TDADP chapter 135

Chapter 135: meeting with everyone
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Yu walked down the road ignoring the pandemonium that he heard from behind. Eventually, the mansion came into view.

“I am back.”
Yu looked at the mansion even though the fence height was around 3m tall, some of the black wolves were peeking from the top. There were also fairies that were sitting on top of the black wolves’ head if you look closer.

*whistle sound*
Yu was whistling towards the black wolf.
“Master, that black wolf won’t get out from the mansion without my permission.”
However as if they’ve been waiting for the signal, the black wolves that were residing on the fence climbed over it and came running at Yu. Marifa ears went bright red because of this.

“Wow, such excitement. “
All of the black wolves were surrounding Yu while Marifa can only look down while giving a jealous gaze. The fairies also came and gave a kiss on Yu’s cheek. They also didn’t forget to welcomed Momo that was sitting on top of Yu’s head. Momo almost cried seeing the others kissing Yu.

“What? Momo, your possessiveness is so strong.”
“You’re just a docile child not long ago, how come you changed so much?”
Because of the other fairies’ tease, Momo turned red and she wiped Yu cheek while she had her own inflate cheek.

(this is the first time Momo came back and I wonder if the black wolves and elder lich first meeting will go without trouble) – Yu

Yu decided that it was time to enter the mansion and Marifa and Nina has been waiting for it but they were also entertained by the scene right now.

“Alright, I’m late but I’ll take you all for a walk later.”

The black wolves around only waved their tail and used it to touch Yu’s foot before lying down on the ground and moving away when Coro barks at them.

“Coro was like the leader of the flock. Anyway, you guys can wait in the living room. I will bring Nina to the bath to clean her.”


However when Yu walked towards the bathroom, Lena and Marifa were still following him.

“I will help you.”
“…I also want to enter.”
Yu with enough strength supported Nina using one hand and put the other inside his item bag. He took out some documents about magic tools and put it on top of Lena’s head.

“…Yu, heavy.”
“It’s some documents about magic tools that I find inside the dungeon. I think there is a lot of things that you can learn.”

After looking at the magic tools documents that Yu gave to her, she was extremely happy and nodded obediently while hugging it to her chest and walked to the living room.

“And you…”

“There is an old story about a hero that made a blunder in a bath or in a bed. So I couldn’t let my master to do such blunder, it’s not that I’m not trusting master but there’s no harm in taking precautions. Also since Nina is a woman, it will be more convenient if I am there. I mean if Nina and master are in the bath alone, Lena can be envious. I don’t mean to interfere but I only thought about your position. You need to maintain a respectable position and I’m merely here to support you.”
Hearing that sentences, Yu can’t refute anything to Marifa and only says: “alright then.”

Yu quickly filled the bath tub with water and used magic to warm it up.

“Master, do you want me to take off Nina’s clothes?”

“I don’t think Nina will mind much if she was naked.”

However, Yu lifted Nina body up.
“Nina, do you want to sleep forever? Or do you want me to drop you like this in the bath?”

Hearing that, Nina flutters and spoke out.
“Terrible, Yu is terrible.”
“Rather than saying I’m terrible, better take off your clothes quickly.”
After that, Nina took off her clothes but all the time, Yu didn’t even try to look at any other direction. Nina not long after was already soaking herself in the bathtub and murmured something and caused bubbles to form in the hot water.

“What are you saying? Just come over here, I’ll wash your hair.”
“Fuah~ Hehehe.”
After that Nina seemed to be in a better mood and Yu started to wash her hair. She entrusted all to Yu and relaxed.

“Nina, just what did you went through? Your hair is in a mess.”

“Ehehe~ is that so? I almost forgotten, it seemed I made a mess here and there.”

“Don’t joke about it, it wasn’t funny.”

“Eh, is it finished already?”

“I think you can wash the rest yourself.”

“But, I want to enter the bath together with Yu~ Mari-chan also, let ‘s enters together.”
Hearing that, Marifa’s ears immediately went twitching and her face turned red.

“Is that okay? Am I allowed? Taking bath with master is…”
Even though Marifa refrained using her words but her gaze was full of expectation.

“Don’t say stupid things like that. After this, I still need to check the equipment and look at how good the old man works is.”
That sentence crushes the girl’s dream.

“Marifa, anyway it seems like you can cut my hair. can you cut it a little bit shorter?”
“Ah, yes Master!”
Marifa then came out of the room and took a pair of scissors with an ear to ear smile. She took off Yu’s flight cap and Momo that was sleeping inside fallen out but landed safely on Yu’s arm. After that, Momo returned to sleep again within Yu palm.

“Master, please don’t move.”
Marifa then put the scissors gently on Yu hair and soon the echoing sound of the scissors can be heard in the bathroom.

“Master, it’s done.”
“Thank you but I will also have to ask you to clean the mess. I will take the black wolves out for a walk.”
“yes master.”

“I also want to go.”

“You can go but not in that kind of appearance.”

“When we come back, I hope you’ve finished cleaning up.”

“I will do my best, I will also prepare a meal.”

Nina then finishing up, her bath and dry herself up with the help of Yu using some wind elements spell. Marifa on the other hand was gathering Yu hair that was cut.
(Tl note: oh no what are you going to do haha?)(Ed note: CODE RED ALERT!! THERE’S A PERVERT INCOMING!!)

“Yu, don’t go first, I need to do something.”
Many times Nina reminded Yu not to leave her behind. When Yu opened the door, all of the black wolves were waiting in front of the door anxiously in line with Coro in the front.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
Yu stroked the head of the black wolves and then his eyes meet with Hisui.

“Yu, can you take us also for a walk?”
“sure… but us?”
After that, from behind Hisui body, fairies came flying at Yu’s direction.

“You know; we’re also getting tired of waiting for you.”
“I think the fairies will be honored to walk with you.”
“Alright, it’s been a long time. Momo, are you coming too?”
After saying that, Yu walked forward surrounded by flying fairies and the black wolves.

“I also want to go. I also waited for a long time.”
“It’s okay Hisui, you can come with us later.”
“I’ll be looking forward when that time comes then.”

After that, Yu and the black wolves walked around. That day, many people witnessed such a group and soon Yu was also known as Fairy master and Beast master.

“Master, welcome back.”
When Yu come back from the walk, Marifa has been waiting and opened the door.

When the door was opened, Coro and orchid were there. Orchid was trying to wrap Yu foot with his tail and Coro at that time jumped in anger. Orchid then surprised at Coro who was growling and jumped into a tree.

“Now, is Coro and orchid have a bad relationship?”
“I think both of them just wanted to try to get master’s attention. I will give them a lesson again later.”
Hearing that words, Coro and orchid started to tremble.

When Yu arrived at the living room, there were some meals already prepared. Lena still in the couch reading about the magic tools documents. Nina sat next to Yu and behind Yu stood Russ and Kuro.

“Lena, you should stop reading the magic tool manual. Well, the food it’s going to get cold.”
“Master, what is it?”
“I remember, I forget about Namari.”

Yu then stoods up and used his 【space time magic】. Cracks ran in the air as if creating a sepa-rate dimension, and it opened up. On the other side of the trees, it seemed like a dense forest.

“Wuaaa…! Odono-san Baka!”
Namari came from the other side of the space while popping out like bullets and plunged into Yu’s bossom. Nina at first was surprised seeing Namari’s appearances.
Namari wore a hat that is Yu’s previous flight cap but on it there are two hole that was made for Namari’s horns. The clothes was relatively small but on the back there wee space for her two bat-like wings to pops out. Such lovely figure even make Nina smiles.

“Master, who is this?”
“huh, I made it somewhow.”
“Now, calm down a little bit.”
Namari then sat down on top of Yu’s knee and in front of her eyes, there were so many foods which make her eye shine.

“Odono-san this is; can I eat this?”
“You can eat, but firstly everyone should make introduction first.”
After Yu said that, Namari noticed that almost everyone stood up and followed after.

“My name is Namari, I am Odono-san best servants. I am strong so I can do it.”
Namari at that time haven’t realized that Marifa, Kuro and Russ can also be considered as Yu’s servant.

“Wow, this child is so cute~ here, my name is Nina. The one here is Marifa, this one is Kuro, and over there is Lena. Ouch, that’s hurts!”
Nina then look and receive glares from Lena that just hit her head using a staff.
“…Lena onee-san.”
“…Lena onee-san.”
“Rena-chan is interesting, haha.”
Namari said that but suddenly Lena pinched Namari’s cheek. Lena seemed to be taking importance in the use of honorific.

“Lena, that is enough.”
“then can you explain to me why you avoid eating Pimasu?”
“…it’s bitter, not delicious.”
“Ahahaha, Lena couldn’t eat vegetables. Me, Odono-san says that if I want to be strong I have to eat vegetables and eat without likes and dislikes.”
“anyway, this child is from the demi-human race that I picked up in the 56F of the 「enrio of kusakai」 dungeon. Although a little bit crybaby.”
“But Odono-san, more importantly, I’m strong!”
“here behind me is Russ. This guy is also a crybaby that I picked up in 「enrio of kusakai」 dungeon.”
“but master, I’m not a crybaby.”
“yes, but you often ask for something and nagging.”
“Russ is a crybaby, but I’m also a crybaby.”
“Namari, me and you have a different meaning of crybaby.”
Namari and Russ then glared at each other however of course Russ gave a better intimidation.
Namari not long saying “uuuu” while crawl and rest on top of Yu’s knee.
“Because Namari and Russ already introduced themselves and Nina introduced you, is there anyone that we miss?”
“ah, I know, the dog.”
“It’s not a dog, it’s wolf, the name is Coro.”
After that, they have their dinner and thanked for the girls relaxed nature and Nina preemptive, they opened up to each other already. After that, Yu was trying to take a bath and there were two girls that caught up trying to enter the bath with Namari and Marifa preached on the girls.
“what about my request?”
Enveloped in darkness, there were four shadows inside a temple.

“I don’t know.”
“aren’t you guys useless?”
“Master, it seemed that there were some people have come.”
“Russ, tell me where they are and I will show them the price of trying to go against odono-san.”
“don’t worry Namari. It was only an incompentent enemy. Only some uninvited guest.”

Fully equipped pushing through the darkness, it was the figure of Deriddo and some people.
“We need to pay it back.”

And suddenly, Marifa showed up in front of them.

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