Tdadp Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Children of the Demi-human

(Edited by ganjz)

At 「Enrio of Kusakai」 56th floor, there are 「Red Knight Skeleton」 , 「Black Knight Skeleton」 , 「Skeleton Lizardmen」 and many other monster which were dominated by the undead skeleton but one of them look more imposing than the others. Carrying two silver spear, it handled it like a skilled warrior. Its whole body was covered with armor that barely show the contents of the skeleton. It was a rank 6 monster 「Bronze Knight Skeleton」. It was launching an attack using the spear at a tremendous speed perfectly. The attack of the bronze knight skeleton was unreadable and it kept piercing the spear one after another without feeling tired at all. As an undead with infinite stamina, the attack will last forever.


Yu muttered the word as he countered and pierced the bronze knight skeleton with an attack using the wyvern spear that he was holding on his right hand. He executed a 【Spear Technique】, 《Spiral thrust》. The rotation caused from the skill enhanced the extraordinary power of the wyvern spear and easily pierced the helm of the bronze knight skeleton. Without making any other sound, one by one the skeleton knights collapsed and in total, eight of them has been defeated.

While facing the skeleton knight, Yu defeated them by sending and pulled out their magic ball (monster core) with a single blow. It was because the undead feel no pain and only high level of 【Purification magic】 or 【Sacred magic】 or another high firepower spell that could break the body. That was why Yu was trying to gouge out the ball in a straightforward manner.

Momo that was flying around the skeleton, flew straight into the bronze knight skeleton and caught the rank 6 magic ball. After that, she was flying towards Yu, unstable because her hands were full of magic ball.

Momo put the magic ball on Yu’s palm and then jumped to his head and sat down.

“Momo, thank you…”

Yu gave her a small piece of magic ball that Momo just given to him. It was also the cause that was making Momo to be able to rank up sharply in a short period of time. Yu previously tested this method on Kuro. Right now, he kept on using this method to feed Momo some pieces of the magic ball that they got from the monster inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. Although it was only small pieces or portion of the monster magic ball, however the rank of the monster that lived inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon was at least rank 5 to 6 and it could reach up to rank 7 at the bottom layer only. From the start, Momo was only rank 3 but because she has been continuously eating, her rank has grown into rank 6 at the moment.

Momo thanked Yu when she received that and rested on top of Yu’s head. She has the privilege to rest on top of his head every night but it wasn’t allowed at day. Because at day Yu’s movement will be too fast and she will be thrown away from Yu’s flight cap.

Shiro was also present and it didn’t let any monster to come ambushed Yu. Shiro was originally a 「carrion caterpillar」 . It was dying because it has been neglected by its parent. The reason was because it was a mutation that caused it’s skin to be white. Yu picked him up at the 48F that was called the ‘rotting swamp’ area. When Yu picked Shiro on a whim, his size was only slightly bigger than Momo, only around 1 meter. However right now, Shiro has grown exceeding 20 meters. Normally a carrion caterpillar size is around 8-10 meters, Shiro size was already outside the standard and didn’t show any sign of stopping its growth. Shiro’s food are the remnants of the battle and there is its favorite things to do, was playing with Yu using its tentacles.

Yu on the other hand was gathering pieces of the magic ball to make a perfect magic ball for 【alchemy】 but he heard a cute “Kuu” sound coming from the top of his head. Momo blushed while sinking from embarrassment into the flight cap. She might have eaten a small pieces of magic ball but it wasn’t enough to fill her belly.

“We will have lunch soon.”
Momo heard that while peeking slightly from the inside of the flying cap and joyfully flying around afterwards.

“Shiro, meal time.”

Yu seemed to be talking to himself but the earth near him quickly tremors, split in half and Shiro jumped out from inside. Shiro meal was monster corpses and rotten plants. Yu took out 「Rhinoceros zombie」 corpses from his item pouch. Since it wasn’t possible to truly contained the whole body of rhinoceros zombie in one item bag, he needed to put it inside four different item bag.

Shiro that came out without shyness, went near Yu and start to eat, Momo was already waiting nearby too.
“Momo, you can eat too.”

Momo received a piece of bread and the ruby strawberry jam from Yu with a happy face. Shiro also swallowed the lump of the meat with exciting sound of chewing and swallowing the bone and meat.

After eating, Shiro was trying to play with Yu by stretching his tentacles but Momo quickly noticed that and tried to stop it. However Shiro was thinking that Momo wanted to play and in the end Momo was the one caught in Shiro’s tentacle. While watching at such scene nonchalantly, Yu ate his share of meal, bread and warm stew.

At that moment, Yu realized there was someone behind a rock on the other side. Shiro was also sensitive to sound but at that moment it was busy playing and ignored the situation completely. Momo on the other hand didn’t seemed to noticed it too.

“You there, is there something you want from me?”

from behind the rock, someone came out while shaking its body. It was a figure around 115-120 cm tall and there was a bat like wings growing on its back.

“Wait, are you a 「demi-human」?”

The boy that is from the demi-human race was standing with a trembling legs when he heard that. The demi-human race and the magic race were people that are mixed from pure race and called half race. When the demi-human boy appear, Momo happily flying around and from behind the rock more children came out from many demi-human races.

Momo despite that this was their first meeting, she isn’t shy at all. After entering the dungeon, Momo has became mentally and physically stronger.

“Wow! You, that boy over there. Can you ask her to stop?”

“Are you guys afraid of Momo?”

“I am not afraid. We’re not afraid because we are demi-humans. Are you an adventurer?”

“I wonder, why are you asking if I am an adventurer?”

“Because mother was saying to get closer to adventurer.”

“Well if that’s the case then you can come closer.”

the demi-human children were approaching when they heard Yu words and they were now staring at the bread and the stew in the pot.

“are you guys hungry?”

Yu then scooped out some stew and served it to the group of demi-human children with some bread. The demi-human children received it with a smile and look of surprise with a big growling sound coming from their belly.

“Is it good?”

“I don’t know if this is good but just eat to fill the belly.”

When the demi-human children heard that, they devoured the bread and stew in a flash. Some were choking for eating it too fast and have to get some water from Yu. Momo looked at their figure and was acting like a big sister however the mess from the ruby strawberry jam earlier is contrasting.

After some time, the children of the demi-human were having their belly swelled and they have eated until their limit.

“It was delicious. It is the first time I ate such delicious things until full.”

“Alright, you can go back if you’re satisfied.”

“Let’s become friends.”


“Because I came to like you. We also liked the fairy and the big caterpillar there. I want to be friends.”

“I hate it.”
hearing that unexpected reply from Yu, the children of the demi-human wore sad faces. However one of the child came forward and hugged Yu while whining.
“Why? Why? Why?”

Momo tried to pull the hair of the demi-human child but to no avail it stubbornly doesn’t want to get away.

“get away from me. I hate weaklings.”
when the child heard that, he immediately pulled away his hand and set Yu free. However not long after he sent a leer at Yu. The other children were also making the same face, even Momo did the same.

“Let me tell you that I am not only saying this to you.”

“No way! Are you telling me that you’re strong? You are to early to say that, just wait after 50 years after and I will be strong like Baba. And I will be the strongest adult around. So how about we be friends and I’ll tell you my secret place?”

the demi-human children putting away the dishes and without even waiting for Yu’s reply. Yu was forcibly put away the dishes into the item pouch and pulled by the hand.

“Hey, how can you drag me away?”

“Just wait, we’re almost there.”

“You, what is your name?”

“Name? I don’t have one. Not all of us can reach adulthood anyway so we will get one when we turn into adult. Anyway, we are going to arrive to the secret base.”

at that time Yu also checked the demi-human children status using his eye skill and it was indeed there was no name given to the demi-human children. After that he kept on being pulled by the group of the demi-human children that were full of energy since the beginning.

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  1. I am gonna assume something was lost in translation. Art on cover III showing dryad and fairies.. the fairy with pink hair look about 6-8 inches if foreshortened view (otherwise she is size of a barbie doll)…which is still hella big for under a hat but would be close to .2 meter?And Momo was “smallest fairy” back ch 80-smth. The Garden was level 12f which was monsters of mixed grade mostly 3 wasnt it? the Elder Treant Boss was a 5? Sharon was a strong guy with fairy hut preps. Still seems the poor guy is happier with his monster slug and the fairy than he has been nearly his whole life to date. Lena can stay gone. Even Nina can. He can just live in a dungeon of demihumans and guardian undead things he crushed an read books, plant flowers, take baths. That seems a happy ending for this guy. The immortals would have been great for him to hang with had they not already been trying to kill him.

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