TDADP chapter 136

Chapter 136: the four guardian ranking
(edited by ganjz)
“Let me fight with Yu one versus one.”
Marifa was laughing hearing Deriddo words.

He already lost in the three versus three fights, and despite the clan has avoided from being disbanded, he was still trying this. He can’t even fall even lower in Marifa’s eye. However, Deriddo, for him to asking to fight with Yu one on one, enduring the shame, what was the reason?

Because after losing to the girls, there has been a bunch of people withdrawing from the ‘crimson meteor clan’. It was around fifty people that resigned formally and one-third of the whole clan has gone missing. There was no wonder that Deriddo was trying to regain the clan dignity and glory. Of course, it was also because the news of the loss was spread out not only at Comer city but to the neighboring city. ‘Crimson meteor’ wasn’t the strongest clan in the kingdom but it has some names and when people found out that the clan lost to some unknown people, they lost their pride and some of influence.

Those who live in the Comer city all didn’t miss this fact and there were even talks that the ‘crimson meteor’ clan and if this were to keep on continuing, the clan will even lose and be buried under medium-sized clan. There were even possibilities to keep on degrading and become only a small clan. After all, once an organization has fallen in this world, if it wasn’t prevented immediately, it will be too late to make a comeback.

Therefore, to avoid this crisis, the idea was to have a rematch with them again and there was no choice but to win. Because they have to come out to be the best, they also needed to pick the top of the top from the clan.

Russ’s eyes suddenly glowed and he emerges from the dark and appeared in front of Deriddo.

“What’s with that swollen face? Are you guys beaten by Joseph? Pathetic.”
After Yu went home, several hundred people became the victim of Joseph’s violence and even though they were also healed because some of the people can use healing spells, some of the evidence of the event were still there, there were still a lot of adventurers and mercenaries have some wound on their faces. Of course, Deriddo was also caught in the occasion. The worst victims were the receptionists in the adventurer guild since the horror of seeing the faces of the distorted adventurers.

“What can an undead like you possibly know?? You don’t even know about Joseph strength.”
After death, the only thing that was hated the most was being looked down by the living, that’s why Russ was going to reply to Deriddo question.

“I don’t know Joseph strength? I even know more than you people. At the holy empire year 1272, he was born from the line of the weak nobility in Daelim empire. At the age of ten, he succeeded in defeating an 「orc general」, at the age of twelve, he won the first place in the 「dragon riding race」 in the Daelim empire. At thirteen years old, he defeated an 「ogre king」 after that many more successes and at fourteen years old he became the youngest appointed member of the seven swords. At the year 1298, he became one of the main pillars in the 「third war against demons」. At the year 1300, he became one of the companions of the 「hero, Pandora」 and defeated the demon lord. Widely known as Joseph of the seven swords or Joseph the demon strength. However in Daelim empire, his nickname was the spear of heaven. He is a famous person and I wonder if there’s someone who doesn’t know him.”
Russ was saying it as if he knows Joseph that well.

“Lies, how can you know all about that? Aren’t you just an undead and that came out recently?”

“I am not obliged to answer to your question. Speaking of which, you just said something interesting. The battle against master one on one? It wasn’t even interesting; you’re just as annoying like a fly.”

“I am sure I can win.”

“Win? Hahaha. Is there even a competition when a fly is going to fight a lion? Even you can’t defeat us, his servants.”

“As Russ said, we will protect Odono-san, come and defeat us first.”
Namari using the arm strength to climb the fence and came out from the mansion. It even caused Marifa and Kuro who were now there to have a dubious look.

“What’s with that look? Namari you’re just master pet.”
Russ was shouting to Namari but she ignored it and continued to come.

“My pride is that I’m second to none in the loyalty to master. However Namari’s battle combat might be ranked last out of us four.”
“I totally agree.”
“But, I’m sure that I’m the person that odono-san like the most.”
Marifa, Kuro, and Russ showed no reaction to Namari’s words but the atmosphere was heavy.

“Well, let’s change the location. We will be noticed by master if we fight here.”
“You, you also need to come with us.”
That word was directed towards Deriddo.
“Namari, are you even prepared to kill someone? Anyway, it will be suspicious if we’re all missing, can I leave the job to stay around to you?”



“Ehehe, what is it Yu?”
Nina while grinning looked back and stared at Yu. On her back, Yu was combing Nina’s hair so it made her really happy. Lena on the other hand was still reading the magic tools documents and now resting on Nina’s lap pillow.

“Yu, Namari and Russ, where did they go?”
“Russ, I don’t know but Namari is probably playing with Coro in the garden.”
“Hmm. What do you think about Mari-chan and Russ? Do you think they will be okay?”
“I think that’s fine. At first, her relationship with Kuro was also bad to the point of fighting at quarreling but it’s okay now.”
“So, they actually had a fight?”
Towards Yu question, Nina suddenly rolled her eyes and looked at the direction where there was nothing. Lena also just stiffly stared at the magic tool manual in her arms.
“Anyway, Marifa will not lose to anyone, not even to Russ.”
“are you sure?”
“Yes, don’t worry, Mari-chan has also become strong.”
“But, winning was quite hard.”
“…I’m the strongest out us all, I will win.”
“No, you’re not going to win.”
Someone answering to Lena question, and it was Namari.
“Namari, your body is so dirty, go take a bath.”
“Odono-san, will we take a bath together?”
“Yeah, let’s enter together.”
“Alright, I will keep defending Odono-san even in the bath.”
“Alright, then I will leave it to you Namari.”
After that Namari happily walked with Yu and Momo who was sleeping in the flight cap was waken up slightly before returning to sleep again.
“… I haven’t entered the bath too.”
“Oh, Lena but it is impossible for you to enter now since I will enter with Odono-san.”
“…tch… cheeky brats.”
“Hahaha, isn’t Lena also still a child?”
After that Lena hits Namari head with her staff but Namari doesn’t show any sign of dodging and Yu also isn’t stopping it since they know it wasn’t for real.
“Anyway, Namari do you know where Russ has go?”
“I know!”
(TL note: what? Hahaha. They are sold out.)
“This will be a nice place.”
Russ eyes suddenly glowed in blue mysteriously. He wielded a can on his right hand and immediately a golden barrier was erected in the radius of two hundred meters around Russ.

“This is… a 【barrier】… but this range is?”
“It’s an eight rank 【sacred magic】, 《sanctuary barrier》. It is a high-level magic that will protect the user life and in this kind of barrier, undead should be purified.”
“Is that so?”
“Impossible…how can an undead used… 【sacred magic】… and of the eight rank?”
Deriddo was holding a shield made from the spirit tree morugotia and was already prepared.

“For me, if you guys want to chat for another hour it is fine because we are obviously the winner.”
Marifa said that while using her left arm to hold her skirt that was fluttering when Russ’ magic was completed. However, from her right hand, several kinds of insects have came out and it even form a black mountain.

“Marifa-dono bow is fast.”
Marifa already sent her attack but Kuro earth battle axe blocked it.

“Haha, you guys’ dares to challenge my master? Well, there are two purpose of a barrier. The first is to protect oneself the other is to keep so the opponent isn’t fleeing. Of course, this one is not the first type of barrier but the last one. So, shall we see who can defeat them first?”

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    • Yes, because out of the three servants that are there, they want to compete on who can defeat the Crimson people. They want to have the glory of beating the bugs. It’s like throwing a piece of meat to three starving dogs(servants).

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    • We don’t know how Yu befriended a Lich and made him his subordinate. The author never really told us how Yu met Russ. The author told us how Yu made a worm friend but not how Yu made a talking skeleton friend.

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