TDADP chapter 164 (part 1)

Chapter 164: fear, ambition, and admiration
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(author note: there will be cruel depiction.)

“Good morning~ everyone!”
“Urgh… Namari, can’t you lower your voice a bit?”

Namari was greeting everyone with an energetic voice but it was clearly too loud for Rubanofu that was a beastmen with sharp hearing. Mauno from the magic dwarf race pathetically murmured something as Rubanofu didn’t miss that too. Byarune from the fallen dwarf race was still sleeping, Mauno slowly woke up as he and Rubanofu were holding their head because they felt a little bit of headache.

“Mauno-dono, Rubanofu-dono, how are you feeling?”
“I think I drank too much sake.”

“Odono-san, what do you think?”

In front of Rubanofu, Yu was sitting with Namari beside him.

“Leave it to me. It’s just because we drink too much.”
Mauno then took an earthen gourd that was purchased from Victor which is used to hold the alcohol and broke it on the ground to wake him up. It immediately broke and Namari was even surprised with the sound as he pressed his head against Yu’s chest.

“Wake up, the king has came to talk with us. How can you show such an unsightly sight in the morning?”

“It’s fine. I can speak to you guys at another time, but the most important thing is don’t fight with each other. The truth is, I want to speak to you guys yesterday but you guys were drinking. So I decided to talk to you today in the morning.”

If there’s something different today, that was the treatment that was given to Yu. The reason for that was Marifa that was standing behind him. Marifa has given some tutelage to the beast men group, although the fallen dwarf and the magic dwarf didn’t know the details but they can see the effectiveness.

The beastmen were becoming Yu’s foot and hand (servants) while they were also serving meals to him. Nina and Lena has been enjoying the meal carefreely beside him but Yu was a little bit uncomfortable because of this new treatment, only Marifa was paying attention to the surroundings with eyes as cold as ice.

“My king, Flavia is bringing you a cup of tea.”
It was a voice of a young girl; it was a beast girl from the cat race whom was bringing a cup of tea in a tray. However, Marifa was faster than her as she took the tray from her. The cat girl can only let out a stressed out “argh” but looking at her, there were bruises here and there; she was definitely one of the women that was disciplined by Marifa yesterday.

“Oh Flavia, you can leave and continue your job.”
Rubanofu tried to eliminate the air that suddenly became heavier by calling out to her.

“You, the dark elf! Don’t think that I’ve lost to you already! Remember, I’ll have my revenge!”
Flavia said that as she ran away which made Namari even stunned and admire her.

“You! It seems like I haven’t taught you enough lessons!” (Marifa)

“Back to the topic, have you guys done agriculture or farming?” (Yu)

“We have never done it since we’re from the beast race which always obtained food from hunting prey. The best we could do are collecting some nuts or mushrooms.” (Rubanofu)

“The magic dwarf group isn’t any different. Not to mention that the number of livestocks that my king brought this time is… a lot.” (Mauno)

“I don’t think that’s our situation, is too much different either. The beast men, the fallen dwarf group, the magic dwarf group, we all have been living in terrible environment. The problem with livestock is the price. We can only find some from a peddling merchant and the price is a total rip off.” (Rubanofu)

“So?” (Yu)

“Even if we wanted to, we can’t afford to buy the livestock.” (Mauno)

“Alright, it’s decided then, we will buy some slaves when we return to Comer.” (Yu)

“My king, why do you need slaves?” (Rubanofu)

“You guys may hate humans for slavery but this is something that we can’t neglect. The beast men and the dwarves aren’t able to do agriculture, so we need more hands. How’s the fallen dwarf group lately?” (Yu)

“We’re grateful for the king. Some of the dwarves are pregnant and before we all lived in fear, frightened and have to move everywhere. Right now we can raise our children in peace, it’s all thanks to the king.” (Byarune)

“Everyone should hear what Byarune said. We also need to think about future generations, our children. Right now the food is no longer enough to supply our whole population. Since the number keeps on growing, we need a stable source of food and agriculture is the best choice. The south of the village has been developed by Hisui and Shiro in order to prevent hunger for now. At the east of the village, there will be plots of land to raise livestock and vineyards which are now being prepared by Russ and the undeads. I also wanted to make a harbor and in the west of the mountain, I want to raise monsters.” (Yu)

“My king, why do you want to raise monsters?”

“「Boar soldier」, 「demons」, 「speedy rabbit」, 「houdon deer」, and low rank 「demon birds」, they are all low rank monster. These are to be arbitrarily breeding. It is to teach our younger generation on how to hunt and fight. Rubanofu, the younger generations still need to learn how to hunt isn’t it?” (Yu)

“As the king has say, even if the younger generation can be taught on how to farm but still the beast instinct is to obtain food by hunting and we will always be a beast race.” (Rubanofu)
Mauno nodded hearing Rubanofu explanation but in contrast Byarune was looking at him with cold eyes.

“The crystal to change jobs are also will be prepared soon. When it’s ready, I want you to meet Russ.”

It was uncontrollably that their replied was full of energy. After all they are so excited. They aren’t allowed to changes job since they can’t enter the guild hall. The dwarves were also exiled from the main dwarf race, all of them can’t enter villages or city to change their job. Some were lucky enough to enter but they don’t have enough money and gold to change their job. Because of that most of them are in the state where they don’t have any job or profession.

“Alright, I want you to keep on passing the book to the back. Each job information is written in the book so I want you guys to read and choose carefully before you change jobs. I also want you to pass this book to the demi human group that will come here in a few days time.”

“The…demi human group?”
Mauno from the magic dwarf race didn’t really have problem with this since they were also a mixed race from demon and can be called demi dwarf race. The fallen dwarf race of Byarune also doesn’t really mind about it. However, Rubanofu form the beast race had a blatantly unpleasant look.

“Rubanofu, what is it? Are you opposing to the demi human group migration?” (Yu)

“Eh? What happened? Why? No, the demi human group is strong!”
Breaking the silence, it was Namari loud voice asking to Rubanofu with a confused look. It even surprised Momo that was sleeping inside Yu’s flight hat.

“Well, I couldn’t say that I hate them. It’s just that the demi human group sided with the demons in the second holy demon war. King, did you know about this?” (Rubanofu)

“Yes, I know about that. But you should know that they are different from those demi humans. The story about it, even the fairies who lived in the forest knew about it. I just asked you guys not to bring the story up.” (Yu)

“Yes King.”
“Yes, my king… of course.” (Rubanofu)
Rubanofu was a little bit dissatisfied with Yu’s attitude and Marifa who noticed that directing a stabbing gaze at Rubanofu.

“Rubanofu, if there’s something that you want to say, or you need me to convince the beast race, you can tell me any time. Is the beast race questioning my decision now?” (Yu)

“Ah, no thank you. There is none of the beast race people that is dissatisfied with the king’s decision. Not even one.” (Rubanofu)
All of the beast race including Rubanofu are now sweating profusely. Rubanofu remembered again before it was too late. In front of him, Yu was only a boy in appearance only. That day, the light and dark of the beast race tribe that Rubanofu led was divided as he decided to pledge loyalty till death to Yu.

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  1. Thanks for tbe chap. It’s just me who think that Yu should put limits for Marifa… She has been too bad for the ones that has contact to Yu, imposing those behaviors. I think that Yu notice alread… She is almost slavering(depriving) them.

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