TDADP chapter 156

TDADP chapter 156: the demi-human determination
(edited by ganjz)
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「Enrio of Kusakai」56th floor where Yu was currently standing, the wind was carrying dust blowing and blocking their view. The ground was like a living mud and with every step, Yu’s feet was sinking up to his ankle and just moving forward it was clearly taking some strength. The fine sand here even getting inside to the clothes and shoes, it even sometimes causing people to close their eyes to protect it. Nina was unfortunate because when she opened her mouth, the sand immediately fills her mouth.

“Coro, come here!”

Despite the harsh environment, Namari was chasing Coro as if they are playing around and they definitely enjoying it. Orchid was looking at the scene but soon she lost her interest and completely ignored them. However, suddenly Orchid’s body shuddered as if she is having a bad feeling. When she looked back, Namari was standing there while grabbing her tails.


The fur on Orchid’s body stood up as she barked to Namari. Clearly this time Namari got her in a prank and he was running away along with Coro in laughter. Orchid wanted to run after Coro but once again she felt something was going to happen on her back. When she turns her head, it was Yu standing there, stroking her tails.

Orchid turn her face forward and pretended that she isn’t interested but her tail couldn’t hide her excitement as it silently enjoying Yu’s touch.

Coro looked back at that scene. Normally their relationship were normal but today, orchid was playing with Coro’s favorite, Yu.


Coro pounced on Orchid and on reflex she retaliated with a bite. If it was pure strength battle, then Coro clearly held the advantages. Orchid on the other hand didn’t want to lose this battle and soon a white stream of fog was rising in the area. It wasn’t a normal fog, it was cloud that was created by Orchid’s special skill, 【Sea of Cloud】.

Because of that, Coro that has been trying to get near and engaged in close combat need to take some distance.

“You guys, stop! You’re embarrassing me, please behave yourself in front of master.”

Marifa feeling ashamed in front of Yu because of what Coro and Orchid did. Soon both of them stopped and Yu patted both of their head at the same time. They got near to Yu as they become extremely docile and obedient. They were sticking to Yu like glue.

Marifa today couldn’t muster enough energy to get close to Yu like Coro and Orchid. Even Nina and Lena, for them, there was a distance between them and Yu. the three girls’ expression was stiff. You can see fatigue from their eyes.

That was to be expected. Yu decided for them to move forward inside the dungeon without taking a break. Especially from the 48th floor which was known as the ‘rotten swamp’ area that spread through the 49th floor, the whole floor was surrounded by poisonous gas and toxic. Some area even bottomless and can drown you, some let out a burst of gas occasionally that could even leave you with only bones. In here, even metal can be dissolved into nothing in the blink of an eye and it’s one the most life threatening location.

Not to mention the monsters that ambushed many times whenever they put their guard down. They were only a few steps away from the death’s door all the time. Only when they arrived at the 56th floor they can feel relieved. Nina let out a smile but it was disappearing after her mouth was filled with sand. She even coughed a few times because of that. Lena immediately covered her nose to block the putrid odor that was emitted by the sand. Marifa on the other hand didn’t show any changes on her expression, only her long ears were hanging down.

“I never thought that they can work hard and be a proper adventurer.”
Yu murmured happily to himself while watching the girls walking.

“Hmph, I don’t understand why master care about them. Earlier, when facing the 「Lightning fox」which has a high lightning resistant, Lena-dono still used a lightning element magic. Their growth can overpower the enemy but I don’t think it will last long.”
Russ who wasn’t able to accept Nina and the girls were making a harsh evaluation about their earlier battle.

“It wasn’t as as you think Russ. Do you know, Lena was whining that there isn’t enough ‘lightning fox’ for her to test the limit of her lightning element magic.”

“What do you mean master?”

“A normal adventurer should be calculating the weakness of their opponents. In this case, Lena obviously know that the lightning fox have a high resistance to lightning and weak to fire. However, Lena wasn’t using fire to go against them but using this opportunity to keep pushing on her limit. If this keep going on, in a few years her growth will be stunning.”

When they were talking, the village of the demi-human came into sight.

“Yu, I can see a village!” (Nina)

“Yes, if you look closer, you’ll understand.” (Yu)

When they are nearing the village, Nina knows what Yu mean earlier.

“This is; this is a village of demi-human. Is this our real goal for entering this dungeon?” (Nina)

“Are you tired?” (Lena)

“Lena, you’re asking as if you’re not tired.” (Marifa)

“…I still have some strength. Of course Marifa may feel tired since you’re younger than me.”
Lena said that as if she was looking down on Marifa.

“What are you talking about Lena? This has nothing to do with age or seniority.” (Marifa)

“…say what you want. This is definitely big sister power.” (Lena)

“Who’s big sister? What big sister power? This is what I call big sister power.”
To rebuttal Lena’s words, Marifa simply put her hand on her chest and looked down on Lena. Lena can’t say anything as she stares at Marifa.

“See, this is the power of big sister.”

Lena move forward and hit Marifa’s shin using her cane and makes her aching in pain. She seeked out Nina to console herself but when she felt Nina’s chest in a hug, it only added further damage. What Lena did was similar to a suicide.

“What are you guys doing?”
Nina who saw Lena that immediately crouching on the ground getting all depressed was confused. Marifa herself was surprised at Lena’s reaction.

“Namari, can you do it? Please do as instructed.”

“Yes, you can leave it to me!”

“I wonder if it’s really all right to leave it all to you.”

“It’s okay, please believe in me!”

After that Namari ran off to the distance but Yu was showing some uneasiness. After all, Namari was still too young but it couldn’t hinder the confidence shown on his eyes.
(Tl note: at this point namari was refered as her…maybe a mistakes)


“I’ve heard everything from Namari.”

Yu remembered that what he asked Namari to do should be accomplished.

“Yeah, sorry to come like this.”

Inside a room in the village, Yu was facing a group of demi-human which was led by an old woman. Namari was sitting on top of her lap and behind her, Yu can see the demi-human that once had a fight with him.

Moreover, there ware also some unfamiliar faces of demi-human. These demi-human came from various tribes and it was clear they show some hostility towards Yu. they tried to keep it hidden since the point of his visit today is for a discussion.

“We understand about Odono-san train of thoughts. We will gladly comply.”

The demi-human heard the big plan from Yu. Yu wanted them to come and join his country. To tell the truth, what made them agree was the chance to live a better live. However, there was still a discussion whether to leave the village right now or at the latter time. When the talk finished, Namari who went down from Baba’s lap immediately greeted Camry with a hug. There’s a hint of longing behind Namari’s happy smile.
(Tl note: Camry appears on chapter 119)

“So, how are you guys doing?” (Namari)

“We would be doomed if it wasn’t for the crops that Odono-sama gave for us. Because of that we weren’t in a big trouble and have to worry about not getting enough food anymore. However, the number of demi-human who stayed here is increasing day by day.” (Camry)

When the discussion concludes, Baba took her hand and put it on her forehead gently. It was the kind of etiquette to convey gratitude between demi-human tribe.

A demi-human came forward to answer Baba’s call.

“How much does it takes for us to prepare?”

“Around three days, all of the tribe members should be ready. As for those who are hunting outside it will take around five days.”

“Alright, I understand. So Odono-san, since this is the case, at least we need five days to get ready. So can you give us around six days?”

“Alright, that’s not a problem. If you guys ready to leave this place in six days, there should be a lot of preparation that I need to take care of too.”

The decision was made as Yu and Baba finishing up their discussion and soon they talked about other things. Most of the talk made up by how Namari was doing and whether he became a nuisance. Namari tried the best to stand up for himself but it couldn’t stop Camry steep change of expression when hearing the story from Yu. Finally, they went out from the room and everyone can’t help but giving Namari a thoughtful look. In the end, they were escorted by the demi-human until the point they leave the village.

Seeing Yu and Namari came back, Coro greeted them. However, upon seeing the expression on Namari face, Coro couldn’t have helped it but lick him in the face to comfort him and use his tail to stroke Namari’s cheek.

“master, are we done? Are we going to go out from the dungeon?”
“Why do you ask so much?”
Russ was the one who answer Marifa question with a mocking laugh and made Marifa stare at him.

“Wow wow, why the demi-human isn’t surprised when seeing Russ?”
Nina tried to change the subject to ease the threatening atmosphere.

“That’s because I used 【Specter magic】 before so they aren’t surprised to see an undead. Marifa, to answer your question, yes we will leave today and go back home. We also need lots of things to prepare since the demi-human will stay with us. I will leave this in your care.”

“Yes master.”

After Yu and the party went home, every demi-human other than those that were going out to hunt has gathered in the center of the demi-human village.

“So, there is no other objection right? We all able to live today it’s all because Odono-san help. Now, he will give us a place to live. This kindness, we need to repay it even if it cost our lives. Do you understand?” (baba)
“Yes, we understand.”
“Alright, now Camry; tell us what Namari told you.” (Baba)
“Yes, Odono-sama has a large number of enemy. From Namari, I heard there were the Houdon kingdom, the Republic, holy kingdom, Daelim empire, free nation Hameln, and the order of immortals.” (Camry)
(Tl note: the republic is where the twelve general of carnage came from.)

Hearing the story from Camry, the demi-human group was discussing within themselves. Especially when they hear about the holy kingdom. It has been known that the holy kingdom was rising war against beastmen, elves, dwarves, and other race. They were very racial against non-human group and one of the main reason why the demi-human race was hunted down.
The so called holy kingdom that wasn’t holy at all based on their conduct, they killed everyone that doesn’t want to submit under them and accept their ideals.

“Calm down everyone. I believe that this is destiny. Under Yu, we got a chance to rise once again. As a demi-human, we’ve been cornered countless times and receive unjust treatment. This is our chance to bid farewell to all of that. Those of you who come from other settlement before this, you understand well what we’ve been suffering through. We can now leave from this rotten place. We will rise once again and fight for our freedom and rights. Our children won’t have to suffer like us and they will have a future.”

Baba’s words was calm but it raised an exploding feelings and determination on the demi-human people. The demi-human once again had a dream which they used to cherish back in the day. She then continued to increase their morale.

“I’m sorry, the old me has talked too much in the end.”
Everyone smiled hearing Baba’s word.

“Hahaha, at least now you guys knows what do we have to do right?”
“Odono-san enemies?”
“We kill them!”
“Destroy them!”
Various reply is given but they held the same meaning. Baba was satisfied with all of the answer. That day on the demi-human faces, they aren’t all depressed and looked despaired as before. This time, they have a glimmer of hope for their future.


Name: Coro
Race: Maokami
Rank: 4
LV: 22
HP: 1124
MP: 421
strength: 523
Agility: 608
vitality: 534
Intelligence: 146
Magic: 297
Luck: 23

Passive Skills:
Agility up LV5↑ UP
Sharp hearing LV4↑ UP
Silent step LV6↑ UP

Active Skill:
Warcry LV5↑ UP
Bite LV5↑ UP
Body Enhance LV3↑ UP
Stealth LV5↑ UP

Specific skills:



Steel collar (grade 6): agility up

Name: Orchid
Race: Kumohyo
Rank: 4
LV: 26
HP: 816
MP: 531
strength: 387
Agility: 676
vitality: 404
Intelligence: 218
Magic: 368
Luck: 32

Passive Skills:
Agility up LV6↑ UP
Sharp hearing LV2↑ UP
Perceiving attack LV4↑ UP

Active Skill:
Concealment LV5↑ UP
Bite LV3↑ UP
Body Enhance LV2
Tail Splinter LV3↑ UP

Specific skills:
Sea of clouds



Steel collar (grade 6): No effect


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