Chapter 6:Dong Fu

Chapter 6: Dong Fu

Chen Xi became ignorant and his mind went blank.

The scenery in front of his eyes was elegant, a lively and playful woman, who claims that she is his mother, she…… she……

Chen XI was emotionally turbulent, somewhat Chen XI was lost of words, and can’t express this mood in words.

When he was at the age of 2, mother Zhou Qiu Xue went missing without a trace, in his mind he couldn’t find a trace of the figure of his mother, plus during his childhood he only heard bad rumours about his mother, Ye Ye will always try to avoid talking about this matter, even if he desired to understand his mother’s past, but he only had that feeling buried deep in his heart.

Yes, buried deep in his heart.

It was because he was afraid that his mother was like in the rumours, he was disgusted at his Chen Family, his father who abandoned them, he and his brother, followed by an old man.

He was afraid that everything was true, and he wouldn’t be able to control himself and become completely mad.

Over the years, he will occasionally think about his mother, then he will force himself to forget about her, it was one way of agonizing that others cannot imagine.

“Precious son, seeing your old mother this young and beautiful, is it not very surprising? You can’t accept it?” (Most Chinese in China love to address their mother or father with the word old in front of it, it is just their culture of some sort)

The grinning white woman blinked at him said: “Hey, I did change, and it is certainly unacceptable, who has let your old mother have surgery?”

“Ok, my time is running out.” The white skirt woman paused, smiled and continued saying: “Son you better listen carefully, the following words, you must always remember it in your heart, otherwise we might not be able to meet again.”

After hearing that, Chen Xi was startled, he has finally woke up from the dreamy thoughts.

The white woman shown that she was recalling something in her eyes, the pendant became volatile, it was no longer cheerful and playful, but rather anger, frustration, hardship, hate …….. and so forth.

She slowly spoke: “I wasn’t taken away by your uncle, they do not agree with me marrying your father, because of me, and also for the sake for them to maintain the Zhou Family’s reputation, they were willing to destroy the entire Chen Family, for the sake of erasing the ‘Shame’.

So actually mother did not elope with other people, she was taken away by uncle……

Chen Xi has finally taken off the mental shackles he had on him for over 10 years, he couldn’t help it but felt a bit more relaxed in his heart, but the following words, however made him felt a little ecstasy, his mood will then fall mercilessly. (TL: Freaking 10 long years of pain, must felt good bad)

So it turned out to be mother’s family, Zhou Qiu Family, has destroyed the Chen Family?

Chen Xi breaths became shorter, his chest felt like there were thousands of kilograms weighed boulders were mounted on, he emotions were swinging, his eyes blacked out and he almost fainted. (Damn, that self-punishment)

These 10 years, all these time he always thought that he could be able to exterminate the culprit who destroyed the Chen Family, and he was very determined to the bottom of his heart, no matter how hard or dangerous the obstacles are he will face, he was so determined that he will wipe out the entire existence of the culprit, but he never expected it, the truth was too absurd, so cruel.

“Son, you must very angry, right? Mother is also very angry, because mother had already cut off all ties with the Zhou Qiu Family, but still has to pay the price, they really can’t forgive mother.”

Zhou Qiu Xue (mother)’s voice became lower and lower, but more and more heavy: “The reasons are simple, when your father and I went on a tour, we got a terrific treasure, look, that’s it.”

With a point of a finger, a white light started circulating the jade pendant, eyes felt enormous amount pain and hatred.

Chen Xi then looked up, his vision became dull. At that moment his mind went numb, with the remaining small amount of reasoning he has left, was listening to what Zhou Qiu Xue has to say.

“Have you heard before the river map? It is a very ancient and mysterious painting, with it, many ancient myths state that it has its own ways, sorely to keep it a secret, that it is the ultimate summit road. Therefore, every time the river map appears, it is always accompanied with terror and blood will spill, the 3 realms collides, the great 6 superpowers fight, it was like a doomsday scenario, and even thinking about it gives me the chill.”


“Fortunately, the river map during ancient times before our time, has gone missing, the group of demons, the scary god fighting images also didn’t appear until this day, mother in her childhood age has read this in the family collections of books, then I didn’t understand the word ‘river map’s meaning.”

Zhou Qiu Xue began to muffle, with a hint of remembrance in her explanation.

However, when Chen Xi was listening, like listening to a long period of ancient legends, he couldn’t catch up with it, things that happened a million of years ago, it too long ago that he can’t even give a slight interest in it. (TL: Who loves history? Lol)

The only thing he knew was that the river map was a treasure, and because of it, people will go crazy and fight over it.

“This piece of jade pendant right in front of your eyes, there is a hidden portion of the river map, so it can trace where the others are. Don’t underestimate this trace marks, having it, you can find where the river map is hidden, mother was taken and our Chen Family perished was all because of this pendant!”

Zhou Qiu Xue’s following sentence was like a general bombshell, completely overawed Chen XI, he gave a death stare at the pendant, his filled with shock.

Before saying anything else she has made the He Tu story a historical story, he suddenly noticed, he himself was lucky to be caught up in the effects of the He Tu!

He does not know whether it is fortunate or sadness. He already knew everything, from the fall of his family, his mother leaving, and to his disappearance of his father …… for him the name of the cursed child, was all thanks to this pendant. If it wasn’t for the pendant, his family will never face this tragedy?

Chen XI deeply sighed in his heart and it felt endless.

“It is said, that this pendant is an ancient relic of the Dong Fu practice, making your inner self as the heaven and earth. He Tu is one of the most precious treasure there is. Unfortunately, your mother can’t enter and is aware of it.”

“You can follow the spiritual trial that mother has left behind, presumably that it will lead to the realm of the birth of the universe, being able to make this pendant as priority, keep it and work hard!!”

The image of the white dressed woman dimmed and fuzzy, the next moment the image became fragmented, and the voice also became short: “Son, you must always remember that before you become strong, you must never ever tell anyone about this pendant, including your brother, otherwise it will destroy what’s left of hope the Chen family have!”

“Don’t worry about my safety, as long as you have reached the godly realm, naturally you meet mother again.”

The image of the white woman dissipated completely, the chest was hanging on his chest as usual.

The room went back into complete darkness, Chen Xi felt like he was just dreaming the whole thing, but his heart lingered an endless voice, the pendant on his chest tells him that this was not a dream, it was true.

He sat quietly in the darkness, after some time, his lips were trembling, and he softly murmured: “Relax, mother, you son will surely find you!”


Chen Xi didn’t felt sleepy anymore, he used cold water to wash his face, after his mind regained conscious, and he turned his gaze towards the pendant hanging on his chest.

After what had just happened, he finally understood, these 5 years he was stuck at the 3rd stage was because of this piece of jade pendant.

It was quietly showing off its true colour, until this day, its energy is saturated till it is wrapped with it, then it awoke the spirit that mother has left in it, so that he was able to see his mother’s image, but also helped him understand all the puzzled things that had happened.

Chen Xi was very excited, he has finally released that he was not the cursed child anymore, what’s more important is that now he knew that his mother is still alive, and he need to become stronger to finally find her!

The godly realm?

As long as I don’t die, one day I will be able to open the all of the stages!

As long as I am not dead, the murder of Ye Ye, destroying my brother’s right hand, and the murder of Chen Family’s thousand member’s enemy, will not be able to escape!

Chen Xi took in a deep breath, his eyes looked firm and pure.

“So this pendant is an ancient mythical practice used by the Dong Fu, the He Tu will be among them, and I don’t know what is exactly is inside of it. According to what mother had said, the jade pendant’s seal has been lifted, whether my inner state will be able to advance further, I am not very sure ………”

Chen Xi thought about his mother’s words, then he hesitated for a moment.

A soft touch on the smooth surface of the jade pendant, it spewed out a brilliant light, converging into a black hole.

After a while, a suction force was emitted from the middle of a black hole, caught off guard, Chen Xi couldn’t withstand it and got sucked into it.


The black hole begins to break apart and disappear.

The room plunged into silent darkness and restored again, it was only missing Chen Xi’s figure.


Chen Xi was standing in vast space, above his head there was the starry sky, just like a flock of fireflies, he was like in a dream.

Below his feet was a piece of soft grassland that was stretching into the distance endlessly.

The only person alone under the starry night, being wrapped by fireflies like stars, he felt like he was exposed to the wilderness.

Is it this place is the place where the ancient beings practice Dong Fu?

Chen Xi looked around eagerly, but he can’t find a structure that can be regarded as Dong Fu.

Unknowingly, this was generating the source of fear in him. For that reason, Chen Xi doesn’t dare to simply move around, but after 12 minutes to gain the courage, he carefully look around once again.

Standing for a long time, Chen Xi’s legs started to become sour, but his surroundings were dead quiet and silent, excluding him there were no other living creatures.

“Turns out, this Dong Fu simple doesn’t exist?”

Chen Xi was lying on the grass, eyes looking into the starry sky with circulating stars, puzzled.

That’s not right!

In this piece of space are all dead, and also those stars, are like alive circulating endlessly. In the real world, stars don’t just fly around?

Being aware of this point, Chen Xi widen his eyes, staring at the flying stars to carefully observe them.

In the sky, the stardust are making strange looking tracks, but all of them are different, some are fast and some are slow, all making mysterious patterns.

Changing to normal people, if they were to look at this scene they might have become dazzled, but Chen Xi was gradually fascinated.

Chen Xi who was totally immersed the stars wasn’t aware, the stars above his head drifted downwards a little, gradually converging into a painting…….

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