TDADP chapter 158

TDADP chapter 158: Namari’s diary 2nd part
(edited by ganjz)
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– XX day XX month
I got a diary from Odono-san. Russ told me to use it carefully since the paper was valuable. Of course without even him saying so, I will cherish this gift. I also have to say that because of that I need to practice writing every day to write in the diary. Momo and Hisan came to look at my writing but I didn’t show them. I’m embarrassed.
– XX day XX month
Today we caught a spy. It wasn’t really that rare since there’s a lot of countries that were monitoring Odono-san. Odono-san, was only a little bit irritated. The guy who we caught today came from a big country named Derimutei. Russ as always urged to kill the spy. I think now that Russ just had a really deep hatred towards human. Hisan on the other opinion refrained from killing the spy. That was the start of the nightmare, the spy was tortured many times and was let to recover before the torture continued. Me and Momo even left Odono-san sides because I felt like I wanted to vomit. After Odono-san gathered information from the spy, I wonder why he didn’t kill the spy this time.

– XX day XX month

Odono-san went somewhere alone using that strange magic. When he was back, Odono-san’s face was so scary, even Momo and Russ were staying away. Hisan who doesn’t seem to understand the problem either can only sit near Odono-san.
I can’t hold it back anymore, seeing Odono-san in a pitiful situation so I asked. What is wrong? When I know the answer that the people that are close to him got hurt, even I felt angry out of nowhere.
I wonder if it was since that day that Odono-san has changed. I don’t know exactly what, but he was different. It seems that he decided that he will not endure it any longer. Odono-san since that day becoming stronger way more than before. Even I can see his growth. But, occasionally it seems that his eye was hurting. Even Russ was worried but Odono-san kept it to himself silently.

– XX day XX month
Odono-san did his best to hid it but I always noticed. Today Odono-san was in more pain than normal. He held his eyes while kneeling down. I can see even if he doesn’t say anything, it was so painful, it was painful enough to drain all his strength and become unable to stand. The reason of that was definitely that eye. However, Odono-san tried to keep it behind our back. This was definitely not a normal sickness.

– XX day XX month
Today Odono-san gave me a new armor. It was made from scales and horns of monster, but more importantly, the color was black like Odono-san hair color.

– XX day XX month
Today our aim was leveling. We also met with an uncle named Lalit. He was about to be killed by Russ before he claimed to be Odono-san’s friend. Russ this time was disappointed at Odono-san and was angry. I used this time to tease Russ. Hisan on the other hand felt regret because she missed the opportunity to torture him.

– XX day XX month
Today we meet with someone from the free country of Hameln named Victor. He came to see Odono-san but I felt something suspicious about this man. Momo on the other hand wasn’t alerted so maybe my suspicion was wrong. Later when he explained what he wanted to Odono-san, I don’t know if that was the truth or not. Russ once again wanted to kill the man and got angry at Odono-san. Hisan too showed a very sad face because she’s not allowed to torture him.

– XX day XX month
The spy that we didn’t kill before was caught again today. Russ has been busy because he was tweaking with the magic tool that was used to relay information. Hisan didn’t need to ask again before she started torturing the spy. Odono-san questioned the spy calmly.
While they were busy, Momo and I were going back to the place where Hisui nee-chan and Shiro were located. The trees in the surrounding had grown taller. When we got back, the spy cannot be seen anywhere only Odono-san was holding another 「black slime」. Odono-san asked me whether I wanted to ask him anything but I didn’t ask any question since information about the other country and spying was useless for me.

– XX day XX month
Today I helped a strange person. That person face was hidden with a robe and Russ saying to me that person wasn’t an adventurer. He has a strange stone plate and had a serious talk with Odono-san. That person hated Russ and asked him to go somewhere far before talking with Odono-san. It was such a strange thing to do.
(Tl note: wuuut, another new character?)

– XX day XX month
Because it became hard to raise our level at 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon, we moved to another dungeon called 「Devil’s prison」. To go there, we were riding a large bird that Russ summoned and I was amazed at the scenery of the outside world. Momo was hiding inside Odono-san hat to block the cold. As for me, Odono-san asked me to stay in some kind of cage in the middle of the bird’s back.
In the middle of the way, we picked up  two beastmen siblings. The brother at first telling us not to kill his sister since she doesn’t taste good. Who wants to eat a beastmen in the first place? Russ said it’s because I looked so hungry so I kicked Russ on his shin for that unfunny joke.
We pick them up and brought them to their parents. Their father was a beastman but their mother was a normal human. It was strange, wasn’t human race hated the beastmen? In the end, we were brought to their village which was full of beastmen.
– XX day XX month
After we picked up the siblings, we stayed in the village. Russ had surprised me as he showed a mocking look towards them. I wonder why. Momo showed a joyful face when meeting with the beastmen and after asking for permission from Odono-san I played with the people ion that village.
I found out something when playing. The village used to be a human settlement before the beastmen came and this village was often raided by knights and servants of the minister of finance. Once I told it to Odono-san, he immediately went and killed the knights.
The beastmen were grateful for it and saying thank you to Odono-san and somehow I became happy seeing that.
Since the beastmen having so much problem, I told Odono-san why don’t we bring them with us. Russ exploded and told me to be quiet. Odono-san talked with the people and some of the beastmen decided to come with us. Some still decided to stay because they felt attached to their homes. The beast siblings were happy when they were brought to the island.
After all, what I did wasn’t wrong so I stick out my tongue towards Russ. Hisan looked at the beast people with a sad face. I have no words to console her right now.
(Tl note: the island that mentioned is the place where Hisui and Shiro are located. It seems that it wasn’t at Yu’s mansion and more likely will be the place where he builds his country)

– XX day XX month
Today we helped a group of dwarves that were attacked by a monster. When we visited the dwarf’s village, it turned out that the whole tribe of the dwarves had white skin. To tell the truth, it wasn’t exactly white, it was really pale. When their skin came into contact with sunlight, it was as if their skin was burned. It seems that it is because of this, the dwarves weren’t accepted by the rest of the races. I also asked Odono-san why don’t they come with us and once again Russ was whining and complaining.
(Tl note: wth, this chapter is so random haha)
– XX day XX month
Today I helped a dwarf that was bullied. He wasn’t half-demon or half-dwarf; his current race was too vague to be named. Since the skin color was similar to mine, I asked Odono-san whether we could bring him with us. Russ pouted and said “come on” but I don’t care. Momo patted my head happily since she agreed with my idea but I don’t know what was Odono-san decision.
– XX day XX month
We entered the 「Devil’s Prison」 dungeon. The monster here are stronger than the one on 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. The monsters here are from the demon race. Since the monster here is strong, Odono-san asked Hisan to protect me. I also heard Russ muttering to himself that he will do his best.

– XX day XX month
The monster here is really strong, even Momo and Hisan were injured. Odono-san defeated an evil dragon at the 49th floor of the 「Devil’s prison」 alone. Russ on the other hand had become even stronger and urged us to proceed faster. However, I think that he was a good person deep down since he was worried about Momo and Hisan who were injured.
– XX day XX month
Momo ranked up. However, I think that it was a lie since there isn’t any big changes appearance wise. She gently struck my head in upset. The only noticeable thing was her wings that had grown bigger, other than that, nothing changed.
-XX day XX month
Today we fought with a goose monster called 「Zofinu」 at the 56th floor. It was so strong, I died three times and even Russ body was cut in half. Fortunately, Momo and Hisan were protected by Odono-san. I really have to get stronger.
– XX day XX month
I lost a fight at the 74th later.
(Tl note: next chapter is still Namari’s PoV,,,*sigh*)

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      Maybe the author just wants to surprise us and to make us guess what happened and will happen (and why).

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