TDADP chapter 160

TDADP chapter 160: delivery
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After Yu finished the discussion with the demi-human race, he goes back to the mansion from the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon along with the other. It was also the time that the goods that Yu asked Mago and Victor to buy will be delivered this afternoon. The first thing Yu did was sitting on the sofa in the living room while the other was taking a rest. However, his face wasn’t relaxed. There was a reason for this.

“Huah, you’ve come back. I’m bored waiting for you.”

The sofa in the mansion was crafted by a villager. It was made from a famous wood-pane and the level of the woodwork is high. It was highly comfortable and will give you a good leisure time on top of the sofa. The reason Yu wasn’t even relaxing is because Joseph at the moment is laying down on the other sofa and looked even more relaxed than Yu.

“You, what are you doing?”

“Me? Do I looked like that I was doing something?” I just came because I feel like I wanted to drink today.”

“What? Do you have something to celebrate?”

“Eh, you came back today. Isn’t that a good enough reason?”
Joseph talked back to him as if it was natural. Marifa who had returned and stood besides Yu was displeased after seeing that. Even Momo who’s on top of Yu’s head staring at Joseph grumpily which was rare. Namari on the other hand only admiring Joseph muscles and touching it like crazy. Lena without caring was reading a book about magic tools that Yu gave to her.

“Marifa, bring me some drinks.”
Marifa then went to the kitchen and took out some ale from a barrel which was actually a magic tool that Yu created. This was the so-called simple refrigerator.

“Ah! Drinking cold alcohol is the best! I can’t have enough of this.”
Joseph drank the ale that has been poured into a glass and gulped it down all at once; afterwards, he wiped his mouth with his hand.

“Is that so? Then go home already.”
“You stupid. I won’t be satisfied with only one glass of this delicious ale. Marifa, bring me some more!”
Marifa looked at Yu as if asking for permission. Yu can only nodded while sighing.

“Ah, that ale really hits the spot. Now I need some food.”

Yu can only rub his temple hearing that as he went to the kitchen. He put a large amount of oil in a frying pan and heat it up. He fried chicken skin on it. At another pot, he boiled water and put in some edamame and season it with salt.

“Master, you should leave such things to me.”
“Oh, I’m just tired and I want him to go home soon.”
In the living room, Namari jumped on top of Joseph and touched his stomach. It was full of abdominal muscle and it was hard. Momo on the other hand was pulling at his hair.

“Whoa! The crisp skin and the cold ale fits perfectly!”
Joseph was eating the piping hot fried skin as he drank the ale afterwards. He also ate the edamame the same way, always with ale after one bite. This made Marifa worried since he was asking for more ale without even asking for Yu’s permission anymore. She can only put some more ale on the table.

Namari and Momo looked at Joseph eating edamame and drinking ale deliciously and as they tried to reach out for some ale, they were scolded by Yu and asked to wait outside of the house.

“So what are you doing here in the afternoon?”(Yu)
“Uh, because I have some work to do.”(Joseph)
“yeah, drinking at day time and eating. You can say that work?”(Yu)
“My master is trying to say that even elves and goblins work harder than you.” (Marifa)
Yu and Marifa were staring at Joseph in silence. He wanted to look for some help from Lena but she was focusing in reading. When she was disturbed, she gave the same cold gaze like Yu’s towards Joseph. It was the look that the family gave to a father that was sitting at the home at Sunday and drinking alcohol all day long.

“Ah, I remember Mofisu asked me to do something. I can’t even take a day off. Ah, that guy is working me off. What a pain.”
Joseph pretended to be busy and avoid any eye contact with Yu. Of course, Yu knew that it was a dubious attitude which meant it’s a lie.

“Alright then. I think it’s time for me to go meet with Mofisu.”
Joseph then stood up and wanted to flee from the living room. However, before he left, Yu threw a key at him.

“What is this? What key is this?”
“It’s the key to the house. We may be going out for several days so in the meantime the mansion will be empty. If you want some ale, it’s in the kitchen. Wine and dried meat are in the basement.”
Yu himself doesn’t drink liquor despite he always had some ale and wine in stock. Joseph in fact felt a little lonely whenever Yu isn’t at home and nobody to open the door so he was in fact very happy.

“Alright, you can leave taking care of the house to me.”
Joseph gave a reliable answer.

On the road leading towards Yu’s mansion, there were a lots of goats, sheep, cattle, and horses. Several people were acting as the shepherd and herding dogs were brought to maintain the animals. Some escorts were also hired by Mago and Victor to guard and watch the surroundings.

The carriage was loaded with furniture, silks, cloths, and many other things. The rest of more expensive items were put inside the item bag.
“Haha, all the thing that Yu-san asked is in here. I believe that he will be happy.”
“Hmph, what is so great about that? I also finished all the task and gathered all the things and I never lost to anyone Mago-dono.”
Before reaching Yu’s mansion, the battle of merchants’ ego between Mago and Victor were going on. Mago has been trading with Yu since he was still a D-rank adventurer. By the time the other merchants wanted to make a deal with Yu, Mago had gained a few steps forward advantage over it. Therefore, he wasn’t willing to let the free nation Hameln merchants to make a deal with Yu either.

Despite of all that, Victor was still able to come and settle a deal. Even the noble and royal family from many countries in the end chose him as their exclusive merchants. The most important thing about him was that he was able to win the people trust.
“Victor-dono, if you’re trying your best, I’m afraid that I wasn’t your match. However, I’ve been doing business with Yu-san since a long time and we have a good relationship. I don’t know if that’s count but I know him better.”
“No, no, you’re mistaking something. I don’t want to go against Mago-dono. I only wanted to be friends with Yu-san.”
Victor in return, handling Mago word calmly. In the end, the decision was depending on Yu.

“Is there a problem?”
“I see that most of the item that you’re selling to Yu-san are mostly livestock. Do you have any idea what he is going to do with it?”
Mago was questioning Victor as if he was trying to find out something. If one’s look closer, Victor’s eyes changes in a second before returning back to normal with a friendly smile.

“So Marifa, there is no problem right?”
“Yes sir.”
Marifa greeted Mago along with Coro and the black wolves. They soon brought back the group towards the mansion.

Even though the mansion has a large yard, it doesn’t mean that it was possible for several hundreds of livestock to enter. Nobody can’t imagine that actually all of the several hundred livestock entered the mansion gate one by one without any problem. The shepherds and escorts that saw that were also surprised. It was such a strange sight; seeing all of the livestock entering the mansion gate.

“What is happening? I didn’t think that the mansion garden was this big.”
“I believe that it was impossible in the first place.”
Although it was really out of everybody expectation, Victor didn’t say anything more. Since the outer walls of the mansion were high and plants grown all over it because of Hisui, it made it impossible for people outside to see what is happening inside.

“If it’s Yu-san maybe it is possible after all.”
Victor was stroking his beard as he heard Mago’s words.
“It’s better not to think or ask too much if you want to have a business with me.”
Yu then walked towards the two and passed a cloth bag. The contents of the bag were white gold and it was filled to the brim.

“Oh my!”
The escorts can’t help but let out a shocked shout as he looked at the amount of money. In the other hand, Victor looked calm receiving all that money. After all, he has been doing business for so many years and when he was representing Hamelin he often carried that much money with him.

“What are you looking at?”
That voice wasn’t loud but everyone who heard that was startled. The escorts and the shepherds then continued their work.

“Hey Mago-dono. Don’t scold them. It’s rare for them to see a lot of money.”
Mago hearing that only looked at Victor in resentment. Of course, Mago himself was shocked since the money he received from Yu was more than what he expected.

“Yu-san, the amount… it seems there’s a mistake.”
“That’s alright. This time I just put a little bonus.”
In reality, to say that it was a little bonus was too much.
“Ahahaha, it’s a little bonus. Why so serious?”
On the other hand, Victor was trying to use this time to get closer to Yu. Momo and Namari who saw that immediately came between the two and that made Victor stupefied and cleared his throat to clear the awkwardness.

“Speaking of which, do you guys sell ship?”
“What? Ship?”
Mago and Victor replied to Yu question at the same time. Mago was disgusted at that fact but Victor looked at him with a smile.

“No, never mind.”
It may have been only a slip of a tongue but the both of them can smell a large amount of gold from that. Of course, they can provide ships. Some are focusing on speed, while merchant’s ship usually focusing on their capacity and durability. Of course, there are sailor and captains too in this world. The two of them also realized that it was a simple business when trading with royal family and nobles but the amount of profit they made from having a transaction with Yu was actually higher.

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