammer. This is Dhorme’s original battle mode with utilizing two hammers.

“It’s been a long time since I was forced to use two hammers. You should be proud. Haha.”


Dhrome was excited but hearing Azerotte calling out to him, he was upset.

“Azerotte, what do you want to say? You absolutely aren’t allowed to interfere.”

“I just want to say that Demomi-chan sent a message.”

“Demomi-chan? Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”

“Boo, grandpa you’re the one who doesn’t want to listen. So, look closer at his hair and his eye color, what is the color?”

“well, isn’t it late to ask about the color after all of this… the hair is black, the eye color is brown, the skin color is… eh wait, the pupil is brown?”

Finally, Dhorme noticed what Azerotte was trying to say and what the content of the message is.

“From our records, his eye color should be black. What is happening here?”

Dhorme at that instance leaped backward and took some distance from Yu. It was as if he was doing it by instinct.

“So, did anyone spill the secret?”

Hearing Yu say those words, Namari hugged his own body and trembled. It was scary. There was a vibe that something was off emitted by Yu. Within his hand, there were two spheres.

“It doesn’t matter who told you. I will find out about it after I kill you.” (Yu)

“What’s that sphere… no way!” (Dhorme)

“Grandpa, that’s magic ball!” (Azerotte)

“What? Magic ball? How can there be something that huge!” (Dhorme)

Dhorme’s shock was reasonable. After all the quality of the magic ball that was in Yu hand was unimaginable. Usually a monster can only produce a magic ball the size of a marble, however at the moment the size of the magic ball in Yu’s hands was about the same size as a bowling ball.

(Tl note: I’m also wondering why the author didn’t use monster core and instead use magic ball lol)

“This is dangerous.”

Dhorme had been through countless life and death situation and he had an abundance of experience. He knows when to retreat or he already would have met his death long time ago. At this point he can smell a thick stench of death wrapped around his body and he sent a signal to Azerotte on his side.

“Grandpa, that child has erected a 【Barrier】 around us and the power is strong. It seems that it won’t let us escape. Even I’m not confident in creating such a powerful 【Barrier】.” (Azerotte)

This is the first time Dhorme heard Azerotte’s praise other in such a way. What’s more surprising was the power of the 【Barrier】 isn’t comparable to Azerotte’s.

Retreat. That’s the thing that was in Dhorme’s mind. He doesn’t really care if it was considered a loss if he fled from the enemy because life was more important.

At this moment, behind Yu, the space seemed to be cracking. 【Summoning Magic】, however it was different from normal ones and Dhorme has no way to know what Yu was trying to summon. That’s the big question. What was he trying to summon?  The trace of magic that was seeping out from the space crack even made Dhorme worried. The girl who stood next to him, Azerotte, should he ask for her help in the battle? Although his pride didn’t allow it at first but winning was more important.

The crack in the space was growing larger but at that moment one could hear the sound of something being chewed from another direction.

Everyone directs their line of sight to the source of the chewing sound. At the other part of the 【Barrier】 that Yu erected, it had been covered in a black mass. The black mass seemed to have some eyes and wriggling as if it was a living bug in grotesque shape.

The black mass devoured the 【Barrier】and not long after a hole big enough for a person to come through was created. From that hole, an old man wearing a robe came out.

He was not young anymore and with a cane wobbly walking inside.

“kekekekeke, a dwarf is having trouble defeating a young brat who is erecting this nasty 【Barrier】. You, young girl, oh you’re an elf; are you with the dwarf? I wonder what the relationship between the three of you is.”

“Who is this Old man?”

“What do you say? You don’t know who I am? I’m Jacob the 「Poison Master」.”

The name and title he gave out was simple and hold a clear meaning.

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