TDADP chapter 157

TDADP chapter 157: Namari’s memory
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I am someone who comes from the proud Demi-human race. My name… Namari!

“Oh, do you like the name? I was thinking that it was good to call you that since your hair color was kind of silver.”
(Tl note: namari literal translation was lead)

I don’t understand what he meant but I accepted the name because it was given to me by Odono-san.
Odono-san is strong!
The monster around the village, he killed all of them alone!
Somehow Momo was looking at me with jealous eyes.
Today I ate rice for lunch!
Odono-san today roasted some cheese and bread. But do you know what’s better? Odono-san taught me lots of things. Like the bread that I ate was made from wheat and it was grounded with a mortar. The cheese was made from milk that was collected from cow.
“So, do you want to take a bite Namari?”
“Yes Odono-san, thank you!”
After that the bread that has melted cheese on top of it was given to me. It’s Delicious!

I wondered about that. I am an undead but my sense of taste is still there. Odono-san says that I am special. It was amazing! I am special!
Momo even laughed at me because I eat the bread really quick. After drinking some milk, I can’t get rid of the habit that made a mess out of it around my mouth. Momo even look at me at this time like a big sister.

“Namari, eat slowly. Look, it even falls to your neck.”
Odono-san said that and wiped my mouth using a cloth. When Momo saw that, she this my head with inflated cheeks. I understand what was happening. Momo was jealous.

“Alright, we’re not going to proceed deeper in the dungeon since Namari is still weak.”
“I’m going to be strong!”
Momo was standing beside me shaking her head as if she is completely stunned.

In Odono-san hands, there was a peculiar 「Black slime」 wriggling.
“These guys can devour anything. In particular, this black slime has devoured the king of 40th to 45th floor undead beast 「Boramburan」. These black slimes are also revived through 【Specter magic】 and I’ve added some modification to it. Namari, now try and see if you can use them.”


I really don’t know what Odono-san was doing while holding the slime and putting up a serious face. I mean, that is only a slime. After that Odono-san put the slime on my shoulder and it was merging into my body.

“Can you use their power?”

“Let me try! Uuhn! Odono-san, how to do it?”

“I guess you’re not able to do it.”
Odono-san looked a bit disappointed as Momo stroked his head. However, please put more faith in me Odono-san, because I will protect you.
Odono-san was getting more and more powerful each day. Today we have reached the 61st floor and there were big ants everywhere.

“If things proceed as plan we will continue to the 62nd floor.”
“Oh, Odono-san is amazing.”
This place was like a maze and yet we never got lost in here. Odono-san was really amazing. However, at that time I saw something in front of me.

“Odono-san, look over there!”
“Something is coming?”

There was a sand storm caused by ants running towards us. In front of them… I see a figure of a skull that is moving in a rush. It seems that it was fleeing with all its might.

“Odono-san, it seemed that the ants were chasing after that skull.”
“Odono-san, we will not help it?”
“Do you want to help the skull Namari? After all it can’t be helped.”
Although Odono-san seemed to be reluctant and using me as a pretense, I already knew that he was going to help that skull from the start. Even if you ask me why? I also want to ask him why. But I understand. With the help of Odono-san, the group of ant was cleared immediately.

“What is your purpose?”
“Don’t misunderstand, I’m help you because Namari begs me for it.”
“I don’t need your help! Get out of here!”

The skull suddenly unleashed magic towards Odono-san.

“You’re trying to attack Odono-san?”

After that I lost my consciousness as all I saw in front of me was only white. After a couple minutes, accompanied with dizziness, I saw the skull in front of me, but it is now flat, not round anymore.

“Namari, it seemed that you’ve managed to bring out the power, but don’t use it unless I allowed you.”

Is this because of me? Did I do that to the skeleton?

After that, Odono-san asked me to rest. While I was sleeping, I heard several times the scream of the skull and somehow it was funny.
“Namari, don’t be rude to Master!”
“you’re so noisy Russ, you’re weaker than me anyway.”
“What did you say? You only become that strong because master grants you power!”
After that we got one new skeleton companion named Russ. More over every time he kept trying to pick fights with me and so noisy. One thing that made me accepted him was because he seemed to be loyal to Odono-san after I woke up. Because of that, sooner or later, I became friends with him.

Russ wasn’t really friendly towards everyone. Several times there were people that wanted to take us into their party but all of them were sent away by Russ. Even I wanted Odono-san to get some more companion because he looked so lonely but unexpectedly Odono-san agreed with Russ to turn down every offer.

What’s different? Today, the guy that wanted to take us into their party was prince Meaux from Bell kingdom. His appearance was dazzling and outshined Odono-san. When that prince saw Momo, he immediately got excited and ask Odono-san to give Momo to him. He was so persistent and annoying until Momo blow him away with magic out of anger. Shockingly, the prince had a happy face when he was blown away.


. “Master, are we going to conquer the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon?”
“Mhm… it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.”
Odono-san was saying it casually but in reality the deeper we go; the stronger enemies we had to face. We even faced something that can be called the boss of the dungeon.

After we defeat the boss, we found lots of treasures, but the most eye catching one was a human like figure. It was a woman that is covered in bruises.

“Are you an 「Angel」?”
“no, I’m a half-blood.”
“you’re imprisoned here. Are you okay?”

The woman has a wings full of feathers growing on her back. Baba said that angel race can be considered as the enemy of the demon race but if she is half-blood then she can be considered as demi-human too.

The angel woman was restrained by a powerful magic restricting chain but Odono-san set her free easily. After all, Odono-san is amazing.

“If you don’t have anywhere to go, you can follow me.”

After that, the angel woman came with us. Russ kept saying that we need to kill the angel woman but it’s only making Odono-san angry. I couldn’t help but tease Russ at this moment and I am chased away by him. Since Odono-san said that she can come with us, his decision won’t change no matter how many times Russ asking for it. Of course I knew it’s because deep down Odono-san is kind and caring.

“Her name is Hisan.”
So, the angel race woman name was Hisan. However, she did not speak and only looking at Odono-san with a shy face. Momo even showing jealousy and pouting.
While we wait for the food to cook, Momo was pushed away several times because of Hisan’s wing. I was laughing because it was so funny but Momo pinched my cheek. It doesn’t hurt at all since I am strong.

“Master, is there a good location to rest?”
Odono-san, I think we need to rest. Everyone was tired, even Momo and Hisan but Odono-san shook his head. Although I have confidence in Odono-san, I was a bit worried. Something dangerous must have exist in this place that is making him cautious more than facing the boss. Russ as usual keep whining and I wanted to tell him not to get carried away.
(You’re just a servant.)
We’re all Odono-san’s servant.
“Master, how is it?”
“We will leave for now.”
“Alright then, I will summon a 「lock bird」 as our ride.”
“No need, I will make a tunnel.”
“What is that? A tunnel?”
And then I saw Odono-san casting his magic which I’ve never seen before. That magic connects our place to a nice village where a sister named Hisui lived. I was amazed but Russ showing an even bigger shock than me.
“【Space and time magic】?”
I was surprised but the expression on Russ face was even funnier. Hisan showing a slight amazement but Momo calmly lying on top of Odono-san as if it was normal.

“Russ, you know about this?”
“Yes master. Long time ago I fought with a transcendental person that can be said as the strongest wise man.”
“Oh, I don’t know that Russ used to be strong.”
“I’m still strong!”

in that place, it seemed that Odono-san fond with this place. I also met a sister named Hisui and a monster called Shiro. Where was this place, I ask Shiro and Hisui nee-san. This place seemed to be surrounded by forest and it’s quite wide. After that we left that place again and return to the 60th floor of 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon.
In that place Odono-san said to me that I needed to kill a large amount of monster. This was the place that will be my training ground and I have to do this to get stronger. Because, I want to be able to protect Odono-san!

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