TDADP chapter 134

Chapter 134:do whatever you want
(edited by ganjz)
Yu has been fighting with monsters every day, when he was angry, the emotion was scary.

“Joseph, do you remember what you promised me?”
There was a hint of anger on his words that was directed at Joseph.

Marifa who can hears that has her ears dropping, Coro was trying to hide his face down. Joseph at that time was in distant position and can’t hear what Yu was saying but based on his mouth movement, he was somehow able to tell what was Yu saying.

“What? I did fulfil my promise! I defended and escort Nina regardless of day and night!”
After saying that Joseph was trying to hide behind Mussu while rushing. He didn’t realize that he was much bigger than Mussu and his body was protruding from behind Mussu.

“uuuh… master please calm down… Nina-dono is alright… there’s no one hurt… please calm down… your anger…”
Kuro was somehow mentally connected to Yu because he was his summon and feel YU anger directly. Kuro who usually is lacking emotion was now frightened.

“Lalit, do you know what Yu was saying to me?”
“Why are you asking me? I’m crying now… Nina-chan.”
Joseph heard Kuro and wanted to ask Lalit however he was crying.

“Ha, such a crybaby. Why is he crying?”
“He sure is a crybaby.”
Someone is mocking Lalit and at that time, Lalit can feel that someone was watching him. He looked at Yu and indeed Yu was looking at his direction. At this moment, Yu also focusing on his hearing, Yu can hear what was the ‘crimson meteor’ clan saying.

“Why is that woman crying so much?”
“Probably because that brat Yu has come back.”
“Don’t speak like that, do you see Tarim was beaten in a blow.”
“I don’t care; I believe that I can defeat that brat.”
“I don’t know what is happening but I feel good seeing that woman crying.”
“Nina-chan, it’s alright.”
Although some people were caring for Nina but it was only for some people. Yu didn’t care too much about it and concentrate on when the ‘crimson meteor’ clan has mentioned.

“These ‘crimson meteor’ clan dare to harass the girls?”

Yu anger suddenly turned into thirst for blood. Even Momo that has been sleeping all along inside the flight hat can’t help but look outside to see where the thirst for blood coming from.

“Courting death!”

Russ who was usually calm standing at Yu side even trembled and fluttered. From Yu, there was an invisible threads of magic that stretches to Lalit and the others. Around them a 【barrier】 was erected. Everyone can see that one by one, they were protected by a 【barrier】.

“Wait a minute. What is this? Is this a 【barrier】 but it was so thin?” (Mussu)
“don’t worry, this one is a good one.” (Nungu)
“Even though it was good, but what’s for?” (Mussu)
“We can only wait.” (Nungu)
For some reason, Joseph wasn’t included in the 【barrier】. Soon some noises can be heard.
“What is happening?”
“Deriddo-san, what is happening?”
“There is a 【barrier】 formed, it almost invisible but it was actually a powerful 【barrier】. And it was expanded to everyone.”
“Towards everyone? What is the purpose?”
“It will be nice if we know it. Anyway Deriddo san, what should we do with Tarim? He is obviously has been considered as an enemy.”
“How can we abandoned him?”
Deriddo asked the members to be silence because he was trying to see if Yu was talking to him.
He didn’t catch the words clearly because of the noise but at the end, he heard what Yu is saying although it was only one word.
At the same time after Yu finished saying that there was a blue flame floating in the sky. It has a diameter of thirty meters and it was as if it comes swirling down from the heaven.

“That is an attack?”
Deriddo quickly casted Seventh rank 【Spirit magic】, 《world tree》. The spell that has been deployed in an instant due to 【no chant】 takes the huge blue ball of swirling flame heads on.

“As expected of Deriddo-san.”
“It was obvious, nothing can get past Deriddo-san 《world tree》.”
However as the ‘crimson meteor’ clan member still praising Deriddo, the blue flame slowly consumed the tree boundaries protection. It kept on regenerating but slowly but sure the trees and branches were burned and crushed, pushed by the blue flame’s pressure.

Deriddo can only pour more mana on the spell and support it using all of his power as the cost.

“Oh no, Deriddo 《world tree》 field was slowly consumed… what is this…”
“It disappeared?”
Deriddo 《world tree》 has finished its role and disappeared.

“What a power? It even on par with 《world tree》.”

“Let’s see how you prevented this one?” (Yu)
That sentence was enhanced by magic and it was shot so Deriddo can hear it. However, Deriddo’s pride has been broken when Yu spell was able to be on par with his 《world tree》.

“This time… we’re going to die…”
The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members said that as they looked up to the sky in astonishment expression. Deriddo barely prevented the blue flame with his 《world tree》, right now he is dumbfounded seeing five blue flame at the same size as the previous one.

“What do we do now? This is a joke right? He unleashed 5 of them. Such powerful magic.”
“We need to run away. That’s our best shot.”
“It can also be a bluff, I mean how can he casted such powerful magic this fast.”
All the members wanted to believe it was a bluff but the shape, the swirl of the fire was exactly the same. One look and Deriddo knew that it wasn’t a bluff.
“Master, is this alright?” (Russ)
“What do you mean?” (Yu)
“I mean in order for them to taste the despair and fear why don’t you cast an even more stronger magic?” (Russ)

Yu agreed towards Russ proposal and suddenly the five giant blue flame in the sky disappeared. Deriddo was surprised but Yu suddenly cast another spell.
“ Crush, turns my enemy to dust.” (Yu)
“Kukuku-kuhahahaha, master is using fifth rank 【dragon magic】, 《dragon wind blade》, even giants turn to dust without even any remnants behind.”
Russ was intoxicated because of the strength that Yu displayed or because his suggestion was accepted. But he was on purpose speaking loudly so the ‘crimson meteor’ clan can hear it.
In front of Yu, there was an illusion of dragon claws that was rampaging on the ground one after another.
“the power to trample all, rampaging-”
Even Deriddo has prepared for his death but Yu suddenly stopped chanting.
“Eh, master, why?”
“Nina, you need to stop crying.”
Nina was hugging Yu and had been crying nonstop. Even when Yu asked it, she didn’t stop crying. Finally Yu was holding Nina’s hand and walked towards Lena and Marifa. Lena and Marifa noticed that Yu was coming towards them and started to run and compete trying to see who’s first.

On their back is Kuro, Coro, and orchid.

“I’m back.”
“We’ve been waiting.”
“…you’re late.”
Lena jumped and latched herself on Yu’s back. Marifa shyly approaches while her ears moved and fluttered. Coro was rubbing his face on Yu foot. Orchid was interested on him and use his tail to touch Yu’s foot.

“master, what about the execution of the small fries?”
“I don’t care. Since Nina still didn’t stop crying.Just don’t scare them. That includes you Russ.”
“Goddbye then…”
The ‘Crimson clan’ meteor clan was scared but yet suddenly when they were already prepared to run for their lives, they dodged death. Some even fell and collapsed due to relief.

“What is it?”
The only one that responded to Deriddo call was Marifa.

“I am… no… the ‘crimson meteor…”
“Oh, since my master is a good person, you don’t have to disband it.”
After that, Marifa in a quick pace tried to catch up to Yu that was already moving away earlier.

Standing there, was a dark elf which his self-esteem has been crushed to shreds and nothing remained. His clan used to be the largest and the strongest one in Comer. Mussu, Joseph, and Lalit were no approaching the ‘crimson meteor’clan.

“Didn’t I tell you that it’s going to be bad?”
“Mussu Earl, th at brat… just what do I need to do…the crimson meteor clan is in terrible condition.”
While saying that, Deriddo dropped to the ground. Jozu at this moment even sympathize with him. The ‘crimson meteor’ clan members also didn’t hide their disappointment. After all this was something that can be called a crushing defeat.

“You… I need to go, my stomach hurts.”
“Uh, don’t mind me, I’m just a passing adventurer.”
“Um, I’m a fan of Nina!”
Here and there, many members of the ‘crimson meteor’ clan tried to flee.
“What’s that over there?”
“I need to go, got something to do.”
“You know; as an adventurer I really admire Yu.”
“What is this? Are you betraying us?”
Those who try to flee were caught by Joseph immediately.
“Where are you going? We’re here to talk, we don’t want to do anything else. I believe all this time you have been harassing Nina. Now Yu have returned, if you dare to do it again, I will kill you.”
“Yes, we won’t do anything.”
“Jozu, do you have anything to add?”
“No, just…”
“Trying to run?”
At that moment five people were trying to run away but Joseph using his sword easily blown them away and it soon become a pandemonium.
“There, trying to run?”
“Wait, forgive us.”
“Do you think I will believe you now?”

“Master, it seems that we forgotten something.”
Russ suddenly asked and stopping Yu.
“Eh, is that true? But we can’t forget something important can’t we? Well, let’s just think about it later.”
Nina who has been crying all the time was now sleeping within Yu arms. On his back, Lena was hanging there. She was hugging Yu tightly as she is enjoying sniffing Yu’s smell. Marifa can only look at Nina and Lena with envy but didn’t say anything else as she was only glancing sideways.

“Odono-san, idiot!!”
Namari was sitting on top of Shiro. They were trying to move by only following the footsteps that was perceived by Shiro.


Status Window
Name: Yu Sato Race Human
Job: Magic Swordsman, Enchanter LVL: 56
HP: 3149 MP: 4332
Strength: 653 Agility: 579
Vitality: 672 Intelligence: 688
Magic: 711 Luck: 1
Passive Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Swordsmanship 8 Axe Mastery 7(↑1)
Dagger Mastery 4 Spear Mastery 5
Strong Body 7 Spear Technique 7
Hammer Mastery 8 Shield Mastery 7
Throwing 7(↑1) Brute Arm 5(↑1)
Physical Ability Up 8(↑1) Agility Up 7
Awareness 7 Leadership 7(↑1)
Intimidation 6(↑1) Night Eyes 6(↑1)
Fire Resistance 4 HP Recovery Rate Up 6
MP Recovery Rate Up 5 Darkness Resistance 2
Search Trap 6(↑1) Silent Step 3
Abnormal State Resistance 8(↑2) Stripping 5
No Cast(no chanting and casting speed up) Skinning 3
Discerning Eyes(Magic Eyes evolved) 3 Duel 6(↑3)
Gourmet 3 Thunder Resistance 4
Magic Resistance 7(↑1) Light Armour(Agility Up) 3
Heavy Armour(Defence Up) 4(↑2) Dodge 7(↑1)
Instant Recovery 4 Magic Strengthening 6
MP Consumption Reduction 3 Staff Mastery 6
Heavy Armour(Strength Up) 5 Riding 5(↑1)
Torture 7
Active Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Sword Strike 7(↑1) Body Enhance 6(↑1)
Dagger Strike 4 Magic Equip 4
Spear Strike 5 Martial Arts 5
Body Strike 6 Spear Technique 6
Shield Skills 6 Ax Skills 5
Hammer Technique 7 White Magic 7(↑1)
Black Magic 8(↑1) Specter Magic 7(↑1)
Enchant Magic 7(↑1) Spirit Magic 5
Space-Time Magic 6(↑2) Magic Sword 7(↑1)
Blacksmith 4(↑2) Alchemy 7(↑1)
Steal 4 Stealth 4
Appraisal 4 Warcry 6(↑1)
Unlock 5 Release Trap 5
Barrier 8(↑1) Magic Awakening 7(↑1)
Breath Attack 5(↑2) Poison Attack 3
Charge 3 Analysis 3
Install Trap 3 Close Combat 4
Paralysis Attack 4 Combat Maneuver 3
Staff Skill 5 Dark Magic 4
Summoning Magic 7 Party Strengthening 7
Party Enhancement 6 Abnormal State Attack 8(↑2)
Ancient Magic 5(!N) Dragon Magic 5(!N)
Special Skills:
Skill Name: Level: Skill Name: Level:
Eye of Another World 3 Depriver 3
Pack Leader  3 Beast Killer
Improved Hearing Rebirth
Herculean Strength Spirit Whisper
Gate Open Parallel Thoughts
Insect Killer  Dragon Killer (!N)
Holy Beast Killer (!N)
Type: Name: Grade: Effects:
Weapon Black Dragon Sword 3 Increased Damage, Auto Repair, Black Dragon Breath Skill
Armour Flight Cap 3 Blind and Stun Resistance Up
Armour Adamantite Armour 3 Physical Resistance Up, HP Recovery Up, MP Recovery Up
Armour Black Dragon Gauntlet 3 Physical Resistance Up, Magic Resistance Up, Darkness Resistance Up
Armour Holy Beast Boots 3 Holy Resistance Up, Holy Elements Magic Up
Armour Black Dragon Shield 3 Physical Resistance Up, Magic Resistance Up, Darkness Resistance Up
Accessory Mirage Ring 3 Displays Falsely Against Analysis

(Zhaernon: Tables Added)


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