27 – Night Battle

Episode 27: Night Battle

” Waaa… Forgive me.. ”

It was Ninas screaming voice. We had returned from dinner and are having a special class to teach Nina writing and mathematic, however she was bad at it.

” Why is Yuu so smart? ”

” Because I study everyday. ”

When I was still alive, I studied everyday. If I went back home, my step father would abuse me, so going to library was my best shot to kill time. I chose the public library, because the school couldn’t satisfy my thirst of knowledge. Because of that, my knowledge may be one of the best in this world.

Nina is blocking her ears with both hands. Lena on the other hand is willing to learn.

“Now,  lets see the book we bought about skills, Nina, when you turned into an assassin what skills can you use? ”

” Hmm… Because I just changed my job, it seemed that I can’t use it. ”

Skills, not because you have it means that you can use it. It also requires practice for years to master. There is even an upgraded version of [stealth] and [silent step], called [cloaking] but it won’t be available before you master the two. Like Lalit who seemed to trained his skill at the guild hall.

My job on the other hand, magic warrior is able to fight with swords and magic. The job skill could make me use [magic sword] which is able to use elements to make my sword becoming a magic weapon. It will be extremely useful to face monster using their weakness elements.

“Should we ask the uncle to teach you? ”

” Joseph? ” (Nina)

” No, the stupid uncle. ”

” The perverted uncle should die.. ” (Lena)

Lena seemed to be still angry at him.

While we are talking, the water is boiling.  In the village a bath wasn’t available but in a big city like this, baths with hot water are widely available.

” I like it when it’s hot. ” (Lena)

” Me too.. Let’s enter.. ” (Nina)

” You guys can go ahead. I’ll enter later. ”

” What? ” (Nina)

She was looking at me with a silly face.

” What? Do you want to say anything? ” (Yu)

” No… So, Lena you could enter first..” (Nina)

Nina is now making a serious face, I’m worried about what she is thinking.

“I’m done.. ”

Lena is dressed in a simple pajama that we bought today. It looked more like a night gown rather than a pajama. The two mountains on her chest are soaring, however it’s better if I didn’t say anything. After that it was my turn because Nina decided to go last.

The bathtub is enough for one person to relax in. I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the one I made in Resser village so I quickly jumped in.

I feel something is off when I opened my eyes. Nina is jumping in to the tub.

“Whaaaaa… ”

” As expected, Yu didn’t notice my [stealth] and [silent step]. ”

What stunned me isn’t the sight of Nina naked without even a single thread covering her. She was pressing her dangerous bun on my back.

” Ehehehe.. It feels good..” (Nina)

“There’s something weird on my back. This is bad.. ”

” Really? Bad? ”

Even so she was saying it while happy.

Upon exiting the bath, Lena looked at me without even thinking if there’s something wrong.

Since there are only two beds,  one is for me and the other is for Nina and Lena. However they climbed up on my bed. When I was in the middle, Nina strength is holding me down and Lena comes adding the pressure.


If only they showed this kind of cooperation in battle. It will be tiring if I get all sweaty again so I just accepted my fate.

Nina is inhaling deep.

“Fuuaah..  ”

Lena also has been tainted by Nina habit, she is also sniffing me.

” Yu… Smells good. ”

When Lena said that, Nina leg is entangled my feet.

” True.. Yu smells good. ”

While being sandwiched and unable to move, can I sleep?


Mofisu and Joseph are drinking in the guild master room.

” So, the rookie is better than we originally thought? ”

Mofisu already heard about the battle but he wanted to ask Joseph the details by inviting him to a drink.

” If it wasn’t a request from you, I wonder if I will really crush him. ”

Mofisu was surprised to hear that.

“It was talent…”

“[swordmanship lvl 5] is already high enough in other guilds, if we think of his age, he maybe is the first in the country.” (Joseph)

“So, Houdon kingdom may have better rookies? Or other countries? ” (Mofisu)

Joseph hand stopped drinking right now.

(Joseph:He doesn’t have [swordmanship] only..)

” What happened ? ”

” Well, when you do [analysis] on him, is it possible that he may wear a status hiding equipment? ”

”  I doubt that. Afterall it was done using [analysis]. ”

Mofisu has been the guild master in Comer city for many years. He always believes that his judgment could never be wrong.

Joseph just stayed silent.  He didn’t tell him that Yu could do magic. With [swordmanship lvl 5] on his age, he could be a genius.  Adding the [black magic] with possibility of on lvl 4, he could cause countries to race for him to bring him to their side.

“Yeah.. He couldn’t cheat from Collet [analysis].. ” (Joseph)

(Joseph: it is better if it wasn’t known by this old man..)

And that drinking continued until morning.

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  2. Wait is lena busty I thought she was a loli I’m confused it says “Lena is dressed in a simple pajama that we bought today. It looked more like a night gown rather than a pajama. The two mountains on her chest are soaring”
    can someone explain this to me.

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