TDADP chapter 169 part 1

TDADP chapter 169: two swords versus two swords
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Comer city’s adventurer’s guild, the first floor receptionist was Collet Mysle. Even if the adventurers that came to the guild were rough man, she was not prejudiced against them and constantly responding to them with a smile. Unusually today she seemed to be having problems answering them. In front of her, two adventurers were pressing for an answer while trying to be friendly.

“So, I want to meet an adventurer named Yu Sato.”

“Yeah. I don’t have any evil intention but from the way I see he has become a C rank adventurer. Yu Sato became a C rank in less than a year after he registered as an adventurer. We want to know what a promising new adventurer looks like. We came all the way from the kingdom, so tell me where I can find him. I would like you, a cute girl to show us to his house or the inn he is staying now. I will definitely be happy if you do so.”

“I can’t. the information of adventurers are prohibited to be told to a third party.” (Collet)

Even if it was not prohibited, Collet aren’t willing to tell them.

“You guys are nagging so bad.” (Lalit)
Seeing that Collet was in trouble, Lalit came to separate them. It seemed that the adventurers that saw Collet was troubled by these guys came to find Lalit.

“Eh? Who are you? I don’t think that I have a problem with you.”
“What are you trying to do? Are you trying to find a trouble with the ‘Dragon Fang’ clan?”
“’Dragon Fang’? I never heard it.” (Lalit)

Lalit really doesn’t know of a clan named ‘Dragon Fang’. After all, it was impossible to grasp all the names of clans which were numerous. The two people claimed to be from the ‘Dragon Fang’, it wasn’t rare for a clan named dragon since it can be found anywhere starting from a store named using the word dragon.

“Really? You don’t know about our ‘Dragon Fang’? Then how about ‘Dragon Brigade’? the ‘Dragon Fang’ is a subsidiary branch of the ‘Dragon Brigade.”

When the man said ‘Dragon’s Brigade’, it was one of the nomad’s clan. Coming from Samwana Kingdom, even though it wasn’t a famous country to say and the size of the country can only be categorized as a small country; however, in this country, there was a clan whose name reached out to other countries. That was the ‘Dragon Brigade’. Currently this small clan have six A rank adventurer while previously it has seven.

“Say, don’t you recognize the ‘Dragon Brigade’? It only has six A rank adventurers because the leader Leobanirum was recently promoted to the S rank.”
The two looked directly into Lalit’s eyes as they try to show off.

“So, what now?”
“Do you know what you’re doing? You’re going to become enemy with-“
“What happen now is you’re going to be taught a lesson.”
A giant made through the onlookers and stand beside Lalit, it was Eckart. Eckart just like Lalit doesn’t have any clan and only took a quest whenever he felt like doing it and used the rest of the time in an arbitrary adventurer’s life. Although he was alone, he still stepped forward when he saw that Lalit was in a trouble.

“Hey Eckart. I don’t know you are so considerate.”
“It is two on two now.”
“Eckart, it is fine if you want to help me but they are from the ‘Dragon Brigade’ branch, the ‘Dragon Fang’.”
“Lalit, you should probably tell them that I don’t care even if they have a big clan behind them.”
The onlookers now looked at the scene which has become interesting.

“Holy! It seems that the rumor was true!” one of the two man laughed in amazement.
“It wasn’t a rumor!” The onlooker was hissing when they heard that.
“Oh, it’s certainly true! Comer city’s adventurers are stupid. They are trying to fight people despite their poor competence.”
“What? Kill them!”
The onlookers were aroused and their hatred were directed to the two people.

“Awawa, Rebecca, what to do!”
As the uproar increases, Collet that was staying there seek Rebecca in a hurry.

“I don’t know. They won’t listen anyway because those guys are fools.”
When she said that, Rebecca knew that the adventurers were feeling a bit ashamed but they can’t talk back to the guild receptionist and it was true nevertheless.

“Really? Then Fifi, please help me.”
“Well, why don’t we leave them alone? Even Rebecca and Anna usually stand aside.”
“Even Fifi is not helping. I have to stop this. Ah, Yu-san!”
As the senior, Rebecca and Fifi didn’t do anything to help Collet and when she was trying to find a way to stop the commotion, she saw Yu.

“Where is Yu-chan? My Yu-chan?”
“Fifi, since when did Yu became your belonging?”
Fifi didn’t even pay attention to the commotion just now, only when Yu was mentioned she started to search for his figure.”

“But, won’t you have to go to the second floor?”
“Ah, that is only to find Yu.”
The onlookers were ready for a fight when they saw Yu coming in.

“Hey, that black hair.”
“Oh, definitely not him.”
The two man glared through Lalit and Eckart ignoring them, looking at Yu.

“I assume that you are Yu Sato. We are Dominic and Boris from the ‘Dragon Fang’ clan. The ‘Dragon Fang’ clan is a subsidiary branch of the ‘Dragon Brigade’. Even if you don’t know about the ‘Dragon Fang’, you should know about the ‘Dragon Brigade’ right?”
“I don’t know.”
The duo were at a loss for words hearing that and laughter can be heard from the surrounding.

“Well, if you don’t know it wasn’t strange since you just become an adventurer in less than a year. So it is normal that if you don’t know. Normally you will know about the ‘Dragon Brigade’.”

Musu once eaten at Yu’s mansion before and he said something about the ‘Dragon Brigade’ but it has disappeared from Yu’s memory.

“Oh well, we are the same C rank as you and we’re interested in you because you got to C rank in less than a year after registering as an adventurer. Because of that we have came all the way from the kingdom to meet you.”


“You’re a promising new rookie adventurer. We would like to see your ability.”

“But I’m different. You guys are C rank, I’m a B rank.”

“What? B…B rank? You are B rank?”
The duo was staring at Yu with a stupid face. The same was happening to the surrounding adventurers were all eyes focusing on him.

“You see.”
Yu took out his adventurer card and it was colored gold. The duo were dumbfounded seeing that golden card.
(Tl note: the author never really explaining about adventurer card right?)

“tell me this is a lie. A kid like you is a B rank?”

“Hey, you should show some respect not just blabbering around when talking to someone with higher adventurer ranks than you.”
Lalit and Eckart were laughing out loud as the two people were staring at Yu with a weird face. Of course, some people tried to hide their smile. Joseph also present as the corner of his mouth are rising upwards.

“What’s with this fuss? It’s because of Yu I guess.”
Joseph appeared from the second floor. Behind him, it was an elven girl and another girl with gothic style clothes. There were no active adventurers in Comer city that doesn’t know about the two girls. 「Sword Princess」 Claudia Balling and 「Magic Sword Princess」 Lara Tombler. The two girl are famous in the Comer city but they rarely show up in the adventurer guild. Most of the men were swept away by their beautiful appearance.
(TL note: the two girl was introduced in chapter 165 and changes to their name were made along with Claudia’s sword dancer title into sword princess by the author)

“Oh, well. You ate the meat that I’ve been saving.” (Yu)
“Ah, but what is there to do if it wasn’t to be eaten? Also the amount of liquor wasn’t even enough.” (Joseph)
Most of the meat that Yu saved were eaten by Joseph and because the liquor in the outside world was expensive, Joseph spared no kindness in emptying Yu’s stock of liquor as well as the meat.

“I said that you can eat, but there should be a limit. The price of the meat and liquor should be paid in the training field.” (Yu)

“Is he courting death?”

From around you can hear people screaming and called out to Lalit and Eckart urging them to stop Yu.

There were only a few people who came to Comer city to challenge Joseph. The reason was that there are only a few, some people only heard the rumor about Joseph from the rest. The reason was simple; it is because Joseph was simply too strong. Except for some exceptional B ranker, there is no one else that was trying to challenge Joseph in a one on one fights. Even for an A rank adventurer, it was a rare occurrence.

Although it was said that there is no one that doesn’t know about the ‘Dragon Brigade’ if they were an adventurer, there are still people from general public who doesn’t know about them. However, when talking about Joseph Jolm, no one out there doesn’t know about him. The name was a living legend, talked among poets and citizens as heroes. From the Daelim empire in the north to the Hameln in the south, from small children to the elderly, all knew about him.
(Tl note: previously Joseph name was Joseph Yorumu, I change it to Jolm, which one you prefer guys?)

“You better stop, you see. Even though Joseph looks like this, he is not a muscle brain even though all he thinks is only muscle. Ha ha ha ha, I’m sorry ha.”

“Who is the muscle brain! You want a beating?”

Claudia’s cheeks were pulled to the left and right by Joseph. It only made her beautiful face to be miserable but it doesn’t stop a few people to be excited about it. Claudia’s cheeks were burning red when Joseph released his fingers.

“Claudia, you should think about what you say carefully because Joseph can’t even hold back against a girl. You are so stupid. Aw, it hurts.”
Joseph at that point already send a finger attack on Lara’s temple. She striked the floor and rubbed her temple.

“Do you want me to beat you to make you behave nicely? If not, just leave here.”
“He really doesn’t hold back.”
“He just do what he wants.”

As usual, Joseph can’t read the situation. “Do you think that I am similar to a gorilla?”
“Fufu, Joseph resembles gorilla more than a real gorilla. Aw, hurts.”
This time Joseph drop a fist at Lara’s head and headed to the training field ahead.

“You… are you seriously challenging that Joseph Jolm?”
“You doesn’t even have to win. Surviving a battle with Joseph, you can be considered a legend to come out alive.”
The duo, Boris and Dominic were asking Yu that appeared to be an idiot to challenge Joseph.

“Don’t stick your nose to my business. I got plenty of time for you guys after I handle Joseph.”

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