The Last Guild


Synopsis- Crimson Strife, the most famous guild in all of Eternia. Known far and wide for amazing feats and powerful users. In the final days of Eternia, members would start to quit as the day for shutdown drew closer. In the final minutes of the game, the founding members of Crimson Strife came together and waited for the end. However the end didn’t come as expected, instead something new began.

— An Overlord inspire fiction

Authors: InfiniteSky/TheCode.

I also upload to another site and typically that site gets the chapter before this one. So you can click the link below if you ever feel that there might not be an update. I always post to both site but I do prioritize RRL first.

(The Last Guild- RRL) 


Table of Content

The Last Guild Character Guide

Book 1- A whole new world


Book 1- Chapter 1- The End

Book 1- Chapter 2- Reality or Fiction

Book 1- Chapter 3- New bodies – New abilities

Book 1- Chapter 4- NPC’s

Book 1- Chapter 5- Getting to know an NPC better

Book 1- Chapter 6- Outside

Book 1- Chapter 7- Discovery

Book 1- Chapter 8- Boiling Point

Book 1- Chapter 9- Internal Conflict

Book 1- Chapter 10- Rescuing the princess

Book 1- Chapter 11- Difference in power

Book 1- Chapter 12- Negotiation

Book 1- Epilogue


Book 2- Mage of the Empire.

Book 2- Prologue

Book 2- Chapter 1- Capital

Book 2- Chapter 2- Orientation

Book 2- Chapter 3- First day of class

Book 2- Chapter 4- Introductions

Book 2- Chapter 5- A day in the town

Book 2- Chapter 6- Heated Debate

Book 2- Chapter 7- Test of Valor

Book 2- Chapter 8- Meeting the prince

Book 2- Chapter 9- Wild Hunt part 1

Book 2- Chapter 10- The Wild Hunt part 2

Book 2- Chapter 11- Behind the scenes

Book 2- Chapter 12- Wild Hunt part 3

Book 2- Chapter 13- Idleness



34 comments on “The Last Guild

  1. sorry if this sounds a bit rude.. but I only read the synopsis so I don’t know yet but is there similarities or influence that comes from the LN “Overlord”? just asking no harm intention..

    • Yes. If you happen to read my first post, I said that I was inspired to write by Overlord. The first couple of chapters were inspired by Overlord. Now if you’re wondering if it will be similar to Overlord, I’ll be expanding on what I want to write. But there will be similarities in all forms of writing.

  2. Very nice, in the beggining I was thinking of it as Overlord alternative story, but you have put it in a total diferent path, thank you and put some more chaps. to us!

    Obs: If in Overlord he uses Spawn as model to his cape, I think you can use Nazarick as model to their lair.

  3. I think my comment was deleted by WordPress, lets try again.

    This is a very nice story. Please put more chapters to us.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Assuming Drakus is the mc then fck him since Nu-ru is the real MVP. Except later on when his attitude suddenly stops resembling Momonga’s pragmatic nature and starts turning into a typical shounen anime hero bs.

    Not sure maybe he’ll show his inner Momonga from time to time and i’ll be there watching and waiting for that time to come. (also not too thrilled that he’s pretending to be weak and losing to the little shits[heroes] and letting them act high and mighty hopefully later on he will get his revenge when he acquires whatever the fck he’s looking for, nobility was it?)

    Also this is the first non japanese light/web novel I have read and I’m enjoying it so far.

  5. I’m having fun … but I have to admit that the first chapter is hard…
    ok for the initial setting inspired by Overlord.. and for the castle/base layout…. that’s normal

    -having a “sword-princess” (NPC) called Altina
    -having the main NPC (woman) be “in love with the MC/guild-leader”…
    -having a lich be a almost-exact copy of Mamon (from overlord) and …. called Manom.

    then having the android-player be a copy of Orianna (from LoL). ???, even with the flying orb ?

    and then having the lizard-girl be called “reptilia” ?? player generally do not chose names that only reflects the race they will play?

    (less objective rant: and having a girl-player playing the “stupid-sexy-cat-girl-in-bikini-armor” seems un-realistic to me :/ real girls player don’t really care for bikini-armors… (unless they have no choice as in WoW… but here, they are supposed to be able to chose the aspect of any equipement as they wish… so they wouldn’t be constrained to sluty-bikini-armor).
    and the “nyaann-ish” girl player would generally do not overdo it too much… (I think).)

    that said, I’ll continue reading as it seems to evolve differently 😀

    • Thank you for your criticism. I am planning on going back and revamping the story a bit. Namely fixing small story issues here and there. It was my first idea for a story so do forgive me if it’s unoriginal.

      • don’t worry.
        I currently really like the story at the moment…
        it’s just that I was really surprised at first.
        but it’s essentially cosmetics (names).

        for a first story it’s well done…. I hope you’ll write some more !
        (and I criticized reptilia… but katzchen and draco are the same : name and race are aligned… )

      • I don’t care that you copied from overlord I have been looking for a story like it why do people like overlord well who doesn’t like being an evil overlord the cool palace, massive armies, battle harem because who doesn’t like beautiful busty wemen kicking ass then “pleasing”you and taking over the world I have read plenty of stories with demon kings but I think king of what where are your servents your palace other than your magic you don’t have a dime to your name and don’t get me started on that annoying hero complex I like characters with some amorality and some balls this is why I like strategy games I like building an empire anyway great story

  6. When ll u upload next chapter… Don’t tell me u stopped updating .. Initially it was like overlord but after few chapters it was different ..

  7. When i first started reading this, i had a hard time getting past the overlord clone feeling. I think that you could have kept the overlord like theme without copying it to this extent. I believe that you should have changed the layout of the base and the way the npc leveling works, its basically just copied form overlord. I dont have a problem with Manon though because his personality is so different than Momon from overlord. other than that i really enjoyed this series. I felt like it combined a lot of different elements from different anime’s i have watched and light novels i have read to make something with an entertaining and unique story. As the story got past the Overlord feeling world building, i really started to enjoy it and i look forward to your future updates (: seriously this is great.

  8. Thank you so much for writing this series, i’m sad that overlord stopped translating and it’ll take a long time for the actual licensed to translate. This defiantly sates my need of something similar like this. Keep it up and I hope that it continues forever lol.

  9. I really like these stories that go video game world to a ‘Realistic’ version of said game world, only for this one the maps have changed, possibly due to continental movement and such like in The New Gate? But anyways, really love this story. I’m working on my own story similar to this but it has a ‘Holy War’ which is the cause for the Players to be transported to a new world.

  10. To the author of the last guild. Yes you well if you have problems with your novel i sugest to see the core of your storie that is the overpowered caracters.
    If you want my honest opinion the history is not bad but, and Nu-Ru being cautios i too agree but he is soo cautios to the point of simply being cowardice if you want a better aproach i sugest you see a novel in RR named Black Titan its good and have a well tought history and you could put histories in the NPCs like having been defeated in a Grand battle and pledged allegiance and something and i too think having soo many main caracters too is having a toll on you soo make a solo player or simple a duo or trio with extremely unique or op classes or Races like one being a dragon god class/Race or sething else and dont take the number of NPCs off the charts just make them in your estyle they dont need to be perfect and you coud use the VR of the to make a prologue depicting the history of your main caracters before the transfer separately to better aproach each of them to better understood each one in this game and go the overlord type NPC but the lifelike type if preferably with this the trust problems will be with only outsiders and why not its your history im only sugesting you to make the VR part more real like NPCs being more like the ones in clockwork or slime tamers to better spice the things with a guild formed with the core a party of players and the rest NPCs just for the reck of it just remember its sugestions not demanda soo do as you like and Yes im a brasilian.

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  12. Hello there. I’ve been searching for an Overlord-like novel, and, to say the least, I was rather ecstatic when I noticed this was Overlord inspired. I’ve only read the first few chapters, and I think it’s pretty good, but there are a bit of grammar mistakes. I was wondering if you’d let me clean a few of them up? Thanks in advance!

  13. I thought I’d mention that in Overlord, they were allowed 4350 (or however many levels) per floor. Not solely for the tomb. Otherwise it wouldn’t cover all over the NPC’s levels.

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