Zombie Master

Hi! This is a project that I decide to translate..

Zombie Master

Author: black rabbit
One day a horde of zombies appeared in the world. Causing panic and mayhem. The MC was also attacked by a zombie. He didn’t turn into one, but he gain an ability instead. In a world where the social order have collapsed. Let’s lived to our heart contents using this ability of mine!

Warning: contains zombie and erotic contain (18+ rated)
Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6287cq/

Or read it on the new site here.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
Chapter 10
Chapter 10.5
Chapter 11
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Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
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Chapter 23.5
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Chapter 29

74 comments on “Zombie Master

  1. Huh, this reminds me of the “Only I am not Attacked in a World Overrun by Zombies”. Only this guy can order his zombies around AND has a healing factor, lol.

  2. So he is developing a healing factor, zombie master trait and finally human-limiter de-enabled? (he needs to read the “kill or be killed” mental wall later”)

    Then again, I read it for his misadventures.

  3. a)
    He’s basically the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survivor. Some people would call him God in that situation.

    1) He’s immortal (we haven’t seen any serious damage inflicted and healed yet, but rapid regeneration can keep him alive against most things. Might be Wolverine-class regeneration, might be stronger or weaker than that.)
    2) He can command zombies. This alone gives him near immortality in a world overrun by zombies, excluding other survivors who would shoot on sight, his own mistakes , other catastrophes and natural disasters.
    3) He gets the zombie traits of enhanced strength, vision etc. while retaining his… ‘humanity’ or will.
    4) He’s pragmatic, practical & happy. He has no reason to interact with most humans, as the only real benefits they could provide him in his situation would be company, skills & consensual pleasure. Hell, if they gave him enough reason, he could probably just go around telling zombies to kill themselves (not sure if they can revert to being human), enter camps/lockups or actually help the humans out.

    He could potentially even scour the lands for female survivors, and if they’re good enough , give them a proposal.
    1) Become part of his human harem
    2) Stay where they were
    3) Become zombies, and then part of his zombie harem.
    4) Die eventually of something other than zombies / Suicide, becoming just pure corpses.
    No offence, but I think most people would take 1) in that situation, even if they’re hardcore lesbians and have serious morals. Living trumps all other indignities. Male survivors would get a different choice or just abandoned.

    I’m curious as to whether or not he has to personally tell them what to do, or if videos / guidebooks / homemade videos of himself with another zombie doing it would help. If videos can work, he’s got potentially the ultimate cult right there.
    1) They’re all 100% loyal.
    2) They won’t die to anything except violence, and the enemies are currently too few to pose a threat.
    3) He just needs to figure out which individuals knew what and did what for a living, and then order them to continue doing that. Sure, some jobs are too hard for zombies to perform, and some people were eaten, not turned, but the potential is there. He can have farmers grow food for him, factory workers produce stuff he needs, office workers go through lists of people, and then give them to him so he can get more zombies put to work according to skill. Normal zombies can strenghten their bodies, so security wouldn’t be a problem.
    4) He could potentially order all, or just some zombies to seek out survivors, and then ‘escort’ (read kidnap/save) them to his location, protecting them from other zombies, and then giving them the choice presented in my b) section.

    Now, unless some facts come to light which make some of my theories impossible, he’s got the potential setup to become the ruler of the world, similar to a cult leader, where they all strive for his glory. He could become the zombie emperor, controlling most of the world, and having at first a few zombies following his directives, but getting more and more zombies under his control, creating a snowball effect, if the video part works it’ll be faster, but it’s still possible if it doesn’t. He just needs to have lots of speeches with a few demonstrations in that case.

    ‘Course the remnants of human society would notice it eventually, but if he’s then in control of enhanced zombies, possibly in some sort of armor, maybe SWAT gear, and have been taught basic knowledge of fighting by him, most would probably decide to accept b)1) choice then, or in larger groups decide to obey him, eventually making a sort of feudal system, with him as the emperor, survivors as the vassals, and zombies doing what they can & providing the armed forces to make everyone obey him. Especially if they learn that he’s immortal (we’ll see later) and he could just have them turned and then serve him. He would be in control of over 90% of the former humans directly (after a lot of videos and/or speeches, but he can start small as well), with the rest either dead or subservient. If they don’t like what he’s doing, they might get well-equipped zombies capturing them and delivering them to him.

    Now, until some of these theories are proven impossible, this is what i’ll assume he’ll be able to do. And it’s something I might do in a similar situation, being a similar sorts of man (a few differences in behavior, especially the lolis, but in general pretty similar). Now, if it was a woman in charge and she wanted me for a normal male human harem, then hell yes. If she wanted me for a male human harem where she’s pegging everyone, then reluctantly yes.

  4. Ch 13 raw is available now. I figure you want to stay on point. though since you are fast, you probably would rather do deprived more to catch up

  5. Are there some similar R18+ novels in translation? i only knew of Maou no Hajimekata (that im currently reading with Translation Aggregator).

  6. I was wondering if you might tell me what your process is. Each step you take to machine translate a chapter and what the name of the translation machine is.

  7. Im not the first to say this but… i want to say this. IT”S LIKE “Only i’m not attacked in a world over runned by zombies”

  8. It just occured to me, but there’s often something missing when you compare the translated chapters to the raws. Do you intentionally leave paragraphs out?

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  11. For those thinking the story may be canned “might be” I’ve decoded the pattern the author uses & came up with 2 likely scenarios that happen during the move.

    Scenario A)
    The young friend gets bitten mid trip & begs the MC to take her virginity while she’s still human where he proceeds to have sex with her in front of his sisters until she turns into a zombie herself.
    — The next morning his remaining human sister comes down with a nasty fever making him think she’s in the process of turning & sending him into a state of panic

    Scenario B)
    The move goes without a hitch and the young friend sneaks into the MC’s bedroom to show him her feelings by offering up her Virginity which he rejects fearing he’ll turn her into a zombie or get her pregnant. After some compromising he allows her to sleep in his bed which turns into her giving him a very awkward blowjob then giving him her anal virginity.
    — The next morning the younger friend comes down with a nasty fever making him and his sister think she was bit/scratched and is in process of turning into a zombie sending the MC into a panic and the MC’s little sister in a shutdown state crying in the corner unable to accept her last friend may become a zombie.

    In either scenario he moves his harem to 3 floors below the floor they’re living on now and adds the girl from the apartments across the street to his harem after seeing she was feasting on her mother’s corpse while thinking it was just a random woman’s corpse.

    LoL and yes those are just wild ideas derived on the author’s perverseness within the written stories πŸ™‚

  12. Chapter 24 (or Chapter 23.5?) released on raws and… I can’t believe that one made me interested in the almost non existent plot of the story o_o

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  16. Erm, i see that 27 and 28 have been translated(welcome back Snow!!) but I can’t find translations for 25 and 26. Could someone throw me a bone or something?

  17. I think that novel has been updated. I would like to see this to be continued to be translated. πŸ™‚

  18. I think that the novel has been updated in the raw website. I would like to see this series be continued to be translated. Sorry for poor grammar, English is not m y home language.

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