TDADP chapter 161

TDADP chapter 161: nameless island
(edited by ganjz)
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After finish delivering the amount of materials and livestock that Yu asked for; Mago and Victor immediately left without even saying a goodbye. After the two went home, the next person who came was Wood.

Behind him, there were two undead dogs colored gold and silver. To avoid any unnecessary commotion at Comer city; both of the dogs were covered by robe,

“Ah, it seems that I’m not late.”
“uncle, you bring your luggage already?”
At that time when Yu talked with Wood, he was taking a distance from Nina and the girls. After all, Yu was going to bring Wood to the island.

If a skilled person or organization was going to gather some more information about Yu. sooner or later they will discover about Wood and the situation may get out of hand.

In fact, there had been several attempts of people trying to break in into Wood’s shop. Whether it was to gather some information or aiming for the precious materials and minerals that were stored there, it was enough reason for Yu to call Wood. All this time, it was all thanks to gold and silver that all of the intruders were successfully killed.

“All of my personal belongings, tools and materials are inside the item bag that you gave me. I wonder how can this item bag hold so much item.”
Wood said that as he patted an item bag that was tied to his waist while laughing.

“Alright, so let’s go now.”
As Wood entered the mansion gates together with Yu, he let out a surprised voice.
“What is this? All of them are fairies?”
In front of Wood, hundreds of fairy were floating and flying around in the garden.

One of the fairies noticed Yu and Woods and approached them.
“Yu, you promised that you will play with me.”
“but I didn’t make that promise with you. I know that you’re a different fairy.”
Hearing Yu words, the red-haired fairy shook her body.
“Is that true? But we’re all alike.”
“I won’t lie. I remember each one of you face by face. For example, her, that fairy over there, also that one over there, I really remember you all.”
Hearing that Yu actually remembered them one by one, the fairy face turned red.

“Really you can differentiate us by our face. Fu fu fu, he he he,”
“Are you there Momo?”
The fairy that was hiding behind another fairy, was Momo. She was upset but wasn’t that angry again when Yu called her name. then she looked towards Yu from behind another fairy.

“I still remember when we found Momo. This child was found in the nearby forest and it seems that she was attacked by a monster and caught by a human before.” A fairy with green hair explained about Momo’s past.

“However, I can’t even imagine that this child has become so strong, even stronger than us. I wonder if it’s a good or a bad thing.”

“Momo, are you gathering spirits alone without permission?”
When her name was called again, Momo can only peek from the back of a fairy. Usually, when Yu called out her name, she will come flying towards him immediately but right now Momo was walking while tottering like a child that was afraid to be scolded. Then Yu lifted Momo and put her on top of his palm.

Just with that one word, Momo was about to cry and looked at Yu gingerly.

“Because the enemy is going to be a lot stronger from now on. I want you to be responsible and protect everyone.”
Momo didn’t understand his words immediately but when she did, her crying face gradually changed into a smiling one and jumped towards Yu’s cheek and rubbed her own cheek on it.

“Oh my God, look at what she did! It must be nice to do that.”
“haha, I also want to do that.”
“Fufu, I should’ve known that this will happen.”
Red, green, yellow and blue haired fairies were all now flying towards Yu. their mood was ecstatic as they cling on his body. Soon one after another fairy followed after. Wood can only look at that scene with a loud laugh.

“Uncle, what’s so funny?”
“hahaha, what’s funny? Look at yourself.”
“You should’ve help me.”
After around ten minutes, finally Yu was tired but able to free himself from the flock of fairies. Yu and Wood then headed towards the mansion.

In the garden, Nina and the others were ready to move. Namari who saw Wood was now clinging at his feet.

“Yu, I almost fall asleep.” (Nina)
“…slow.” (Lena)
“Sorry, my bad.” (Yu)
Wood then looked at the middle of the garden. Somehow it was different from what he usually saw.

A portion of the space was cut off. It was like two different location put together as the other side is an entirely different location and view. Wood looked to the other side where it was occupied by dense wilderness. Marifa was there with the livestock and seemed to be heading out first.

“Odono-san, let’s go now.”
“Alright Namari, you can lead the way.”
As Yu said so, he passed a cloth bag containing candy to Namari. Namari then nodded and show an unusual serious face.

“I’m looking forward to it~” (Nina)
“…one day I’ll be able to use this kind of magic.” (Lena)
Nina was always optimistic and full of enthusiasm while Lena was curious about Yu’s 【space and time】 magic.

Before leaving, Yu had explained towards the girls that it will be a dangerous journey however they kept on insisting that they wanted to go together. Nina walked on Yu’s side and Lena clinging on his back as if it was natural. Marifa who was far away doesn’t seem to bother as she recalled her place in her master heart without hesitation.

“Everyone are you ready?”
“I’m ready!”
On this day, the fairies and black wolves’ horde from Yu’s mansion had disappeared and can no longer be seen. They were all simply gone missing, migrated. It might not attract attention since Comer is a small city. However, the Houdon Kingdom will get suspicious if a large amount of monster were going on a group migrating. More importantly, what was affected was the number of spirits. Spirits can’t be seen and it was a part of nature. It was something that is making the land fertile. Speaking of which, when an area has no spirit, then the land might go barren. So sometimes, there might be a suspicion that another country attacked another kingdom by taking their spirit.
(Tl note: from what I get these spirit here is like mother earth’s element and it was the same that is gathered by Momo earlier)

“What is this place?”
Nina mouth was open wide because it was all trees and wilderness as far as her eyes can see. The fairies were somehow disappointed because the environment was different from what they expected.

“…I can’t believe it.”
Lena said that as she looked at the sky. She was surprised because the scale of the 【barrier】 was unimaginable.

“This isn’t finished yet. It’s still in development.” (Yu)
“So, where am I going to live?” (Wood)
“Over there, uncle Wood, over there!”
Namari then pulled on Wood’s arm as he leads the way.

“Namari, wait a little bit. Shiro is coming.”
Nina had a question. Who is Shiro?

Soon, the ground rumbled as a crack can be seen. In front of Yu, a five-meter-tall variant of 「Carrion Caterpillar」 appeared with and it was more than thirty meters long.
“Yu! this is, what to do?”
“…big worm.”
“master, please stand behind me.”
Marifa quickly acted like a shield and stood in front of Yu. Coro and orchid were already preparing to go to battle and can attack at any time.

“Don’t eat me!”
“there are more delicious things to eat. But definitely not me.”

Everyone doesn’t know that it was Shiro and especially the fairies were so noisy. Only when Momo came forward and sat on top of Shiro, everyone’s composure returned little by little.

“Oh wow, it’s wonderful.”
“It’s awesome, we’re riding this huge carrion caterpillar.”
“…. I’m…invincible.” (Lena lol)
“Haha, I can boast to other dwarves, I might be the only dwarf that has ever ridden this thing!” (obviously Wood lol)
“It seems that now we’re unbeatable!”
“Fufufu, come enemy no matter how strong you are!”

Everyone expression changed and now it was full of excitement. The most excited ones were Lena, Wood and the fairies.

“You guys are so noisy. Please lower your voice since Shiro is very sensitive to sound.”
Hearing that, the fairy and everyone’s voice started to lowering down.

Shiro on the other hand was happy meeting Yu and Namari after a long time and think of it as playing together. Behind Shiro, the black wolves were following closely while escorting the livestocks.
“Odono-san, look we’ve arrived.”
“I can see something!”

Finally, the wilderness that seemed to last forever ends. Green lush, forest and mountains can be seen up ahead. The fairies that were thinking that their expectations were betrayed when they first arrived were now smiling gleefully. The sight was so wonderful and natural. Nina can’t close her mouth. Marifa wore a stupefied look that was very unusual.

The mountain, on top of it, there was a big tree that can be described as huge. It was growing from the top center of the mountain and recessed into a bowl shape. The height of the tree can easily reach a few hundred meters. The only thing that was in Marifa’s mind was a story that has been told to her countless time by her parents.

“master… that tree… is it possible? Haha… impossible… but…”
“Haha, Mari nee-chan, you’re acting strange.”
“Namari, please shut up! Master, that tree, is it possible that it was the 「World Tree」? I have never seen the real thing. Such thing is only possible to grow in a 「Holy Land」. I don’t know anything to say anymore. Is that true? Impossible, but that…”
“Apparently it’s correct. There’s even some little trees.”
Yu then pulled Marifa forwards which was still trembling nervously.

Elves and dark elves, had been risking their life in order to protect the 「World tree」 that has naturally become the core of the 「Holy land」. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was their ‘God’ in the terms of religion.

Marifa since long has accepted Yu as her master and served him full heartedly; now, it has been taken to another level. She even showed a smile of ecstasy as Yu never stopped to give her surprises.
“Wow, mari-chan. What kind of smile is that?” (Nina)
“Are you… aroused because of a tree?” (Lena)
“Mari nee-chan is lewd. Haha!” (Namari)
“No! you’re all mistaken! Master, I’m, I’m…”
Marifa was red up to her ears and was left behind unmoving. Nina, Wood, and the fairy had moved forward and put a little distance between them. Momo silently smiling on top of Yu’s head.

“Shiro has been a little quiet because we’ll arrive soon.”
Yu himself wished that everyone could be quiet so it was peaceful and silent. Although it was impossible, the group now leaving the wilderness towards the plains.

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