Chapter 149: Cheap Tricks

(edited by BigYoshi and ganjz)



Ominous black haze appeared in the empty space and it surged out from Yu’s hand. If one tried to move through the black haze, they will feel nauseous and won’t be able to move forward; more importantly, there’s no way to stop the haze.



The haze in reality contains all kinds of dark emotion. Jealousy, hatred, envy to the living, it was like a flock of undead that was full of negativity and pounced on Dhorme. In fact, a horde of undead appeared and was moving towards him.


“What is that?”


Dhorme couldn’t hide his surprise which was rarely shown. It suddenly appeared in front of the boy and the demi human child. It was approaching him and also, at that time, the boy emitted a bloodthirst that doesn’t lose to a warrior that has swept past many life and death battles. Only when Dhorme realized that the boy’s hair was colored black, he realized the boy is casting seventh rank 【black magic】, 「Hungry Demon」.


Dhorme’s mind was ringing as it was a powerful spell. Furthermore, the power was increased as they are inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon that can be called the boundaries where the living and the dead are separated and the dead dominated the area.




“It was a decent attack but it is regrettable it won’t reach me.”

Dhrome pounded his scarlet dragon hammer to the ground and once again a wave of soil surged out.



Dhorme struck the ground using his scarlet dragon hammer and then there was another tremor in the ground and the ground started to rise up and make a wall. It was a rank 5【hammer technique】, 《Earth Splitter》. Even though it was only a rank 5 offensive【hammer technique】 it was able to use the effect to create a wall that can shield one’s body.


While he was utilizing that move, Dhorme also created a ten meter tall and thirty meters wide wall with one meter of thickness. Furthermore, Dhorme’s 4th job, 「Mineral Master」is able to enhance and manipulate the minerals that are mixed to the wall. The robust wall that was now erected in front of him is comparable to a castle wall.



Thousands of undead collided one after another with the wall. It was a battle of which side could hold out the longest.


“Hmm… I wonder if you’re able to penetrate my defense. What?”


Not long after the two sides met, cracks ran along the surface of the wall. Some holes started to appear and the cracking face of undead that were hungry for the flesh of the living could be seen along with their curious eyes peeking from the hole. Soon, a hole big enough for the undead to pass through was created and they tried to attack Dhorme. Others also ignored Dhorme and started to head towards Azerotte that was standing behind Dhorme.



“Easy there.”


Despite thousands of undead approaching, Azerotte still looked calm and easygoing. She tilted her neck and put her index finger on her lips looking very lovely alongside with her frilly umbrella. Azerotte was still smiling even when one of the undead was already prepared to launch an attack. When the undead came to attack, immediately as if it was struck by a thunder it disintegrated.  In fact, the undead hit Azerotte’s 【Barrier】 and was crushed into smithereens under the skill’s pressure.


“Namari, can you handle this? Nana, I will allow you to use four bodies.”

(Tl note: body as in the number of slimes)


“Odono-san, I can do it on my own!” (Namari)


“Master, I will comply.” (Nana)


“Nana, sorry to trouble you.” (Yu)


“I think that the power of each body only needs to be utilized at twenty percent.” (Nana)


“If you say so.” (Namari)



After that, the black slime started to wrap Namari’s body. The black slime that Namari equipped had devoured many high level monster that Yu defeated. 「Giants」, 「Dragons」, 「Deities」, in the end, it absorbed all of their power and gained an ability to be able to utilize the strength of the prey that it devours. In the end, Namari was utilizing the power of the accumulated strength of the black slimes.


In fact, when Russ first met Yu, Namari entered rage mode and attacked Russ. If it wasn’t for Yu who restrained the power of the black slime, it was possible for Russ to meet his end. Although the power was unmatched, Namari was still immature to unleash the black slimes’ true capability. Moreover, each slime has a thought of their own. Even one of the black slime has enough power to destroy a small country.


Based on Russ’ knowledge Yu modified the black slimes. Which created a leader of the black slimes to take the chain of command and control. Fortunately, there was such a talented spy individual that was caught by Yu and became the victim.

(Tl note: I guess this is the spy Nana which was converted into the black slime Nana. The process wasn’t explained how though)


“Black hair… so you’re Yu Sato.” (Dhorme)


“Oh, you recognize me old man. “(Yu)


“Let me see if you can still talk like that when I kill you.” (Dhrome)


“You want to kill me?” (Yu)


Dhrome laughed when he hears that and spoke. “Oh, you didn’t expect us to come looking for you just to have a chat-.”


Without waiting for Dhorme to finish speaking, Yu already pounced forward and the steel dragon hammer that formerly belonged to Goria was now used by Yu and was aimed at Dhorme’s head.

Dhorme intercepted the attack without panic and sparks were created when the scarlet dragon hammer and the steel dragon hammer clashed.


“Why don’t you wait until I finish speaking first?”

Dhorme casually stopped Yu’s attack while his left hand was stroking his beard. Although Yu wanted to follow up with another attack, his right hand had a feeling of numbness. It seems like Dhorme’s offense and defense was more than Yu expected but the numbness was still unexpected.


“Such strength, no wonder you’re able to use Goria’s hammer.”

Dhorme wanted to follow up with an attack but at this time, Yu already regained his arms and was a step faster than Dhrome. Yu jumped up high in the sky and rotated his body as he attacks. The technique that Yu unleashed was 《Earth shaker》. Dhorme only let out a small oh and replied with his own hammer skill 《Hammer of Destruction》. Although Yu used a rank 7 【Hammer technique】, Dhorme faced it with only a rank 5 skill. However, at that time, no one knows which one will have the upper hand and win the clash.


“Are you okay? Don’t you need to help over there?” (Azerotte)


“My duty is to keep watch over you!” (Namari)


“Is that so? But I don’t think that boy can win against grandpa and he will die.” (Azerotte)


“Odono-san won’t lose!” (Namari)


Azerotte was sending provocations, trying distract Namari’s concentration and it seemed to be working. At that time, the black slimes started to come out from Namari’s back. One slime, two slimes, in the end, four slimes came out.


“Namari, calm down a little. I will control the power.” (Nana)


“I’m curious. How are you going to fight me with your level ‘1’?” (Azerotte)


Azerotte used 【Analysis】 to check up on Namari and she was confused when she found out that his level was only 1. Without passive skills and active skills. Namari was weak however Azerotte’s smile disappeared when she looked at his unique skill. 【Demon Killer】, and 【7 Lives】. The 【Demon Killer】granted 10% damage up against demon type enemy and the 【7 lives】 allowed him to be resurrected seven times per day.


“You are so weak but your skills are interesting, I wonder how you-“

However, Azerotte’s words stopped before she completed it. The black slimes at this time already started to wrap Namari body and was covered in black.


“Namari, remember don’t lose your calm to control the power.” (Namari)


“I won’t! Because I need to defeat Odono-san’s enemy.” (Nana)

Those words were enough to assure Nana and at that time Nana used her power in controlling the black slimes and one by one the four slimes let out their true capabilities. At that time, the four slimes still showed some resistance because Yu was the one that caught them in the first place, but then Namari with his mentality took control of the slimes perfectly.


Azerotte that had been watching from the start now was trying to analyze his status again.

“Oh, did you just get stronger?”

Azerotte closed her umbrella and put it into her item bag before she jumped down from the rock with a pyon sound.





Status Window
Name: Namari Race: Immortal
Rank: 1 LVL: 1
HP: 9 MP: 6
Strength: 8 Agility: 10
Vitality: Intelligence: 6
Magic: 9 Luck: 1
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level:
Demon Killer
7 Lives
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Armour Flight Cap 5 Holy Resistance Up
Armour Dragon Outfit 3 Magic Resistance Up, Self-Healing, All Resistances Up
Armour Holy Beast Leather Shoes 3 Holy Resistance Up

(Zhaernon:Tables Added)


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  1. Namari, remember don’t lose your calm to control the power.” (Namari)

    “I won’t! Because I need to defeat Odono-san’s enemy.” (Nana)
    I think the one who say odono is namari and the one who told namari to calm down is nana

  2. there’s too much plot holes! this author didn’t explained anything at all..suddenly we have OP Yu, Namari, Hisan, Russ, slime,nana,etc

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