TDADP Chapter 95

Chapter 95: I’m back

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“Peach, how can you do that? Can’t you sit still?”
The fairy that was referred as Peach was the one that was sitting on top of Yu’s head. She was moving her legs back and forth cheerfully. If the other fairies wanted to move her away, she would immediately hide under Yu’s flight cap.

Yu who had finished treating the dryad and the fairies was looking for Charon but he was nowhere to be found. After hearing Kuro and the girls’ explanation about their encounter with Charon, Yu decided that there was no point in searching for him anymore so they departed for Comer city’s  Adventurer’s Guild.

From the start Peach liked to cling to Yu’s head. When Yu was going to leave the dryad and the fairies’ hideout, they couldn’t separate her from him. Yu told her not to follow him but Peach only clung harder to him with tears in her eyes.

Yu called her with ‘hey’ or ‘you’ at first but she didn’t respond. When he gave her the name, Peach, she was delighted and somehow Yu regretted his decision. Right now, they had arrived at Comer city’s Adventurer’s Guild.

When they entered the guild the receptionists saw him immediately.

“Adele, that’s Yu right?”
“He came?”

Adele at the speed of light finished her task on hand. The other receptionists were also doing the same.

“Yu-san, welcome back.”
Usually, Collet was the one who greeted him with a smile. Right now, all of the receptionists of the 1stF were already lined up. They were welcoming him but at the same time were giving a feeling of trying to protect him from something.

“Yu-kun, this way.”
“Yu-chan, are you injured? Is there any place that’s hurting? I can use 【White Magic】.”
“What are you doing? Fifi’s 【White Magic】 takes 30 minutes just to treat a small cut. You better come with me. Ouch, Fifi! It’s painful, stop it!”
Adele who was slandering Fifi’s 【White Magic】 got pinched on the cheek by Fifi.

Right now, Yu was surrounded by many young women. It was an enviable sight for any man but Yu was different from them and didn’t even like this situation. The real reason for this was because the receptionists’ eyes were like a wolf’s, eyeing its prey, when they looked at Yu.It was also raising some curses from the male adventurers since the receptionists weren’t able to proceed with their quests.

“Oh dear, aren’t you popular?”
All of 1stF receptionists’ expressions changed when they saw the owner of the voice.

“It’s the rodent, Mofuko.”

“Adele, how many times do I have to tell you. My name is Mofuko only. Your nickname for me is cruel!”
The woman whose name was Mofuko approached Adele. She had a cat-like ears coming from her fluffy hair, I guess she is from the fox tribe.

“So Moff, what is a 2ndF receptionist doing at 1stF?”
“Fifi, why do you care? Since when have you gotten intersted in my business? And, I can ask the same to you.”
“Don’t you know? Yu just came back from the dungeon so I’m here to take care of him.”
“Oh? So because of that you can neglected your duties?”

Fifi couldn’t even talk back and pouted. Moff was now standing in front of Yu and blocking his view from seeing the other receptionists.

“I will handle the situation. You girls please return to your duties. Including you Fifi, please go back. Yu-san, my name is Moff. Nice to meet you. I’m a receptionist at the 2ndF. The other day Barbara treated you in a rude way, let me apologize on her behalf. Don’t worry since Edda has given her some strict punishment so such things won’t happen again. Since you seemed to have just returned from the dungeon, let us go to the 2ndF.”

Of course Moff’s reason to be here was to take Yu to the 2ndF. Fifi and the others from the 1stF couldn’t accept that decision.

“Did you think that we don’t know that you are trying to steal Yu-chan from us. Yu-chan belongs to the 1stF.”

“Yu-san is an excellent adventurer. Just in a few months he was able to reach the C rank. In the future he will also take C rank quests from the 2ndF. Isn’t it normal for him to start building familiarity with us?”

Fifi couldn’t refute that and with her eyes looked at Collet, asking for help. However Collet just didn’t know what to do.

“Moff, wouldn’t it be better if Yu got along with everyone? How about we appraise the loot together?”

The bullish Moff could only look at Collet, who was smiling. Yu and Fifi were now putting a troubled face.

“As I have lots of monster material, why don’t everyone work together to appraise it? I also want to know your opinion about the hot cake.”

When the hot cake was mentioned, the face of the 1stF receptionists showed their concern. It brought back the bad memory of when Edda took it all and they were scolded by her.

“The hot cake? It was very good. Delicious. It was soft, fluffy, and the honey from the Giant Bee really makes the sweetness perfect. It was like the soft cake was entwined by the honey. It is regretful at how the 1stF receptionists have been monopolizing the sweets all the time. What? Oh, I’m sorry.”
Moff was embarrassed when she lost herself. Even her tail was swinging left and right energetically.

“Monopolizing?” (Yu)

Looking at Moff, Fifi was gesturing to her to keep quiet with a finger in front of her lips. Only then Moff realized the problem. She nodded and understood that she needed to keep silent about this matter. While Fifi was feeling relieved, someone dropped the bomb.

“Yu-san actually all the sweets that you gave to the receptionists had never been shared with the 2ndF. That’s why the last time Edda-san took all the hot cakes.” (Collet)
At this time, Moff and Fifi’s faces lost their colour. How could they let Yu know that they were fighting over sweets?

“Collet…” (Yu)
“Yes?” (Collet)
Hearing Yu calling her out, Moff and Fifi were anxious.

“Why didn’t you tell me? If that is the case I would make more in the future.”

Yu’s words made Collet grin from ear to ear. Fifi also shouted: “Yu-chan is the best!”
However Moff was expecting a different result. If only Yu could think badly of the 1stF receptionists.

Collet almost came forward and tried to hug Yu but suddenly she felt some pressure come from above. It was Peach, she was trying hard to push Collet away from Yu.

“My God, a fairy.”
“Whoa, so cute! This is the first time I’m seeing a fairy up close.”
“You see, does this fairy have feelings for Yu-kun?”

The other receptionists instantly came and flocked around Peach. Peach couldn’t withstand the curious gazes from the receptionists so she flew back and hid inside Yu’s flight cap. It only made her look cuter as she was peeping from under the cap. Collet even wanted to try to touch her but she fled before she had the chance. Moff was looking with a straight face but her curiousness could be seen from her wiggling tail.

Today Yu came to have the materials appraised however when Peach showed herself, the situation escalated. With the presence of Peach, the receptionists’ duty had been delayed significantly. When Yu came out from the Adventurer’s Guild, the uproar had been calmed down and the material appraisal went completed smoothly. However it was already dusk.

When Yu arrived at his mansion, the black wolves welcomed him. Peach was scared by the black wolves and because of that she didn’t leave Yu’s flight cap.

Marifa greeted him and helped him put away his equipment. At that time, Peach didn’t look interested.

When dinner came, Marifa had already made the dishes. On top of the table, many dishes had been arranged even bread and stew. Nina and Lena didn’t seem to be in a good mood and caused Yu to worry.

“What happened?”
“Mari-chan~” (Nina ignoring Yu)
“…cheater.” (Lena)

Soon Yu understood they were jealous of Peach. However Peach didn’t seem to care about the hostility emitted by Nina and Lena since she didn’t perceive them as enemies. Peach then without showing discomfort started nibbling on the vegetables.

After finishing dinner, Yu entered the bath and surprisingly Peach came together with him.
Peach was afraid of the hot water and tried to touch it using her foot. After finding that it was alright, she soaked in inside a small cavity made by Yu’s palm gathered together.

When they came out of the bath, Peach laid on top of Yu’s head with her face colored red.

In the morning, the black wolves were roaring. Because of that, Yu came out of the house to see the source of the commotion.

“Hey, it is us! We’ve come!”
“How can you ward us away using black wolves? Such scary wolves.”
“How can bee-san make a nest in here. Please, help~”

It was the dryad and the fairies. They were surrounded by black wolves and the giant bee in the garden.
The fairies who showed delightness when they saw Yu quickly crossed their arms and returned to their usual haughty behavior.

“Hmph, I think this is a good place to live.”
“This is going to be our new home from today.”
“What are you looking at? Why aren’t you helping us?”
“Yu-san, please take care of us.”

Yu then looked upwards searching for Peach that was lying on top of his head. However Peach quickly ran to his blind spot as she realized Yu was searching for her.
(Tl note: lol Peach just used call for a friend option)



Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 36
HP: 1488 MP: 1932
Strength: 397 Agility: 321
Vitality: 403 Intelligence: 399
Magic: 424 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Spear technique: LV6
Physical ability up: LV7 Awareness: LV6
Brute strength: LV6 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Axe mastery: LV5 Body mastery: LV4
HP recovery rate up: LV4 Trap discovery: LV4
Fire resistance : LV4 Shield mastery: LV5
Hammer mastery: LV4 Throwing: LV4
Brute arm: LV3 Scaled skin: LV3
Rebirth: LV3 Dagger Mastery: LV4
Strong body: LV4 Night eyes: LV3
Martial arts: LV3 Dragon Eye: LV2
Abnormal state resistance: LV4 Agility up: LV3
Leadership: LV5 Darkness Resistance: LV2
Silent step: LV Poison resistance: LV2
Staff mastery: LV2 Carving: LV1
Casting speed up: LV3 Spirit eyes: LV1
Cooking: LV1 Intimidation: LV2
Stripping: LV3 ↑ UP Skinning: LV3
Magic Eyes: LV2 Duel LV3
Gourmet LV2 ↑ UP Thunder Resistance: LV4
Magic Resistance: LV 3 Spear mastery: LV 2
Light Armor-Agility UP: LV3 Heavy Armor- Defense UP: LV1
Dodge: LV3 No chanting: LV2
Magic Strengthening: LV3 MP Consumption reduction: LV3
Staff Mastery: LV
Active Skills
Black magic: LV6 Spear skills: LV5
Axe skills: LV5 Sword Strike: LV5
Body Enhance: LV5 White Magic: LV6
Warcry: LV5 Alchemy: LV5
Shield skills: LV4 Spirit magic: LV4
Enchant magic: LV4 Magic equip: LV4
Appraisal: LV4 Unlock: LV5
Disarm trap: LV5 Hammer skills: LV5
Space-time magic: LV3 Dragon breath: LV3
Dagger Strike: LV4 Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV5 Barrier: LV4
Blacksmith: LV2 Steal: LV4
Stealth: LV4 Spear strike: LV1
Specter magic: LV2 Magic awakening: LV3
Poison Attack: LV3 Charge: LV3
Analysis: LV3 Install trap: LV
Close Combat: LV4 Paralysis Atack: LV4
Combat Maneuver: LV3
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3 Depriver: LV3
Pack leader: LV3
Rebirth Herculean strength Beast killer
Sharp hearing Spirit Whisper

Equipped weapons:

  • Spirit Sword (Grade 4): Increased damage

Equipped armour:

  • Flight Cap (Grade 5): None
  • Damascus Armor (Grade 4): confusion resistance up and sleep resistance up
  • Damascus Gauntlet (Grade 4): instant death resistance up and charm resistance up
  • Damascus boots (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up
  • Magic shield (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Mirage ring (Grade 3): Display falsely against analysis


Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 35
HP: 712 MP: 347
Strength: 276 Agility: 437
Vitality: 228 Intelligence: 113
Magic: 109 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: LV4
Silent step: LV4
Awareness: LV4
Trap discovery: LV3
Dual dagger: LV2
Assassination mastery: LV3
Dodge: LV3 ↑ UP
Agility up: LV4 ↑ UP
Active Skills
Stalking: LV4
Stealth: LV4
Dagger strike: LV4
Assassination skills: LV3 ↑ UP
Disarm trap: LV3
Body enhance: LV3
Unlock: LV3
Steal: LV2 ↑ UP
Special Skills
Ground shrink-er

Equipped weapons:

  • Mithril Dagger (Grade 4 ): No effect
  • Damascus dagger (Grade 4): No effect

Equipped Armour:

  • Earth Dragon Leather Gauntlet (Grade 5): poison-resistance
  • Dragon Bracelet (Grade 4): all ability up
  • Steel Breast Plate (Grade 6): Paralysis Resistance Up
  • Earth Dragon Leather Jacket (Grade 5): No effect
  • Hard Leather Boots (Grade 6): Agility Up, Strength Up and Defense Up
  • Mithril Headband (Grade 4): Magic Resistance Up and Defense Up
  • Orc King Leather Jacket (Grade 4): Defense Up, Abnormal State Rresistance Up
  • Thieves Shoes (Grade 4): Agility Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Demon Bracelet (Grade 3): Strength Up
  • Fairy Earrings (Grade 4): stun resistance Up
  • Shadow Pendant (Grade 5): Concealment, Disguise
  • Dragon Bracelet (Grade 4): Ability Up
  • Child’s Piercing (Grade 5): Agility U



Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch Level: 33
HP: 322 MP: 1623
Strength: 61 Agility: 82
Vitality: 89 Intelligence: 478
Magic: 513 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV4
Staff mastery: LV2
Magic strengthening: LV3
MP consumption reduction: LV2
MP recovery rate up: LV3
Active Skills
Black magic: LV4
White Magic: LV4 ↑ UP
Barrier: LV4 ↑ UP
Magic awakening: LV3
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Milled Cane (Grade 4): MP Consumption Reduction, Magic Strengthening
  • Mithril Broom (Grade 4): Magic Strengthening, Casting Speed Up, MP Recovery Rate Up, Possible to mount

Equipped Armour:

  • Bishop’s Hat (Grade 5): White Magic Effectiveness Up
  • Bishop’s Gloves (Grade 5): White Magic Effectiveness Up, MP Consumption Reduction
  • Mithril Robe (Grade 4): Magic Resistance Up
  • Salamander Cloak (Grade 5): Fire Resistance Up (Tl note: name changed, if got better name tell me)
  • Ogre Shoes (Grade 5): Magic Resistance Up, Poison Resistance Up, Paralysis Resistance Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Yugu Amulet (Grade 5): Defense Up
  • Ring of Life (Grade 5): HP+50 , HP Up , MP Up
  • Gorudoba Necklace (Grade 4): MP Consumption Reduction
  • Rock Dragon Ring (Grade 4): Defense Up (Tl note: I wonder if there’s a difference between earth and rock dragon)




Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: Trainer, Insect Master Level: 30
HP: 486 MP: 356
Strength: 142 Agility: 167
Vitality: 151 Intelligence: 156
Magic: 172 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Magic Eye: LV2
Tamer: LV3 ↑ UP
Insect Control: Lv2 ↑ UP
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV2
Spirit magic: LV2
Pack strengthening: LV3 ↑ UP
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Elven Bow (Grade 6): Attack Up

Equipped Armor:

  • Lesser Demon Leather Jacket (Grade 5): Magic Resistance Up, Physical Resistance Up
  • Spiritual Tree Shoes (Grade 4): Magic Up, Depression Resistance Up
  • Training Gauntlet (Grade 4): Physical Ability Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Leather Choker (Grade 6): Strength Up
  • Leather Bangle (Grade 6): Magic Resistance Up
  • Artis Amulet (Grade 4): Darkness Resistance Up, Depression Resistance Up
  • Healing Bracelet (Grade 5): Hp Recovery Speed Up

Status window
Name: Kuro Race: Black Goblin(zombie)


Rank: 4 Level: 35
HP: 2133 MP: 410
Strength: 586 Agility: 323
Vitality: Intelligence: 63
Magic: 218 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordsmanship: LV3 Axe Mastery: LV4 ↑ UP
Physical abiility up: LV2 NEW! Intimidation: LV2 ↑ UP
Darkness Resistance: LV2 ↑ UP
Active Skills
Sword Strike: LV2 Axe Skills: LV3 ↑ UP
Body Enchance: LV3 ↑ UP
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Earth War Ax (Grade 4): Earth Element, Weight Reduction

Equipped Armor:

  • Black Steel Helm (Grade 5): Stun Resistance Up
  • Blue Steel Armor (Grade 4): Defense Up, Mental Attack Resistance Up
  • Blue Steel Gauntlet (Grade 4): spirit Magic Resistance Up, Recovery Rate Up
  • Shield of Black Steel (Grade 5): Defense Up
  • Blue Steel Leg Pad(Grade 4): Mental Attack Resistance Up, Confusion Resistance Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Steel Collar (Grade 6): Strength up
  • Monk’s Rosary (Grade 5): Physical Ability Up, Recovery Effect Up
  • Power Ring (grade 6): Strength Up
  • Steel collar (grade 6): agility up


Status window
Name: Sukke Race: Sheep wolf


Rank: 3 Level: 21
HP: 917 MP: 165
Strength: 414 Agility: 391
Vitality: 410 Intelligence: 116
Magic: 154 Luck: 7
Passive Skills
Agility up: LV4
Sharp hearing: LV3
Active Skills
Warcry: LV2
Bite: LV3
Body Enchance: LV2 ↑ UP
Sleep: LV2
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • None

Equipped Armor:

  • None

Equipped Accessory:

  • Steel Collar (Grade 6): Strength Up


Status window
Name: Coro Race: Shadow wolf


Rank: 3 Level: 23
HP: 934 MP: 189
Strength: 439 Agility: 441
Vitality: 409 Intelligence: 85
Magic: 174 Luck: 23
Passive Skills
Agility up: LV2
Sharp hearing: LV2
Silent Step: LV3
Active Skills
Warcry: LV3
Bite: LV3
Body Enchance: LV2
Stealth: LV2
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • None

Equipped Armor:

  • None

Equipped Accessories:

  • Steel Collar (Grade 6): Agility Up


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