29 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 16

  1. I hope the wolves eat his arm or something.
    PS. In the earlier chapters i don’t understand how hunting rabbits could have diminished they’re population in any visible way.

    • Over-hunting. It happens in real life too, that is why in a lot of places in the US. Those wolves that the MC made aren’t natural to that forest. They were made by his dungeon powers. When it was just 2 of them, it was alright. Now that there are so many, they are eating rabbits faster than the rabbits can breed.

      Basicallly, when the number of predators becomes too huge, the environment becomes unbalanced and slowly but surely the prey will disappear since they will be hunted to extinction. There are only 3 solutions for this problem:

      1- Kill the predators to reduce their population. Or move them somewhere else.
      This method is used even today in a few states in the US. On specific seasons, there are wolf hunts, fox hunts and so on to control the population of those predators.

      2- Find a way to increase the population of the rabbits. If the rabbits can breed faster than the wolves can eat, there won’t be a problem.

      3- Find an alternative food source for the predators. Basically, the only thing in the forest are the rabbits. If the MC starts to introduce other aniimals like deers, foxes and so on, it could balance the ecosystem.

      Hope this cleared up your doubts.

  2. i hope the wolves eat brog. thak u for the chapter and keep up the good work.

    just let u know the alpha shook his head not her. just a typo i caught 🙂

  3. I have one PROBLEM from this series. Just ONE!!! And its freaking too SHORT!!! I want moreeeeeeee!!! *ehem* ill wait for the next chapter anxiously and impatiently. Thank you.

  4. Ohhh i guessed right what would happen. As for next guess…… the idiot throws a dagger at MC but a wolf saves him and dies making MC kill them all?

  5. Dang when you said you’ll make us addicted to reading this well you are right I myself will wait patiently though for when there will be an update hope it’s soon though

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