Inma no Hado

Title: Inma no Hado
Summary: One day a timid science teacher who works in a prestigious high school for girls saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with a succubus and obtain a mysterious power.He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.
Warning: contain mature and sexual content. 18++ it also has neotori and dark contents too
Translator: Parthios
Arc 1 : Encounter with the Succubus
Arc 2: Eroded school
Special Arc: Kenichi, Natsuki and her ex-boyfriend
Arc 3: The daily life that will be destroyed
Arc 4: School of desire
Chapter 63: Mother’s secret
Chapter 64: Caught daughter
Chapter 65: Daughter’s decision

12 comments on “Inma no Hado

  1. Omg one the dirtiest webnovel i seen i skip the novel for nw i tend to not read dirty ones then only go back when i have the courage

  2. One the dirtiest webnovel i seen well i tend to go back later to read these kind when i have the courage due to fact i skim through 1 chapter of random

  3. sorry but the quality seems to be go downhill and it feel like it is from google MT from chpt 6 forward. I am now at chp 13 and the wording is kinda…. well mess up. I know you are trying but I hope you can find a good editor and proof for this series.

      • Than that’s good. Btw I noticed that the quality of the translations went down after the first few chapters, any idea why it that so?

        • Yeah, because this was my first time translating and i didn´t have a expericence so the first chapters are really bad, but I already planned to redo it. I only didn´t had enough time yet it is until chapter 15 after that my translation will be better. I´m really sorry for that:(

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