TDADP – To deprive a deprived person

This is a new translated series.. Yaaay!

To Deprive a Deprived Person

(official title: berave or beraved)

Author: mino


Seto Yu is a deprived, 12 years old boy. His life was one of being constantly deprived from by others.

Because his step-father had a large amount of debt, his life was full of various difficulties and mistreatments.

In the end, he was caught by debt collectors and became a means of paying off his step-father’s debts.

Just as everything turned dark, he was transported into a different world.

Will he stay as somebody being deprived from?

For the cover page you could click here:

They actually did the series as a teaser project and I didn’t know about it until I already done it up to the sixth chapter. Feel free to drop by to their site because they have a lot of great translated series..

Illustrations have been removed due to DCMA rules..

There’s a pdf of the first volume made by Odyssey, here’s the link…

Volume 1

01 – Sudden death
02 – Living in this world isn’t easy
03 – Skill up!
04 – Increase MP!
05 – To deprive a deprived person
06 – Level up!
07 – Nina the thief ①
08 – Nina the thief ②
09 – Nina the thief ③
10 – Nina the thief ④
11 – Hunting bandit ①
12 – Hunting bandit ②
13 – In the mountains cave ①
14 – In the mountains cave ②
15 – In the mountains cave ③
16 – Leaving the village!
17 – self-proclaimed genius magician ①
18 – self-proclaimed genius magician ②
19 – self-proclaimed genius magician ③
20 – self-proclaimed genius magician ④
21 – Guild card secret
22 – Jobs
23 – big fish in a little pond ①
24 – big fish in a little pond ②
25 – Shopping
26 – Skill grant
27 – Night Battle
28 – Intensive midnight training
29 – 2nd job
30 – first dungeon ①
31 – first dungeon ②
32 – first dungeon ③
33 – first dungeon ④
34 – Rank up
35 – Making a party
36 – Making a party ②
37 – Goblin King ①
38 – Goblin King ②
39 – Goblin King ③
40 – Goblin King ④

Volume 2
41 – overtaken (conclusion)
42 – Lenas intensive training
43 – rotten eye
44 – Rookie hunter ①
45 – Rookie hunter ②
46 – Rookie hunter ③
47 – Rookie hunter ④
48 – Rookie hunter ⑤
49 – Rookie hunter ⑥
50 – Rookie hunter ⑦
51 – clean up, loot, and the old man
52 – Lena’s decision
53 – Comer city ruler
54 – Negotiations with the slave traders ①
55 – Negotiations with the slave traders ②
56 – Negotiations with the slave traders ③
57 – Dark Elves and food
58 – behind the scenes
59 – Marifa training ①
60 – Marifa’s training ②
61 – Marifa training ③
62 – Siam the ‘explosive flame sword’
63 – Changes
64 – deal
65 – Kiss of loyalty! v2
66 – Let’s increase the number of servants v2
67 – Marifa’s first Labyrinth
68 – Marifa’s first Labyrinth ②
69 – Marifa’s first Labyrinth ③
70 – Marifa’s first Labyrinth ④
71 – The strongest D rank adventurer
72 – Flower garden
73 – Order of Immortal
74 – Promotion test
75 – Meeting
76 – Gathering of ‘abnormals’
77 – Battle of the minds
78 – Night Pervert
79 – The difference in strenght
80 – C rank’s qualifications
81 – Wood Garden Dungeon ①
82 – Wood Garden Dungeon ②
83 – Wood Garden Dungeon ③
84 – Wood Garden Dungeon ④

Volume 3
85 – Mofisu’s troubles
86 – Special late night training ②
87 – Massacre
88 – Taking advantage of another
89 – The secret is out
90 – Kimitsuki Flower clan’s Anita
91 – Rooting out the source
92 – Domino effect
93 – Eradicating ‘Authority Leaf’
94 – Retribution
95 – I’m back
96 – Fleeting peace

Volume 4
97 – The old enchanter
98 – Mitsudomoe
99 – Hell Gate
100 – The boy who carried the setting sun
101 – Two setting suns
102 – Devil’s Artifact
103 – The pride of a wolf
104 – It’s your turn
105 – The strong and the powerful
106 – Yu’s fault

Chapter 107 – Speculation


Volume 5
Chapter 108 – Moody
Chapter 109 – Diary
Chapter 110 – Strange Party
Chapter 111 – Wood’s anguish
Chapter 112 – Thunder witch
Chapter 113 – Looters
Chapter 114 – Dragon race (prequel)
Chapter 115 – Dragon race (event)
Chapter 116 – Dragon race (end)
Chapter 117 – Children of the Demi-human
Chapter 118 – Children of the Demi-human(middle)
Chapter 119 – Children of the Demi-human(end)
Chapter 120 – New Start
Chapter 121 – Killing the Guildmaster’s Hope
Chapter 122 – History of The World
Chapter 123 – Second Approval
Chapter 124 – Clans
Chapter 125 – Impending Nightmare
Chapter 126 – Chasing
Chapter 127 – Treasures
Chapter 128 – Hard Facts
Chapter 129 – Gloating Man
Chapter 130 – 3 vs 3
Chapter 131 – Mask
Chapter 132 – The Strength
Chapter 133 – Who is coming?
Chapter 134 – Do whatever you want
Chapter 135 – Meeting with Everyone
Chapter 136 – The Four Guardian Rating
Chapter 137 – The Differences In Strength
Chapter 138 – Comforting Marifa
Chapter 139 – Are You Interested in Investing?

Volume 6
Chapter 140 – Merchants From the Free Nation of Hameln
Chapter 141 – Attention
Chapter 142 – Sunny, with a slight chance of a bloody rain
Chapter 143 – Nana
Chapter 144 – Security Company
Chapter 145 – Unknown by Everyone
Chapter 146 – Number 217
Chapter 147 – Live Bait
Chapter 148 – Encounter
Chapter 149 – Cheap Tricks
Chapter 150 – Interrupted
Chapter 151+

end of book 6 at chapter 153 with namari’s diary as extra chapter

308 comments on “TDADP – To deprive a deprived person

    • xAKIRAx (@xAKIRAx1), The normal way is to use the TOC, but it hasn’t been updated, since 149 or 150. The hard way is hunt back thru the home page “Announcements” until were you left off. The new way I am playing with is to use Table Of Contents (TOC) for this book, since they seem to be current with most of their stuff. Hope I helped. (P.S. Make a Bookmark of the last read chapter helps me, when a site habitually forgets.)

    • Sorry, I was fairly busy lately and had no time to add the newer links. It has all been linked up now though so feel free to just browse around.

  1. I’m so confused when russ and nanase start the follow you or who are they who is nana and other slimes help please I need an answer

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  3. hi and thx for the good work… btw, is there a hiatus on TDADP? since its been a while with no updates and the raw is at 171 i thought something went wrong 😮

  4. Where can i find the images from the novel, theres a lot of them, but they are all broken links

    • nope it is not. the TL was sick a few month back and need to be admitted to hospital. now he was out of hospital and need to work extra to pay the bill. the guy said that he will come back in mid may though.

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  6. When will 151 come out in would like to know I really love this LN. And thnx for the translations.

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  8. Guys, if you are not translating TDADP anymore, declare it officially so other translator can pick it up,

  9. know if they continue with the translation of this web novel, because only this to 150.
    When will it 151?

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  12. Small review.

    So I spend the last three days reading this and finished it. First off the characters had a great start, niña had a cliché background story but a women who could grow from her shell of hurt to a strong women. Instead she turned into another clichéd character in the use of Japanese female leads characters sheets. This very fact has made the story boring for me. I often find myself skipping and disinterested and only trying to find what the end of the story will be like because every battle and character development is pretty much the same as the rest, based on strength and not the experience of the words exchanged between them. Characters are meek in one panel and aggressive in the next. Supposedly hurt and destructive in the next. I understand the main characters motives and all that but in all honesty I find that all the characters around him I don’t. They are all just a big dose of deus ex machina that appropriate to the novel but feel like they lack true depth instead I feel like the writer has once more succeed in what every Japanese writer has done, create empty husk of harem necessary characters. The loli. The big breasted. The rational one. I have seen this rehashed in many cases and put to use in characters in other stories that have given the characters depth and life by making each character an individual entity that can be separated from the next, Overlord is a perfect example of that, cliché character sheets but those are just character sheets, the characters have taken life and they themselves are amazing and show true life.
    Secondly the power scale in the story made it boring to read the battles, not because they were supposed to be cool but because when you have a clear difference in power I want to see the main character either struggle as funk to succeed in winning or have no trouble whatsoever and make it more a comical relief. ***SPOILEER*** Also the battle with Goria, fuck I loved Goria, here was my honest thought when I thought Goria was going to battle Yu. Yuu can never win this, he would need at least the pigeon summoned dude, enchanter who has his grandmothers diary and Joseph but instead it was another easy breeze, and then a villain who had a two scene build up of a new scale of power…. It was truly disappointing. ****SPOILER*** In all honesty the premise of the story was really good the characters were so good, but it is truly disappointing. But I wanna thank the translators and editors for their amazing work! GREAT JOB GUYS! Thank to you I could read this keep up the good work!

    Just a review. The sad part is… The time skip the author obviously considered but probably couldn’t pull off would have made this an amazing piece of work. I hope the light novel is all this could have been, and did away with the whole female worship and the Yu worship in the stories and put some common sense to the women and gave them some chance for some actual personality.

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