tdadp chapter 148

Chapter 148: Encounter
(edited by bigyoshi and ganjz)

When the lid was taken off, from inside a pot which was simmering, steam came rising from inside. Despite the 「Enrio of Kusakai」dungeon’s temperature that dropped at night, it wasn’t enough to block the heat of the food.

Yu put some sliced bread that was left from lunch into the pot and it immediately changes the color of the soup into golden brown. After a while, he put in some cheese that was immediately melted and made it look delicious.


Sounds of hungry stomachs could be heard.

“…Marifa.” (Lena)

“What? Why are you calling me? I’m not like you Lena! That wasn’t me! Master, that sound wasn’t coming from me, please believe me!”
Marifa was in a panic and spoke quickly and Namari was having a good laugh watching the scene.

“…I only called your name.” (Lena)
“Uh! I don’t know anymore!” (Marifa)
“hehe, Mari-chan and Lena are always getting along.” (Nina)
“Odono-san, can we eat now?” (Namari)

Namari whose patience reached its limit pulled on Yu’s sleeves. Momo on the other hand only sat on top of Yu’s head quietly while shaking her head seeing the girls.

“Alright, it’s done now, I’ll serve them now so please don’t fight anymore.”

Yu passed the dinner to everyone and soon everyone had their share. Having a meal in the dungeon is one of the few things that can make them happy.

“Ah, hot!”
Nina impatiently took a scoop of the piping hot soup and the melted cheese immediately increased her mouth temperature. Lena on the other hand was blowing on it to make it cooler. Marifa, Namari, and Coro were on the other side eating quietly. Everyone was here, except one person. Russ. He doesn’t need food to keep him alive so he didn’t bother hanging around when they’re having their meal.

“I’m full.” Nina then leaned on the chair while her head was on Yu shoulder after she ate her fill. Marifa still had her mouth full while trying to clean up the table.

“The fool has fallen into the trap.”

At that moment Yu suddenly rose up and caused Nina who was leaning on him to roll down.

“I will be away for around an hour, you’re free to take a break but don’t put your guard down.”

“Can’t we go with you?”

“You can’t.”

After that, Yu walked away from the girls followed by Russ, Momo, and Namari.

“Russ, you can stay here.”
“Master, why?”
It was so rare to hear Russ who was loyal to him to be rejected.

“I don’t think that this is a big enough problem and I’m concerned about Nina.”
“But, I also want to get my revenge.”
“Yes, I understand but this time our opponent is the ‘order of immortal’. They’re not your enemy.”
“they weren’t, but…”
Russ wanted to refute but Yu didn’t show any sign of changing his decision.

On top of Yu’s head, Momo was staring at Russ looking at him with pity but suddenly Yu took her on his palm gently and let her down.

“Momo, this time you should also stay.”
Momo was only looking at him with confused looks but she didn’t say anything or bother to refute. After that Yu and Namari left the place.

“Hmm…「Bronze Skeleton Knight」, 「Copper Skeleton knight」, 「Iron skeleton knight」 and 「silver skeleton knight」, you can find them anywhere.”
“Grandpa, finish them off, I’m getting sleepy.”
“Hahaha, this kind of enemy can even make me sleepy.”
Dhorme hammer then was swung towards the nearest bronze skeleton knight while emitting a roar. Bronze skeleton knight was a rank 6 monster but in front of Dhorme, it wasn’t even qualified to take a blow. However, Dhorme was surprised at what the bronze skeleton knight did.

“What? How is it possible? How is it able to defend?”

The bronze skeleton knight surprisingly used a shield to hold on against Dhorme’s hammer and parried it. While Dhorme was shocked, the surrounding copper skeleton knight used spears to attack him.

At this point, Dhorme had turned into a hedgehog due to the number of the spear that had pierced his back but he was still standing. All the skeleton knights were trying to take out their spears but it wouldn’t budge an inch, until there were cracks running along the skeleton knight’s arms.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect for you to be able to unleash this kind of attack. However, all of your attacks, I received them on purpose. Your attacks won’t be able to even cause a scratch on this armor that is created from a 「thousand years old turtle」. Even if it did, I don’t think you can hurt my body. Urya!”
At that moment when he shouted, the huge hammer disappeared from his hand and it was a bizarre sight. At the same time, all of the surrounding skeleton knights’ shields were gone along with their upper body.

“I decided to play with you for a bit but you disappointed my scarlet dragon hammer.”

Dragon was an existence that is feared and many kingdoms work together to defeat one when it appears. The hammer that Dhorme held was made from a scarlet dragon. The scarlet dragon hammer began to vibrate as it responded to Dhorme’s yells and at the same time it ramparts out and destroying all shields, swords, spears, axes, armors, and even the skeleton knights, all were crushed.
The skeleton knights that realized that their attack couldn’t pierce through his defense were slowing down while Dhorme stepped into madness. In an instant, half of the skeleton knights crumbled and turned into dust.

“They’re better than human knights. Oh, what’s that?”

From between the skeleton knights, appeared two new skeletons. It had a black exoskeleton and in total, another eight showed up one after another making a total of ten black skeletons.

“Even that bronze skeleton knight are only able to defend my first attack, I wonder how far you’re able to keep up with me. I even wonder who created you guys.”
However, none of the skeleton knights were able to give Dhorme a reply. The question in reality was only a signal for the upcoming battle to start. The skeleton knights with their spears were executing 【Spear technique】「Spiral Pierce」. While the spear split through the air and were aimed at Dhorme, it pierced through him. A few seconds later, Dhorme was gone and it actually only hit his afterimage.

Dhorme used the scarlet dragon hammer and it was lifted up high as if he was going to defy the heavens and unleashed a skill, unfortunately at this time sword were aimed towards him from both sides. While it was a 【Sword skill】「Lightning slash」 that emphasis on speed, the power emanated easily pushed back Dhorme body that weighed more than 120kg from his armor alone; he was pushed backwards.

“Ho… multiple attacks, weapon skills, and more importantly, coordination. This is interesting!”
“Oh, grandpa is getting excited after a long time.”
Azerotte was bored watching the scene while sitting on the rock.

The ten black skeleton knights continued to battle with Dhorme. Swords, battle ax, spear, all of them were launched at him and at this point Dhorme isn’t even smiling anymore. He was concentrating on how to break the encirclement. Any normal person would think of running at this point but Dhorme was persistently trying to break the ten black skeletons.

The weapons of the black skeletons were finally able to slip past by Dhorme defense.

“Ugh… hahaha.”
Although the impact still got to him however their attacks aren’t able to pierce Dhorme armor and not to mention hurt his body. The attacks couldn’t even leave a scratch.

At the same time, he put more force towards the scarlet dragon hammer. He was utilizing a 【hammer technique】, 「Ground splitter」. At that time, enormous destructive force was released with Dhorme as the center. Fifty meters around him, as if the ground was alive, the soil was making a wave movement and swept past anything around. It was a wave of soil.

Azerotte sighed and used a wind magic. The reason she does that was to push back the dust in the air that was going to touch her.

“Well, that was a good fight.”
Despite that it didn’t even cause Dhorme to sweat, he still showed a satisfied expression.

Around him, the skeleton knights’ bones were scattered and from behind Dhorme and Azerotte, a faint voice could be heard.

“Oh, all the bones that Odono-san had created are all broken.”
It was a child’s voice and it was a wonder what a child was doing in this kind of place. Dhorme looked back and he saw a demi-human child along with a human boy.

“Dhorme and Azerotte from ‘order of immortals’, die!”
Without waiting for any reply, Yu’s right hand casted out a magic spell.

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