TDADP chapter 159

TDADP chapter 159: Namari’s Diary 3rd part
(edited by ganjz)
(still sponsored by K.J yippeee~)
(Tl note: for those who are confused, Hisui is the dryad, Hisan is a new party member, and Namari is an undead since he was revived by Yu)

-XX day XX month
The monster that we fought with yesterday was too strong. I died five times, and it can be said that it’s almost a wipe out since everyone needed to flee. Russ said this was happening because we don’t have a battle strategy.

-XX day XX month
The monsters were persistent; it’s chasing after us to the 73rd floor. Even Russ was stupefied and we fled again.

-XX day XX month
Since the monster kept chasing after us, we ran away to the island. I am so happy since after a long time I was able to meet with Shiro again. The dwarves, and the beastmen also started to call Odono-san as ‘king’ however it seemed that he was troubled by that. I wonder what Odono-san was feeling.

-XX day XX month
Today we played in the sea. While everyone was having fun, a large monster came out. It was a huge tortoise accompanied with a snake. I was injured and later Odono-san healed me. Russ said that the monster that came was only at an infant stage. I am surprised that even if it’s still a child, its power is unimaginable.

-XX day XX month
Since the monster of the 「Devil’s prison」 still chasing us, we needed to level at a different location. When leaving the island, Shiro was crying and Momo also started to tear up. She was so noisy crying, Hisan only flew with a weird expression.

-XX day XX month
Today we moved far to the north of the Houdon Kingdom towards the Hameln. It was also the first time Momo seeing snow as her face was filled with glee. When I say that she looked like a child, she struck my head cutely. Hisan currently wrapped her wings around her body.

– XX day XX month
The bestmen were bullied by the humans. I wonder if they are weak? Since I asked Odono-san to bring them to the island and Russ being noisy about it.

-XX day XX month
We can see a really big mountain. When I asked about that place, Russ answered that it was a mountain that belonged to ‘Sademu’ one of the 「Three Great Demon Lords」. However, I don’t really understand.

-XX day XX month
We climbed the mountain and on the way we fought with 「ancient illusion」 monster.

-XX day XX month
Russ asked us to take a detour so we won’t attract ‘Sademu’ attention. Once I say I will defeat him, Russ laughed so I punched him in the stomach.

– XX day XX month
Today we fought against a strong guardian beast. Russ was saying that it was a gatekeeper. What’s a gatekeeper? I didn’t see anything like a gate or a castle.

-XX day XX month
Today Odono-san put three demons on my body. I can feel that I’m going to be strong but Odono-san told me not to get carried away.

-XX day XX month
Today was another day out. We finally going out from the mountain.

-XX day XX month
This place was filled with monsters like a dungeon.

-XX day XX month
I tried to go to the bed and sleep together with Odono-san but that place had been taken by Momo and Hisan. I won’t lose tomorrow!

-XX day XX month
Today we were defeated by some kind of noisy insect monster. Its defense was so high; I really wonder if it’s really an insect.

-XX day XX month
We finally defeated the insect from yesterday. We covered it’s body on fire, in the process I died many times, even Russ was worn out. It wasn’t a convincing victory.

-XX day XX month
「Ghoul」! Today we met another strange monster, it was ghoul that guarded a small tree. It seemed that the ghoul understand what Odono-san was saying and they were talking. Afterward, Odono-san took them into the island. At that time when Odono-san was talking, Russ was trembling all the time. It seemed that it was fortunate that we don’t have to fight it. If not, we will be defeated badly.

-XX day XX month
Recently we just fought with monsters all the time. I’m tired.

-XX day XX month
I fought but the enemy was too strong. I died six times and even Russ said that it was dangerous. At the last moment, Odono-san had to join us to defeat the monster. Odono-san took out the monster magic ball. Since the monster looked like a dragon, so it should be valuable enough.

-XX day XX month
Since yesterday we beat a strong monster, even if we return to the 「Devil’s prison」 I have a confidence that this time we can win.

-XX day XX month
We defeated the monster at the 「Devil’s prison」! This time we won!

-XX day XX month
We came to the bottom layer of the 「Devil’s prison」 and there was a huge prison door. Russ saying that there was a monster sealed behind and I believe that it was stronger than any monsters that we ever face. If we go, there was no guarantee that we could survive so Odono-san said to us that we should leave it for the time being. Eventually, we defeated another dragon monster and took the magic ball.

-XX day XX month
Today Odono-san had a talk with Mussu. Mussu gave me sweets so he might be a good guy. Russ muttered that I was a simple brat so I stomped at his feet.

-XX day XX month
We traveled back to the island. The trees planted on the mountains had become larger and the ghoul was happy. The children came flocking towards Odono-san, that was my Odono-san! Even Momo was pouting. Hisan was like a child sulking and ran away flying.

-XX day XX month
Today I played around with Shiro!

-XX day XX month
Today we met with Odono-san companions.
Russ had a fight with Mari nee-chan and Kuro. Russ happened to ask me to stay behind.
Lena-chan was small.
Mari nee-chan was scary but gently and loving at the same time.
I am surprised that Kuro can speak since he was a goblin.
Today I entered the bath with Nina nee-chan. Her breasts were huge and floating! However, I have a strange feeling about her. She asked about Odono-san and I tell her about it. I got a feeling that she was hiding something. I need to watch out.

-XX day XX month
I feel something out of place. It was funny since she was Odono-san companion but I think that Nina nee-chan was suspicious. I will try to talk about it to Russ tomorrow.

-XX day XX month
Odono-san may not notice but Nina nee-chan was suspicious. I’ll try to talk to Russ tomorrow. Eh, I also wrote the same thing yesterday? It’s weird.

-XX day XX month
Suspicious! Definitely suspicious! Nina nee-chan is clearly hiding something. I will try to talk about it tomorrow to Russ.

“Oh, Namari-chan write something about me. But it’s not good.”
Nina let out a sigh. Contrary to her words, Nina’s expression was flat and didn’t show any emotion.
Nina tore off the diary that mentioned about herself and put it inside her item bag. The diary, she returned it into the bookshelf. Yu was at the first floor talking with Joseph and the rest; it will still be a while before he returned.
Nina then jumped on top of Yu’s bed.
“The person that burned Stella’s house… I will find you and kill you. Is it the holy kingdom? The order of immortal? The arc bishop? Another country? There are a lot of possibilities and so many spies. Ah, I’ll be busy killing them I guess.”
Nina then hugged Yu’s pillow and after a while her eyelids are closed. Soon enough she went to sleep.

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  1. reading the last part only make me wondering is the author still remember every character background ? if isnt wrong at first Nina introduced as normal adventure who have slightly androphobia since she nearly got raped in past, as for the reason why she didnt afraid of Yuu since he treat her nicely (?) and at first think about Yuu as brother. well it’s might be have something to do with stella brainwashed her or her background story actually a fake

  2. Maybe Nina has those double personalities where the “dark” Nina knew what Nina did but not vice-versa.

  3. ミ /彡   
    ..ミ、|ミ //彡 Thanks!
    ミ.|.ミ/ ./.|  Nepu!!
    .|//|.  []. ∧_∧
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    (Perfectly viewed on mobile….. probably?)

  4. Hmm, Nina has lost her appeal to me. Even if she is only trying to find and kill the person that set Stella’s house on fire the way she is going about is is definitely suspicious. Wait, when didn’t Stella’s son?(student) set her house on fire after she had moved on?

    Why would that warrant killing the guy? I’m once again confused as to the motives of the characters in this story.

    Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work.

  5. Wasn’t that nina is a spy like Stella? O.o everything about her is made out xd but after Stella died I think she did something to her who nose haaha

  6. thanks for the chapters! hopefully nina stay by yuu side, he have enough bad things in the past

  7. Probably Nina is or was a spy who was brainwashed by Stella to protect Yu… I mean, I remember that Stella somehow made everyone in the town forget about her like she never existed.. :/

  8. Namari is giving so many bits of information, gonna take a bit to sort all this and think about what’s to come. So uh, what part are we going to start at after reading all of Namari’s diary? Thanks for the chapter. Wonder how many chapters it will take for all those new characters to actually introduce themselves or will the author just use plot armor and dodge these new intros.

  9. This may be way to late to comment about and the topic of the theory that I am about to propose migh have already been explained in one of the next chapters but I want to write this:

    So here is my theory for why Yu has a different eye colour, really want a super high calss job like hero and why we havent seen him deprive or even look at the abilities of his oponents as of late.

    Right now Yu does not have his normal eyes (as in the ones in hsi head are not his original eyes). Think about it we had a clear emphasis on the fact that Yu was suffering form immense pain coming form his eyes. What if his eye abilities grew too much? No only are his abilities a huge cheat witch usualy would result in some sort of backlash but one of his abilities is pretty close to a cursed ability (born from his wish to take things away from others, plus stealing something irreplacable like skills isent exactly somthing that a holy skill would allow). The church even calls his skill the evil eye.

    With that we could figure that the skills becasue to much or maybe even becaseu cursed in some way. This would explain why his eye colour and normal fighting habits changed (I woud argue even his normal atitude is difrent since he lacks the info taht they would normaly give him, making him feel uneasy). In order to keep movieng on he either replaced his eye (hiding the originals to put back when he will be ready) or that he sealed them somehow.

    As for the hero job, well in order to use his eyes again he needs to get stronger and getting a job is quite a leap in strenght. However, back then when Yu used the crystal he got hundreds of possibilites in fornt of him even something like Sage apperead if I remember right. So why not take that, its seams like a really strong job and its not like it would be his last (before there was amencion of a sage or saint that had 6 or 7 jobs).

    Yu needs the strongest jobs possible so that he will not only be able to use his eyes but also to prevent something like this from happening again.

    Now that I am writing this I started to think that maybe his eyes were taking over his mind. There were many indications that Yu was summoned by some evil cult. There were even alusions to him being like the feared demon kings or something (they were talking about people that suddenly appeared like Yu and casueing great destrucion to the world). This is something that I dont belibe Yu would do on his own. He is to nice and he would need to be provoked at first but what if the skill would change him and make him carve for more skills to the point that he would becasue a difrent peorson. I mean the backlash from his eye has always had something to do with his head.

    I apologize for the mistakes but I was writing this in a hurry and I really dont have the time to even check if I wrote this whole thing right 😛

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