TDADP chapter 141

Chapter 141: Attention
(edited by ganjz)
The first impression of everyone that saw Victor was speechless. He sometimes acts like a close friend that cared about you, sometimes like a big brother, sometimes like a lover, sometimes like a husband that hasn’t met his wife for years, in fact, he has a fearsome amount of charm and good acting skill. Right now he was acting as if he was a long lost friend that just met today, however before he made an attempt to hug Yu, he stopped.

“Hmm… that is Namari-chan, and that is Momo-chan is that right? And the one who control insects over there is Marifa-chan, correct?”

However to stop Victor from touching her, Momo float to the sky and with her right arm extended she prepared to do 【Fairy magic】. Marifa’s insects without being noticed by anyone were already prepared to jump on Victor anytime if he made strange moves.

“You! Stay away from Odono-san!” Namari stood in front Victor and blocked his path.
“Hi Namari-chan, my name is Victor and feel free to call me Vic.”
Victor saying that without even showing any changes on his smile, however from his body, there was a heinous aura and Namari and Momo felt that as if they were facing a monster and became cautious. Namari was vigilance but it can’t be seen by the merchants.

“Hmm, sorry if I offended you Namari, and Momo, I hope you will forgive me. I did this without introducing myself first. My name is Victor; you are the merchant Mago right? You can call me Victor too, don’t need any honorifics.”

Although Victor introduced himself nicely, however, there was a small disturbance on Mago’s heart when he was observing victor. He has become a merchant for many years and he has met many people this is not the first time he has a shadowing feeling in his heart when seeing Victor. It even pierced his bone.

“Victor-dono, aren’t you the right arm of Hameln eight seats of Zen Benjamin G. Chester? Ah, that is a foolish question, so you have come to see Yu-sama?”
(Tl note: apparently Benjamin G. Chester is one of the Hameln eight seats of Zen too)

“Oh! You even know me already.”

“There wouldn’t be no merchant that doesn’t know your name.”
Victor on the other hand was surprised and making an exaggerated movement while placing a hand on his cheek.

“I really envious of you, I mean, Mago-san is really close with Yu. I also want to have that kind of relationship with Yu-san. And I absolutely believe that Mago-san will really like to have a good relationship with Benjamin-san of Hameln eight seats of Zen. Don’t worry, I’m sure Benjamin-san will like to have a partnership with you. With some words from me, it will be easy.”

However, Mago wasn’t sure how to react to Victor. And suddenly Victor turned his body and looked towards Yu with another confident smile.

“Mago-san, you’re not going to stay there in silence and didn’t talk to me don’t you?”

“Even if I have to go, why should I talk to you?”

“Don’t say such heartless things like that. It’s me, Victor. Let’s talk for a while Mago-san.”
Hearing that words from Mago, Victor’s face kind of distorted and he mutters something. Mago tried his best to retreat to a deeper room that was soundproof and there was some magic tool installed to prevent anyone from hearing what was happening inside and from barging in. Mago then looked into Yu in the eyes and he understood the meanings but Yu shooked his head in silence saying that it was too late.

“Yu-san although previously Mago-san said that it will take months to prepare all the things that you need, how about you leave it to me and I can get it ready in two weeks? “
It was obvious that Victor heard the conversation between Yu and Mago. It was inevitable that he overheard that and Mago can only show a bitter face.

“Victor-dono aren’t you too big mouthed? Here is Houdon kingdom, it’s not the free nation of Hameln. Do you really think that the items that Yu-san need can be fulfilled in two weeks? I think that it is impossible even for Victor-dono.”

“Hahaha, Mago-san. Don’t worry about that. I have lots of connection in Hameln and even if Yu-san is going to build a country, as long as there is enough money, Hameln can provide anything. Isn’t it like also building a friendship between us Mago-san? I don’t have any intention to monopolize the profits alone. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. My relationship with Mago-san will be maintained and Yu-san also saved, it’s a profitable relationship for everyone.”

It was really a good solution that benefitted everyone however what stuck on Mago’s head was what Victor said about creating a country. The amount of the material that Yu needed was a lot. At first, maybe because Yu was in a close relationship with Mussu and they were going to build a big business inside the territory. Mago also had expected that it was a plan to spread the business to neighboring countries but the thoughts of making a country never crossed his mind. However, if that was true, then in the future he will have chance to be taken and absorbed as a vassal.

“How about it? Surely Mago-san by now can also become one of a big merchant group after this. If not, I am still pretty sure that this is advantageous for everyone.”
At this point, on Mago’s forehead can see sweat runs down. Even if he wanted to pretend to remain calm, he was sweating from impatience and it can’t even be controlled anymore. While understanding that he wasn’t in a good position, he looked at Yu.

“As I expected, a great merchant like you noticed that I am planning to create a country.”
Without any pretense, Yu praised Victor. It also caused Mago to be in bruxism state. He was losing in terms of negotiations this time and also he was still immature and fledgling, however, the worst thing that happened was jealousy. Recently, they were also losing badly when negotiating with the finance minister so he hated his incompetence.

“Hahaha, it was natural to be preparing this much of supplies. So, shall we discuss this Mago-san?”

“But, wait, Yu-san?”

Mago was filled with various feelings towards Victor. He and Yu have been discussing it for several hours but it was solved the moment Victor came. After entrusting it to him and Victor, Yu immediately left.

“Hahaha, aren’t you lucky?”

“Old man, this is not a laughing matter. It was because Victor and Mago that I come here late.”
Wood heard about the details from Yu inside his store and was laughing out loud as he answered. Because in the store there were many things like hammer and knives, Namari was sitting in front of Yu and reprimanded not to run around. Momo on top of Yu head was nibbling on cookies and some cookies spilled from her small mouth and fall on top of Yu’s head.

“I don’t think that it was possible earlier but thanks to them that the material has being able to be gathered in a short time. So, can you finish it in one week?”

“Well, I hope that I can finish it.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter. I just only hope that there won’t be more people trying to steal the raw materials because they will just be looking for death.”

“So, is everything okay?”

“Yes, there’s nothing taken from here.”

Inside the store, there was a storage area where most of the materials and precious ore were kept and in front of the door, there was two undead keeping guard of it. One was almost similar to a normal knight as it was wearing heavy armor but inside it was a golden skeleton. The other one clothed in a robe was a silver skeleton but the cane on its hand giving a high-level skill look.

“Gold and silver can stay here and guard the storage.”

“Odono-san, are we finished yet?”
“probably a little bit more.”

“Hahaha, this kid is also interesting.”

“I’m not a kid, I will protect Odono-san like a kn, kn, kn..”


“Yes! I’m Odono-san’s knight!”

Because of Namari suddenly stood up, Momo who was riding on top of Yu head fell down but Marifa caught her gently. Peach with inflated cheeks jump up from Marifa palm and sent some light tap on Namari head.

“Momo, what are you doing? I’m Odono-san knight!”

Looking at that usual exchange as if he was getting tired of it, Yu let out a big sigh. Wood only smiled seeing Yu’s reaction as if he was looking at his own grandson.

“You know it, even Russ who claimed as the strongest guardian of Odono-san, I can beat him.”
“Eh, Namari-chan is that strong?”
“That’s right, that is why I am Odono-san knight and I will protect him!”
Namari said that while rising suddenly from the bath tub and some of the hot water was splashed on Nina’s face.

After coming out from Wood’s store, they return to the house and Wood refused to take dinner together because he usually ate from some nearby restaurant. Joseph was nowhere to be seen when he returned. When he come back it was already time for a bath and Nina want to enter together with Yu, however, Lena and Marifa refuted to her. Because of that right now Nina was in the bath with Namari.

Namari didn’t think much about it and entered the bath happily with Nina.
“So, tell me more about Yu.”

“Oh, after I followed Odono-san as my master, I even evolved. Look at the wings on my back has grown beautifully. But I also have to fight with monsters, and one day I was hurt and Odono-san was angry and went missing that day.”

“Is that really what Yu did?”

“Yes, when I wake up Yu-san was no longer at the house and that day Odono-san seems like have changed.”

“Can you tell me the changes?”

“I can’t really explain it myself. However, when he come back he certainly grew stronger but it was as if he was in pain.”

“Yu is in pain?”

“Yes, but please keep it a secret.”

“Namari-chan, even I don’t know about this secret?”

“Yes, this is a super-secret that only I know about Odono-san. Because I know him the most.”

Suddenly Nina fell as if she was losing her power.
“Nina nee-chan?”

“Oh, sorry. So do you know, what is the cause?”

“I don’t really know but something about his eyes.”

At this time, Namari was thinking that if it was really okay to speak about it

“His eyes?”

“Occasionally Odono-san eyes turned red and when it happened he seemed to be suffering and in a great pain.”

“Is that really painful?” patiently Nina waited for the answer.

“Yes, I saw him tried to cover it up once. However, I always noticed it, every time he does that, he seems to be in a great pain. Odono-san… it was as if the pain was really hurting.”

“Is he really hurt?”

“I don’t know. Just like you, I don’t know.”

“Lena-chan is so small.”
After taking a bath Namari was writing up a diary on Yu’s room. Although the character was a bit messy but he learned to write from Yu and it was still readable.
“Mari nee-chan is scary but also gentle.”

“Namari, be quiet.”

“Ah, sorry Odono-san. But, don’t peek on my diary okay?”

“I won’t peek and why don’t you do this in your own room?”

“I don’t want that! Anyway, I’m almost finished.”

The last thing that Namari write in his diary that day was this sentence.
“I have to watch out for Nina nee-chan.”

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